Sunday, September 2, 2012

5 Favourite Blue Nail Polishes & one Regret

I am a blue/green/teal nail polish lover. I will always pick shades with fall into this color family . Sp below you will find my Five Summer Favourite Blue Nail polishes & one regret .

 You can see above that i have mix of glitter and cream formula. I will cover green/teal in another post. These 5 were my mostly used blue polishes this summer and i am in love with each one. If you ask me to pick one ,I will have to say China glaze Dorthy who and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue. wet n wild Fergie nail color Dutchess wasnt exactly dream to apply m infact i hated it when i first applied but i use it over my other blue polishes as glitter top coat. So the polishes shown are L-R
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue
  • Essie Barefoot in Blue Nail Polish 
  • China Glaze Dorothy Who?
  • wet n wild Fergie nail color Dutchess 
  • Sally hensnan Clypso Blue

Now some shades details

  • China Glaze Dorothy Who? is a medium blue jelly base with blue and silver glitter.

  • Wet n Wild Fergie nail color Dutchess is a blue glitter with slightly larger more sparse purple glitter.It was sheer and didnt look pretty on its own so i mostly use it as top coat

  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue is  beautiful cornflower blue. This shade is little trciky to capture on camera but its an amazing shade. Its a creme formula.

  • Sally hensnan Clypso Blue is a gorgeous turquoise-ocean kind of blue with very fine green shimmer running through it. Simply stunning shade .

and now time foe one regret , I was so impressed with the shade of this particularpolish

  • Sinful colors Savage is a matte teal sort of shade
You may ask why i regret buying it ? I say i stained my  nail so bad, i mean it took them 10 days to recover and i was in shock , because my nails never looked so bad. I was hiding them all that time. I dont know if i got a dud , but seriously it was my first sinful colos polish and i was not impressed at all. 

I wanted to ask if you like reading such type of posts or more reviews ? Let me know if you want to see more favorites + regrets  or should i stick with reviews :)

Do you have any favorite blue polish?


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  1. Love the post.. so sad to read about the Sinful Colors thing since I liked this shade the most.
    Do come up with more posts like this. :)

  2. i love blue nail polishes too! but dorothy who is stunning!

  3. love this kind of posts! i love blue polishes too, orly royal navy takes first place for me.

  4. Omg I thought I was the only one! That Sinful Colors SAVAGE did the same thing to my toenails, it stained them and did damage to several layers like it made them flaky and white, it was soooooo bad! So sorry it happened to you but so glad to see I'm not alone.. Whew! Such an amazing color tho.


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