Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nails of the day - China Glaza & Sally Hansen

My nails are so short these days that i dont even like wearing nail polish but apparent;y Mr.G loves blues and greens nail polishes ( Which such a nice co incidence since i love blues and greens ) .In fact he helped me choose China glaze Dorthy who? couple of weeks ago.   I love this shade , its the blue and silver glitter is suspended in a sheer electric blue base, which looks so much better in person. I layered it over Sally Hansen's  420 pacific blue , which is beautiful cornflower blue creme. I love this combo. 

I might go out and check the CVS clearance sale soon , read so much about it on Nouveau Cheap . 

I will be reviewing one of my favorite highlighter in coming post so stay tuned :)

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  1. Outstanding looks. I like the blue shade because blue color is my favorite..:)
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  2. Love love love!!!
    Such a summery color!


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