Friday, July 29, 2011

Bourjois Paris Launches in Pakistan

This month has been so good. and it just got better . Guess what ?

Yes its official .

I have always been a fan of Bourjois products and always asked my cousins/sister/brother  bring some bourjois whenever they visited UK. You can check some of Bourjois posts HERE

Update :You'll be able to find Bourjois in :


  • Scentsation Park Tower Karachi
  • Scentsation Emerald Mall Karachi
  • Scentsation Dolmen Mall (Tariq Road) Karachi
  • Cos Cos Dolmen Mall Karachi
  • Naheed Store Karachi
  • Agha's Store Karachi
  • Sanaullah Store Karachi
  • Imtiaz Awami Markaez Karachi
  • Imtiaz Nazambad Karachi

  • Scentsation Hyperstar Lahore
  • Al Fatah DHA Lahore
  • Pot Pourri Defence Lahore
  • Pot Pourri Fortress Lahore
  • Al Noor Lahore


  • D Watson F10 Islamabad
  • Al Kausar Shop Islamabad
  • Shaheen Chemist Super Islamabad
  • Medi Plus Super Islamabad 

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  1. Thats amazing :) I have never tried anything from this brand before, need to check them out :)

    Love Christine ♥

  2. Thats a great news!!Do u know anything where we might find it in Isb?

  3. Yaaay! Sara so my friend was right all along:)

  4. No more begging my cousins for their stuff from Terhran.

  5. @pandora i was dying to share this news with but since you arent on twitter i had to wait :(
    @areej i will update the locations asap

  6. wowwww great news :)
    Thankss for sharing.
    U always come up with amazing things :)

  7. Yeah i've seen there display being arranged a couple of weeks ago at my local supermarket....=D
    I'm excited too!!!

    FYI if anyone is from karachi then go to Imtiaz supermarket for checking out the whole range...

  8. I never tried or heard Bourjois products, but happy for you for having them near you and already having points :)

  9. i would love to try out there foundations.

  10. i would loveeeee to try their products... do share some reviews of their great products ... <3 :)

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  12. Do you know where to find it in lahore?


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥