Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Hual - July 2011

I made two trips to Lahore in one month, mid June and end of june. I went little crazy with makeup shopping. I hauled some MAC and some other stuff on my first trip, Check out June Haul post if you wanna see what i got [here].

I mainly shopped at Alfatah DHA and potpourri DHA  this time. 

  • Luscious Nail lacquer in Diva ( potpourri )
  • Luscious Nail lacquer in Cotton Candy  ( potpourri )
  • Himalaya lip balm ( potpourri )
  • Mac studio finish concealer (Alfatah) 

I went little Palladio crazy. I bought one palladio herbal lipstick in surely pink on my first visit to ( potpourri ) , and then i went back next day and bought 2 more and also a water proof eyeliner pencil. I love these lipsticks, If you  have access to Palladio beauty products, you MUST check them out. They smell delicious like cocoa butter or vanilla . They are super creamy and super pigmented. I was checking rest of palladio products and i found the retractable herbal eye pencil. I got it in black. I love it, Its creamy , pigmented and glides smoothly. 
I think lipsticks were like rs 450 and pencil was around 375. I have lost the receipts so i am not 100% sure.

Lipstick shades i got are 
  • Surely pink
  • Paris Pink &
  • Smokey rose

Okay i saw this lip pencils at potpourri , swatched it and threw it in my basket , not knowing it was rs 575. Seriously a lip pencil for this expensive. I almost returned it but i loved the way it glides , its like a lip pencil and a lipgloss in one. Its by karaja and its the prefect pinkish nude color.

I was at potpourri and when i saw these , i instantly thought of cynthia from indain vanity case, she reviewed it couple of months ago. I knew i had to have it. They had all three scents , i wasnt sure which one she loved , so i googled her review and got the one she loved for rs 900.

Lastly , got three brushes , yes all blush brushes. Two are from line called RUVAJ UK, One is angled and other one is regular blush brush , they both were more than rs 350 and less than rs 400. Then got MAC 168. Bought all of these from alfatah. 

So this is my haul. I guess i bought quite alot of stuff in last one month so no more makeup shopping for me.

*Sorry about photos quality , still trying to figure out new camera

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  1. Lovely haul. Will look for Palladio and the perfume here. Perfume looks great :)

  2. That was a lovely haul....pls do swatch the lippies and also the nail colours...I so wish we have access to luscious

  3. Fabulous haul, you jet setter, you!

  4. The brushes look so interesting. Would you be able to review them soon please?

  5. I love all the products love the haul too! x

  6. im looking for a good concealer...i hope you will do a review on mac studio finish concealer soon:)

  7. Lovely haul, so waiting for swatches of lippies and effect of hebal eye pencil....:) u must try their eyeliner, they are really amazing thing for eyes....:)

  8. Great things. I am so tempted to buy this perfume now. =D Btw there's a little glitch in the spellings of haul.

  9. I will be reviewing these items pretty soon :) so look out for that
    @Shang hahah I know but when I noticed the spelling it was too late and to be honest spelling mistakes and I are best friends ;)

  10. i love hauls <3 i have been to alfatah DHA like a few days back..n no doubt i had to go crazy :P



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