Friday, July 8, 2011

Caribbean Inspired eye makeup - Curacao I-Divine Palette

I was yet again playing with my Sleek Makeup palettes , and i wanted to do a Tropical Caribbean Inspired eye makeup. 

I am practicing my eye makeup and esp blending skills since i got my sleek makeup palettes because they are dream to work with. Today i did is really colorful look with my Sleek Makeup Curacao I-Divine Palette   .
I am using  Curacao I-Divine Palette in this look.
Previously i did few looks with sleek makeup palettes which can check [Here] , [Here ] [Here] [Here] and Check out the latest one using soon to be launched Curacao I-Divine Palette  [Here]

Yes you only get to see one eye :)

Used NYX milk jumbo eye pencil as base all over lid . 
The shades used were Teuqila sunrise , Bloody Mary ,Screw Driver , Green Iguana and espresso martini 
I lined with Maybelline eye studio lasting gel eyeliner also used on waterline 
Sleek MakeUP Luminaire Highlighting Concealer #2

Screw Driver  , Teuqila sunrise , Bloody Mary , Green Iguana and espresso martini 

This is my try on smokey eye makeup using  Sleek Makeup Curacao I-Divine Palette   . . I seriously have been enjoying using all my sleek makeup palettes, so far i own 6 of them . If you are a beginner and want a palette , which has pigmented buttery eyeshadow and which blend effortlessly , i will highly  recommend Sleek Makeup I-Divine Palettes. They are worth more than the price you pay.

I really hope you guys like it :)

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  1. Very pretty eye makeup!!!! You are really becoming expert in doing makeup <3

  2. LOVELY! The colors look so amazing and well blended. Perfect SUMMER look

  3. The colours go really well together. Looks perfect for summer nights. <3

  4. This is gorgeous, you did an amazing job creating this ^_^

    Love Christine ♥

  5. wow! So pigmented. I like it. It totally looks like Caribbean style. It makes me think of a toucan bird :) but love it!

  6. ooooooh me likey! it's very pretty and well the teal underneath


  7. this looks soo cute! it looks really bronzy in the crease! i like it.

  8. absolutely stunning!!! sleek should use this as promotional look. i hope they have seen it! xx


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥