Sunday, August 7, 2011

French & Fabulous - French Stamp Template DIY Kit

I recently started using the Konad Stamping Nail Art and it is kind of fun if you have steady hand unlike me. If you are just starting the konad , just make sure you have the right kind of nail polish for stamping and also a good quality regular polish underneath.  choose a polish which have a thick, opaque formula.

I was sent the French Stamp Template DIY Kit by . 
The french stamp kit comes with

  • 1pcs scraper
  • 1pcs stamp
  • 2 pcs template M48 & M49

Things you will need 
  1. Nail polish remover
  2. Base coat
  3. Colored nail polish
  4. Top coat
  5. Konad Stamper
  6. Konad Image Plate I used the M48 .
  7. Cotton swabs
  8. Cotton ball (soaked with nail polish remover)
  9. Towel / paper towel (to wipe off )
  10. Konad Scraper
  11. Paper (to protect working surface) 
  12. Bubble wrap to protect table from getting stains
Tip: You make sure you have all things you will need with you .  

This is why we need paper & bubble wrap, I have tendency of getting everything messy.

I have mentioned this so many times that i am very clumsy when it comes to nail polish application. But with time it has approved alot. I tried Konad for first time and as you can see its not perfect but to be honest i am quite happy , because i wasnt even expecting it to turn this better.  Make sure that you know where you are stamping , konad art can get messy on nails so dont try to be perfect at your first time. Keep practicing. 

One thing which i learnt is that when you are holding the Konad Stamper, you need to really firmly press down on the design so it picks up the entire design, If not, then you can repeat the process again. Also make sure that you clean the plate after each time you use it , i simply use the cotton ball , soaked in nail polish remover.

*If you need step by step tutorial i highly recommend checking out this post

Ofcourse i didnt stamp correctly as i missed some spots but you can always re-do them

I used some stones to prettify the design .

 Nail polishes i used for the above nail art :
  • 1 coat of Sally Hensan Base Coat
  • 3 coats of Luscious Nail Lacquer Purple Rain
  • 1 coat of Golden Rose Quick Dry Top Coat
  • 1 coat of Golden rose black Nail Polish  for stamped images
  •  Final coat of Golden Rose Quick Dry Top Coat

Where to Buy Konad Supplies 
New Nail Art French Stamp Template DIY Kit is $4.85 and Shipping is  worldwide & free .  
You can use coupon code GCJ61 to get 10% off any order

I can't wait to try more designs  Always remember Practice makes perfect .

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  1. This lattice design looks soooo cute. Stop being modest :) You have done a wonderful job.

  2. Lovely pictures and post! :) Love the nails

  3. this looks sooo cool! Def on my wishlist!

  4. I WANT THIS!!!! I'm not that great with applying nail polish either, but this looks pretty user friends to me!!!

    Your nails look very cute.

    love the post!!!!!!


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