Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pastel Pink - Sleek Nailed Nail Polish [NOTD]

I have four of Sleek nailed nail polishes . I own the shades which  Sleek MakeUP launched laste year summer 2010, there were four ice cream shades .  Pastel Pink, Turquoise, Florida and Lilac .
I have swatched the Turqouise Nail Polish  , the Lilac Nail Poilsh and do check out the Sleek Makeup Nailed - Nail polishes  Pastel Pink  where it was featured in Glossicious's picks for the best pink nail polish for Valentine's Day

Pastel Pink Nail Polish is Part of the Sleek Nail Polish selection full of vibrant and stunning colours at Sleek Makeup. Sleek Nailed Polish in Pastel Pink is baby pink shade , Sadly it looks bit more pale on the camera.
I am impressed with the quality and color pay off of sleek makeup nailed polisehes.The brush was pretty reasonable and i only needed two coats to get the opacity i wanted. The first coat was bit streaky but second made it even.

They do last few days , infact i havent noticed any chipping but tipwear is pretty normal as my nails grow kinda fast . I will suggest using a good quality top coat. ( My recommendation Seche Vite Dry Fast Top coat ) .

Do you own any Sleek Makeup nailed polishes?

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  1. Such a pretty pink that is!


  2. Cool colour. Looks nice. Also Happy Birthday in advance, Sarah.

  3. really nice pink and not too barbie. love it xx


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