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Tiny Nyx Haul - pork​

 My birthday was on my may8th and after giving him million hints as a birthday present my younger brother asked me order / buy anything i want with his credit card . My first choice was , as they were having 20% off entire site. But as doesn't deliver here and i am tired of ordering stuff at hubby's address, i wanted a change but i was scared of losing my package , which isnt new to me. I took a chance , i was encouraged by my sweet blogger friend Rabeeya , i placed an tiny order with pork​ .  I ordered few thing i really really really wanted .

  • NYX Round Lipstick Thalia
  • NYX Round Lipstick Fig
  • NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss Natural
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Yogurt
  • NYX Trio Eyeshadow Barely There / Champagne / Root Beer

NYX Trio Eyeshadow Barely There / Champagne / Root Beer
I so wanted this palette, like forever. I LOVE it so much.

This palette has three awsome Colors :  
  • Barely there ( Possible MAC Nylon dupe) 
  • Champagne (Possible MAC All that Glitters dupe) 
  • Root Beer (Possible MAC Satin Taupe dupe) 

So i was gonna get the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in milk and black bean and then i googled and stumbled upon Temptalis's post where she compared NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils vs. Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow pencil and gave us possible dupes. This is where i saw swatches of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Yogurt and i knew i have to have it.

Urban Decay Sin seems to be closest to NYX Yogurt .

I initially wanted the NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in smokey look or smokey , but after seeing swatched online i went with NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in natural . I am glad i did. Its a stunning every day shade. The smell is strong and sweet but i dont mind.

As expected the lipsticks were soft , and started to melt , i have kept in my fridge and they are useable.  But i will have to be careful. I love both shades so so much.

  • Fig is a deep pink color
  • Thalia is a gorgeous cool nude pink-mauve

Overall , I am really happy with pork​ . My order was shipped on May 17 , and today is may 25th , so i got it in less than 10 days. My package was double bubble wrapped and there was a fragile , handle with care sticker on the package. My total Shipping Cost was $9.14  . I am already planning for my next order :D

Please let me know if you want swatches , reviews or anything . 

I would love to hear your Nyx cosmetics recommendations. It will be such a big help . Comment and let me know :)

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Garnier Skin Naturals Light - Coming Soon

Garnier Takes Care of your Skin!

In keeping with Garnier's motto 'Take Care', launching this summer is a caring cream for your skin - Garnier Skin Naturals Light which is as the name suggests a natural cream enriched with skin effective ingredients like Lemon which helps to gently exfoliate and remove dead cells and also SPF 15 which protects skin from darkening in the sun. With this cream experience skin two tones fairer in just 28 days! Measure and see for yourself soon!

Garnier is officially launching their new Skin Naturals Light Cream in mid June in Pakistan. Are you excited ?

I have tried the squeeze tube and the jar version a long time ago so i am excited to give this one a try. 

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Sigma Beauty Dry'n Shape - Review

First thing , i love the way sigma beauty products come packaged. It came in a white typical USPS box , inside was the Dry'n Shape box with usual information booklets which basically tells / guides you how to use it .I received mine in perfect condition . 

What it is : Tired of waiting for your brushes to dry after washing them? Wait no more! Introducing the revolutionary Sigma Beauty Dry’n Shape system! The Dry’n Shape was designed to completely dry and shape your most dense brushes within 4 to 6 hours, guaranteed.

The Dry’n Shape provides the necessary pressure to bristles to quickly and efficiently remove water from every fibre.  The fabric used to shape the bristles was specially engineered to accelerate water evaporation, resulting in a faster drying time for your brushes.

The Dry’n Shape is an easy, quick, and effective way to quickly dry and shape your makeup brushes. Follow these three easy steps for best results:

 Price: $29 USD 
Availability: Sigma Beauty
When i first read about Dry'n Shape i was bit skeptical , i was thinking how can a brush roll helo brushes dry quickly . But with time and experience , your opinion changes . If you want to read my detailed review , read on

The Sigma Dry'n Shape comes in a black roll , which looks very similar to the typical brush rolls we have or see. The Dry'n Shape has a magnetic closure  which works fantastically to secure your brushes if you travel .

When opened up The sigma dry n shape comes with 12 slots for your brushes. Dry'n Shape has 12 elastic bands on the top and then 12 holders on the bottom .
These slots will fit your largest and most dense brushes very well but the fit for the  smaller eye brushes will be little loose.

Here is how to use it (description quoted from Sigma website):
STEP 1: Wash your brushes using a mild shampoo or brush cleanser.
STEP 2: Gently press the bristles to remove any excess water. Place the clean, damp brushes into the Dry N’ Shape using the smallest band the brush will fit into. Make sure that all bristles are firmly compressed.
STEP 3: Wait 4 to 6 hours and your brushes will be completely dry and ready to use! In addition to being completely dry, the bristles will be reshaped to their original form.  Your brushes will be perfect for your makeup application!

I wash my brushes as i normally do, first i use baby shampoo to get rid of the dirt by rolling out ny brushes in the mixture and then wash them by running them under the water upside down. Then i roll some of my brushes in the conditoner which actually helps them make more soft. Again wash them by running them under the water upside down.

Now after washing my brushes , i have placed them in Dry'n Shape . The bigger brushes like face brushes, bluhs/bronzer brushes fit perfectly .
The elastic band compress the bristels to squeese all the water out of the brushes which help them to dry quicker.

The tricky part is to adjust brushes in the elastic band , because you dont know how far to push them , if you push them too far , you have to do them again.

Usually my my elf powder brush and Sigma large powder brush F30 takes like agaes to dry so i put them under the direct sun light in the afternoon and leave them to dry.
When i checked them after few hours,All of y brushes were dry , nice and shaped*
(No more flared brushes* whoo !  . Like no kidding .  Almost Four hours in the Dry'n Shape, my blush brush (along with everything else) was completely dry and shaped

My brushes all dried and shaped

Over all I would highly recommend it if you are on a go and want your brushes squeaky clean dry . But if you dont mind waiting a whole day , them skip it ;) For me it made my life easier as i hate washing my brushes because some of my favorite brushes are really dense. Don’t forget Sigma ships worldwide!

What do you think of the Dry'N Shape ? Have you tried it ?Will you be ordering one?

 Get your  Dry'N Shape  from

Price : $29.00 ( Thank you merci for correcting  :))

Enter the Coupon Code: LUCK2011 at Checkout, and you will get a 10% OFF Your entire  sigma beauty Purchase!

Disclaimer: As a Sigma affiliate, I received the Dry'n Shape for free to test. This does not affect my honest review.

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