Monday, August 8, 2011

Hi I am Sarah and i am a Kajal-holic - My Kajal Collection

Hi I am Sarah and i am a Kajal-holic. There I Said It . If you ask me that What one makeup products i will bring on vacation/ island/desert ?? My reply is always Kajal . Thats  how much i love a good kajal. With time i have collected f/bought/experimented with few . I have loved some , hated some and well i still want more. 

Kohl is known by various names in South Asian languages, like sirma or surma in Punjabi, kajal in Hind .

  1. *Hashmi Kajal in Bullet packaging Review ]
  2. sleek makeuop kajal eyeliner in nocturnal
  3. *Hashmi Kajal in tube Review ]
  4. Lotus Herbal Kajal
  5. Blue Heaven Kajal [ Review ]
  6. Lakme Kajal pencil
  7. Hashmi surma ( loose / powder kajal/kohl)
  8. Noor Kajal

Best :

Lotus Kajal & Hashmi Kajal in tube


Lakme Kajal pencil & Blue heaven

Worst :

Noor Kajal ( OMG ! never EVER buy this  black wax on stick, Gosh it was horrible. I wasted my rs115)

I have tried few other brands too like Shehnaz hussain but i dont have it anymore. My mom loved home made kajal , which she used more frequently.I really want to try the Himalaya kajal , i looked for it in Lahore but it wasn't available. I read good reviews on oriflame kajal too. I will certainly pick these two in future.

Do you use Kajal ? which one is your favourite ?

*Regarding your concern, please note that i contacted hashmi kajal pr a while back, and they told me the product had been tested and found safe for use. Please visit their website and you may find test results which shows it is safe to us.

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  1. Luv Your Poxt Sara!
    I sooo loving Kajal and my favorite is Hashmi! You know I was soo waiting for this! Xx
    God Bless You!
    Keep up the Good Posts! lolxx

  2. I actually used Benefit Bad Gal! I think that the Kajal eye is THE trademark beauty look for eastern women!

  3. Lovely collection.
    I loveeeeeeeee Lotus herbal kajal. thats the best kajal i have ever tried . Blue heaven is nice too but its not very much pigmented

  4. I am a kajal-a-holic too :D I personally loved Hashmi and now I love Oriflame. You should definitely try it out. It's great.

  5. Great Collection :) I like Hashmi n Shahnaz Hussain for daily use :)

  6. husnians , if im right , there kajal is the best , it comes in a lipstick like tube , its grat , great review

  7. Great collection Lotus kajal <3

  8. i've never tried kajal!!!! I must now!

  9. I was waiting for this post! I honestly dont use kajal bc i end up getting panda eyes, maybe bc i havent been using the right one..but is the Lotus waterproof?

    and thtas sooo great you contacted Hashmi's PR bc i read online that there were some tests done in NY and that the kajal has lead in it. Happy to hear that its safe.

  10. I have the lotus n hashmi which r best :)
    hd tried lakme too..

  11. Try the oriflame 1 .... It's amazing I love hashmi kajal :D

  12. I am not a major kajal addict although I always wear them, but I always have so many of them,, I myself don't understand how!!

  13. I m huge fan of love love...this is the only makeup which can change ur look in one swipe....
    i like hashmi,and rivaj...
    i like to use kajal pencil they are easy to use..christine and rivaj has good kajal pencils...

  14. Love your collection of kajals. My fav has to be Hashmi the bullet one :)

  15. Great collection. I don't use kajal much as I too end up with panda eyes, maybe I'm useless at applying it lol.

  16. i looove kajal, wish that I had more of it. i only have the stila kajal liner now...kinda messy, but sooo rich and dark.


  17. I love kajal! And you have an awesome collection!

    You defenitely can never go wrong with Hashmi!

    I really want to try the Sleek one in that purple color!

  18. I love kajal too...Mine favourite is Blue Heaven!!! <3

  19. wow your kajal collection is amazing.I think out of your collection my favourite would be the hashmi kajal.

    Is the Shenaz Hussain kajal worth it? I've always wanted to try it, but never got around buying it.

  20. am also kajal freek..... yo man.. i love hashmi and my recent love is Oriflame... You must try darling... its... soooooooo lovely.... :)

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