Friday, July 15, 2011

Beauty Uk shatter polish in Goth - NOTD

If you haven't already heard of the crackle/shatter nail polish trend, then you're living under the rock . I am starting to get really obsessed with nail polish and nail polish blogs.  Shatter Nail Polish is an amazing product built to give your nails a shatter look while combining with a base color for optimal appearance.

I have two of the Beauty Uk shatter polishes.

Punk is a matte hot pink

Goth is a matte black

The first shatter polish i tried was the Beauty Uk shatter polish in Goth.

BeautyUK Shatter Polish in Goth is a matte black.  I have applied it on Luscious's Nail lacquer in Diva and O.M.G doesnt it look stunning ? Best thing about Black shatter polish is that It looks great with brights, glitters, shimmers, and almost all sort of polishes as base. I used 2 coats of shatter polish , and it shattered with in few seconds.

Okay i am not sure if the formula has to be like this or mine was bit faulty but when i first opened/ tried it , and it was already goopy an thick, which made polish , hard to apply.But the formula of Punk shatter polish is perfect.

I tried co coordinating different base colors with the BeautyUK Shatter Polish in Goth. 
Polishes I used are :

Opi Glitzerland , Opi Strawberry Margarita , Illamasqua Gemma , Clarity Nail polish 341 and Sleek makeup Turquoise on thumb

I have used the Punk shatter polish over Goth shatter polish on middle finger.

Word of advise : This may be obvious that i am very impatient when it comes to let polishes dry , so you can see that i messed up a little bit so  be sure to only apply the Black Shatter top coat when your base is completely dry .

Beauty Uk recently added another shade to their shatter family in Night Fever  .

You can buy beauty Uk shatter polishes for Price: £2.99 including VAT 
and many affordable tempting products from   (If you live in a land far, far away, don’t worry, you can still make your statement with beautyuk*. It does cost slightly more as the carrier pigeons need more food for long journeys.)

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  1. I love the colours you've chosen, they go really well with the black shatter polish.

  2. Love it! Love the Tiffany green / blue nail polish on your thumb :D

  3. All the combinations look nice Yay I am no more living under the rock now :D

  4. The black is my favorite! I want to buy it now :)

    PS I gave you a blog award. Check

  5. this looks lovely on your nails :) great color combo <3

  6. lovelyyyyyyyyyy .. i ant them too <3 :)


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