Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rimmel Vinyl Max Lip Gloss in Glorious 711 - Review,Photos & Lipswatch

I recently  got to try the new Rimmel Vinyl Max Lipgloss. If you havent noticed my blog name  has"gloss"in it. There was a time when i swore by lip glosses. I wore them religiously when i was in college and at the work. But couple of years ago lipsticks took over. But Rimmel london was one brand which went to whenever i needed a gloss since at that ime not many brands were available and i liked their glosses. So when i got the rimmel vinyl max lipgloss in 711 in glorious , i was excited. You will soon know what made me excited. Keep reading ;)

Rimmel introduces its new Vinyl Max Lipgloss for the most voluptuous pout ever!
Rimmel has given its cult gloss classic a supersize volume makeover. With its revolutionary volumizing complex and clever new one swipe wand, lips are plump for a huge impact! MAXimum shine, MAXimum comfort, MAXimum colour!

Glorious (711):  is described as Fresh fun for Hyde Park frisbee. Its a hot pink with gold sparkles. 

First thing you will notice about this gloss is its humongous wand. When i say humongous i mean HUGE  . The large doe foot application made application made fun for me since i have fuller lips but i maybe inconvenient for someone with thin lips. It was possibly the easiest, quickest application. I will post a comparison photos of wand at the end of this post.

I loved the promo images of the gloss and how there is an embossed crown on top of the packaging.In my opinion packaging is cute and classy. I wish the shade name wasnt written on a label since they tend to rub off and in the end you are left confused that which shade is which.

If you are regular reader of glossicious , you will know that i am a fan of minty flavor/smelling lip products. I dont need any plumping effect but i like the feeling of that. When i first applied the gloss i was pleased because Rimmel Vinyl Max Lip Gloss has slightly minty taste.The plumping formula also leaves a tingly feeling on your lips but not as strong as some of other lip products I've tried ( I am looking at you elf lipprimer/plumper). Most of rimmel glosses i have tried are on the sheer side and it does come up quite sheer too but still it manages to leave some color on the lips. It does have a slight vanilla-ish smell. But nothing too strong.

First pic was taken indoor with flash , rest natural indoor light.

Over all i like Rimmel Vinyl Max Lip Gloss since My lips looked oh so shiny,sparkly and plump .  It's a hot pink with gold sparkles. If you want juicy ,full lips this gloss is for you. The sparkles in this gloss looks lovely when light hits the lips. 

Availability : all Rimmel retailers.
Price : $8.08 

Now the wand comparison with another rimmel lipgloss

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  1. This is an ideal colour and texture for you!

  2. wow i have the vinyl stars lipgloss and the applicator of this one is HUGE! thanks for posting <3

  3. This is such a pretty color. I am in LOVE with dark colors. Looks good on your. Thanks for sharing <3

  4. I am not a fan of glitter glosses. But it looks so great on you. =D

  5. Great review. I really like Rimmel glosses myself. They're budget friendly and work almost just as well as a high end brand gloss.

    The shade you have is lovely

  6. i recently bought this gloss in snog and i am not sure why i got this in old packaging..but its a good gloss...non sticky,inexpensive and i love the shine!!

  7. such a wonderful shade. Thanks for the review Sarah :) xx

  8. lovely color, suits on ur lips :)


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