Saturday, July 30, 2011

No Chance To Shine With RImmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - Guest Post

For all those who live in Lahore, know exactly how extremely hot and humid it is here. For those who dont, In Lahore, Pakistan the average temperature during the summer is 41C and the relative humidity for an average year is recorded as 37.9%!! Wow, right? When I leave the house, I can almost feel the humidity attacking my hair like a frizz monster. I have super oily skin, and I always dread summers, because it takes my skin seconds to go from glossy to greasy.

I finally found my Holy Grail product, it is rare that that I rave about a product so much but after so much trying and testing different products, face washes, powders, blotting papers I am excited to have finally found this!
I'm head over heels in love with Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder. It is by far the best face powder I've ever tried.  On the website it claims that 'it controls shine for up to 12 hours', and this has proven true for me. I don't use foundation or a lot of make-up every day, but this is the one make-up product that I use every single day.

It has excellent staying power. It keeps the face fresh and matte for hours. I'd get compliments for looking "fresh" even during the hottest days when everyone else's face used to be shiny. It glides on smoothly and evens out the skin tone and doesn't look cakey at all. For me, the biggest test for any face powder is applying it over sun block and moisturizer, which is just matte suicide in Lahore. Surprisingly the result was flawless, light coverage and matte skin. I usually have it on for hours and there are hardly any tell tale signs of shine despite the sun block and moisturizer underneath.
The face powder has a just hint of shimmer to it, which is barely notice-able in the pan. Often, face powders leave the skin looking unnaturally matte, which I detest. The shimmer helps in providing a natural glow to the skin.

I would definately recommend Rimmel Stay Matte for people with really oily skin. It's available in seven shades and comes with more than enough product to last you for months. It's a great alternative for all the high-end face powders out there. The only downside to the Rimmel Stay Matte is that it doesn't come up with a mirror. The packaging is light and secure enough to pop in your bag for touch up's on the go. For 6$ it's cheap and definitely worth a try. 

Guest Post by :  Sana and Aroosa  who are best friends and run a beauty blog , who have a healthy obsession with make-up, fashion, celebrities and everything that's glamorous and fun! They say There blog will not only be a beauty blog, but further chronicle everything from books to entertainment, celebrities and random ramblings!! The essence of this blog is Pakistani fashion, because we hate it when boutiques like Generation, Khaadi, Mausummery etc don't update their facebook pages! Now you'll frequently get a glimpse of whats in store before you enter it :)!! Oh, how can we forget the inspiration that bought this blog in to existence, something that makes our heart skip a beat- make-up reviews!!!We'll have a ton of those as well. Celebrity news and hot gossip is something we simply can't do without! Glamarama is here to be a part of your everyday world and will be a all-in-one entertainment source for you!
We aim at making it an ensemble of  what you call, fashion with fun and sophistication! Glamarama it is and shall be with every step we take! ;)

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  1. I've been really curious about their pans, thanks for the review!

  2. it controls shine very well...but unfortunately this comes in a limited shades mostly for fair people and it is very hard to compact broke in the the bag because the lid never stayed in place:( i like rimmel products but i was really disappointed with this one!!

  3. greatttt review ... will definitely give it a try .. where to buy it from Lhr ??? n prine in Pak rs ???

  4. Thank you:) girls!
    @Benish: it's available in limited shades. The transparent (001) is recommended for darker skin tones because it's colourless and can go with ANY skin tone. It doesn't leave any kind of colour on the skin.
    @Sana: Thank you. Do give it a try, its worth it. It costs around RS450! I bought mine from Al-Fatah. It's also available at Jalal Sons.

  5. I don't have a mattifying pressed powder, but this one looks interesting and it's so inexpensive! Great post, love the pictures (:


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