Monday, June 13, 2011

My Favorite Summer Blushes

Orange / Coral blushes are my absolute favorite .I am loving Corals and oranges this summer . My obsession with orange blushes started with Nars Taj mahal , which i wanted it so badly but now to be honest i have so many orange blushes that i don't think i need that.
The blushes which i am featuring today are very bright and a little definitely goes a long way except the benefit's sugar bomb.If you are medium to dark skin tone go for a red/orange blushes, Trust me they will complement your skin tone and make you look more gorgeous.

1- 4U2  Three color blush on in Shade 3 .It has 3 shades but from the same color family .. (ALL coral/peachy)*yummy* [ review Here]
2 - Korres ZEA MAYS Powder Blush 44 Orange is a beautiful shade of rich coral-orange with a soft golden shimmer-sheen. [ review Here]
3-Illamasqua Powder Blusher- Expose Expose is such a beautiful coral shade(although illamasqua described it as terracotta), It brings gorgeous warmth to the face. [ review Here]
4- Sleek Makeup's  Avoir La peche collection came with a beautiful packaged blush Pan Tao. One of my favorite this summer, its the prettiest coral peachy shade. [ review Here]
5- Korres ZEA MAYS Powder Blush 45 Coral It is an almost pinky -peach that is very flattering on medium dark skin tone.It does have with slight shimmer. [ review Here]
6- Sleek Makeup Aruba blush This blush is part of an upcoming sleek makeup SS11 collection,CaribbeanCollection , This collection will have on-trend orange hue products. This blush is extremely pigmented and needs a light handed application
7- Benefit cosmetics Sugar bomb Swirl the 4 flattering shades of peach, soft plum, shimmering pink and rose powders together and sweep on cheeks for a sweet rush of gorgeous [ review Here]

Swatches Below

  • 1- Korres ZEA MAYS Powder Blush 45 Coral
  • 2- Korres ZEA MAYS Powder Blush 44 Orange
  • 3- 4U2  Three color blush on in Shade 3
  • 4- Sleek Makeup's Pan tao
  • 5 Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Expose
  • 6 Benefit cosmetics Sugar bomb
  • 7 Sleek Makeup Aruba blush

So tell me what's your favorite summer blush color /shade ? or favorite summer blush ?

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  1. I've never really been into these shades but they look so pretty against your skintone. May have to invest in 1 0r 2 and have a play x

  2. Nice collection. I too want a coral blush in my collection now :) Do a review on different brands having corals :D

  3. Woww great collection Sara!! Love coral blushes <3

  4. ohhh i love the third one,i wish i could get it too
    im recently into cream blushes alot,i like the kind of look that they give-its like matte but dewy

  5. Pan tao--- im so lusting after it!!

  6. I love orangey/peach blushes too! In fact 90% of my collection is peaches! I picked up Taj Mahal in an online order recently and had a fellow beauty blogger pick up Turks and Caicos nars multiple too.

    I am jealous of the sleek blushes, we can't get those here nor the illamasqua :(

  7. wohoo awesome u inspired me to do a post abt my blushes too :)

  8. i just started my obsession with orange blush thanks to hardcandy's fox in a box blush! ..i love your collection!

  9. i'm into peach/orange blush too! i am medium toned and i really believe that this shade of blush complements my skin tone! love your collection! :)

  10. I love benefits' coralista, its got a bit of pink tinge as well as orange to it, perfect for summer!

  11. I just did a post on my favorite corals for this summer! Please check it out guys and if you follow me let me know so I can do the same in return!

  12. Gorgeous! Love your blush collection

  13. love ur orange obsession Sarah!!

  14. Gorgeous collection! Although orange blushes are out of my comfort zone but now I'm tempted to get one :) xx


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