Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Better late than never - MAC Skinfinish Stereo Rose

I own many MAC products but until now i didnt have any mac MSF or blush. But when i saw MAC Skinfinish-Stereo Rose on a blog sale for less than $28 i knew i have to have it. Luckily i have enough balance in my paypal account and as usual my husband is in states so i paid as soon as she emailed me that the first person who wasnt interested isnt replying. And she is shipping it out tommorow :D . I know I know i am such a show off but how can i resist blogging about it ? After all Its MAC Skinfinish-Stereo Rose .
 I was skeptical about it for such a long time i didnt like the swatches online and i had my doubts and second thoughts but in the end i thought wth ! i dont wanna regret not having it , so its better to get one . I am loving blog sales, i am loving the fact i can order at his US address, I am loving that i bought some zoya nail polishes from ebay with some opi by sephora minis ,i am loving that i bought so much last week. I am grateful to God for so many blessings, these are just few of them,. 

Now all i have to do is to wait until i go to USA and roll in all my new makeup. 

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