Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's in my Travel Makeup Bag ?

If you are reader since it started , then you may already know that me and my family travel ALOT. We travel usually once in every two month . So this whole travelling made me realize two things 1- I love travel bags 2- I love mini/deluxe size products.
We are again leaving for one week in few days , and i was packing my stuff and realized i should do What's in my Travel Makeup Bag kind of post.
so today you are gonna have a peek at my travel makeup bag, One thing i would like to share that , i usually pack more than the products shown below. Since its a family trip+ it so hot these days, So hot that i don't feel like wearing any makeup kind of hot. So i packed quite small this time. I plan on buying quite few things , so i didnt take couple of things intentionally. Anyways enough babbling , Lets see What's in my Travel Makeup Bag ?

Blushes :

  • Korres Pink blush  [ swatch & review here ]
  • Benefit Dallas
  • Vasanti Swiss alpes [ swatch & review here ]

Brushes :
  • Sigma Beauty F30
  • Sigma Beauty  E55
  • Sigma Beauty E30
  • Sigma Beauty  E40
  • Coastal Scents Italian badger angled brush

Face Products :
  • Elf studio line pressed powder
  • L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base [ Review here] 
  • Korres Korres Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer [ Review here]
  • Korres Ginger and Vitamin foundation
  • Mac prolong wear concealer  [ Review here]
  • Luscious studio secret concealer  [ Review here]


  • Rivaj eyelash curler
  • Benefit bad gal mascara 
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner
  • Lakme kajal pencil
  • Few Qtips

Misc Items
  • My bath and body works hand sanitizers
  • Mirror
  • Vaseline lip therapy 
  • Palladio rice paper blotting sheets
  • Extra chweig gums ( yes i keep one in my makeup bag too)
  • A deluxe sample size of CK eternity moments perfume

Some Essentials
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo
  • Korres Milk Proteins 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion [ Review here ]
  • Primark 4 in 1 makeup wipes  

Lips :
  • Rimmel Moisture Renew- Nude Delight [ Swatch here ]
  • Nyx round lipstick Fig
  • Maybelline colorsensationsl brown attitude 
  • Luscios lip pencil cinnamon
  • Elf liqiud lipstick in pink lemonade 
  • Nyx lipgloss in natural

What kind of makeup bag do you use when you travel? Do you travel with a lot of makeup, or just the essentials?

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  1. Nice post Sarah! Even I end up packing alot while traveling. :D

  2. great post, i really struggle on deciding what to pack. I always take too much x

  3. You travel very light compared to me, lol! I also have a complete set of everything at our Muscat house, so we can go handbaggage only when we go there.

  4. Thanks for sharing it was interesting to see what kinda stuff that you take when you travel. I always pack too much and I tend to take over my husbands bag/case ;) lol.

    Are the Primark wipes any good? I've seen them in a few stores but didn't think they'd be worth buying.

  5. Interesting stuff When we travel I try not to take all my make up with me bt no I take loads of it even then plus i have to take my curly hair shampoo & conditioner i.e a MUST :)

  6. haha i pack alot more, i usually throw in some eyeshadows, a contour kit , few nail polishes, but this time i am planning on buying few new things there so i intentionally not packing them. I never take shampoos/ conditioner :P I always buy one as soon as i visit alfatah.

    @pyari brauty
    I will let you know as i haven't used them yet.

  7. wow,you pack more than i do!I only bring some essential make up,and put skin care in small container:)

  8. Wonderful shots Sarah :) <3 and GREAT post! Love your makeup bag.

  9. This is so great! Where did you get the benefit bad gal lash mascara?


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥