Thursday, April 7, 2011

Latest Beauty buys & more

Yayeee !! i am home .If you follow me on twitter or on facebook , you would know that i was on vacation for a week. I was spending time with my cousins and my bestie . I had the most amazing time of my life. I wasn't planning on buying anything but you know me , i cant stop myself. So this post will contain some pictures and prices of my latest beauty buys  and more .

Alfatah is like my second home in Lahore. I love the place. I love roaming round in the basement and on the ground floor. All of the beauty items were purchased from alfatah or hence mentioned. 

Nail Polishes :

I am going through a serious nail polish phase although i dont wear them so often. I bought these 4 nail polishes from Alfatah.

  • Avon styling nail polishes in #187 & #118 ( i highly doubt it that they are original avon nail polishes) - Price each for rs 175/-
  • Sally Hanson Professional Heat Sealed Base Coat -Price rs 230
  • Golden rose nail lacquer in #69 - Price 130 /- approx

If you are looking for Deborah Lippmann polish in Happy Birthday then the avon nail color in #187 is a close dupe. The only difference i could tell was that the avon one had a slightly blue base.  [Swatch]

 [lipsticks ] 

  • Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick- Price rs 730/-
  • Golden rose perfect shine lipstick in shade #219- Price rs 300/-

My lovely reader Hareem , suggested me to try goldenrose lipsticks. She asked me to have a look at their 3000 range,but instead i fell in love with the golden rose perfect shine lipstick in shade #219(beautiful creamy peachy nude shade) .I love it. It is easily applicable with a soft and velvety texture. I will surely pick up more next time. I went to maybelline kiosk to buy few things and i was rather disappointed with the selection of  Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks. They didn't have their best sellers shades like warm me up , born with it , and few more. But i like the shade Brown Attitude #770 . They come in different categorizes Pink, Red, Purple, Brown.


  • Sweettouch eyepencil Brown & Black - Price rs 175/- each
  • Maybelline lasting drama gel liner - Price 850

If you are in Pakistan and cant find/afford Urban decay 24/7 eye pencils. You Have to try sweet touch eye pencils. I already have their turquoise and purple and they are my absolute favorite . I bought the brown and black this time. They dont smudge easily and almost water resistant. I love them . I am a huge eyeliner girl. I bought the Maybelline lasting drama gel liner because my e.l.f cream liner [Review] & Coastal scents gel liner [Review] were drying and dying. I love the maybelline gel liner. Its so far the best i have tried, rs 850 well spend. 


  • Bath and bidy works Anti-Bacterial PocketBac® Sanitizing Hand Gel
    in Twilight Woods -Price rs 230/-

I almost died and went to heaven when i saw bath and body works PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gel at Alfatah DHA,Lahore. They were shinning like stars at the top shelf. There were many scents like sweet pea , dancing waters , I love boys berry crush and few more. I grabbed the on in twilight woods. 
  • Suave deostick sweetpea & violet  - price rs 145/-
  • Impulse deodorant - price rs 145/- 


  • Chunky rings - price rs 100/- each
  • Long earnings - price 450/-

Darn ! i forgot to take  pictures of the most favorite item of my haul so i attaching the iphone pictures. 
  • 4U2 I-Pro Palette in Impressive - Price 1550/-

I love them , i can say that the best palette i won /tried/bought so far. The packaging is sturdy and solid . The palette stores 8 beautiful shimmery large eyeshadows. The overshadows have almost metallic sheen and OMG they are buttery soft. A must must buy.
Now i am having thoughts, because i really want 4U2 I-Pro Palette in Contemporary. I might sell /give to my cousin and buy the one which is more neutral.

So that's the haul or beauty buys. Let me know if you want me to swatch or review anything first. 

Did anyone miss me ? ;)

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  1. dats a nice haul farah..loved the accessories and ofcourse MYN drama gel..i love it tooo bits

  2. woww amazing haul.
    i just love each and everything u bought. kindly review Sweet touch eye liner pencil and maybelline gel eyeliner first .

    and wats the price of Sally hansen heat sealed base coat??? u forgot to mention its price

  3. ohh sarah its so nice.... amazing haul.. i love it all..

  4. lovely! and u were surely missed :))

  5. Lovely haul!I hope you will review the golden rose lipstick and maybelline gel liner soon I haven't tried them yet,maybelline color sensational lipstick is one of my favourite lipsticks I have this in copper brown, very moisturizing :)

  6. I am also a big fan of goldenrose lipsticks.Using a few on daily basis:) lovely haul.

  7. Nice haul! I like those rings


  8. i have 4 u 2 eye shadows and i absolutley love them. my opinion is they are way better than luscious eye shaodows as they are more pigmented and also cheaper. although i got the palette for 1300 :p

  9. awesome stuff thank god i shopped with you i love the eyeshadow pallets that i bought and the gel eyeliner works perfectly dude shopping for make up is only reserved to be done with u now <3 miss u

  10. hey! i've been looking for bath and body works hand snitizers, i am not that familiar with Alfatah so can you tell me where these are placed so the next time i go to lahore i can get these! plus were there any more bath and body works stuff there?

  11. @rabia
    i bought it from alfatah located at DHA Y block market , just go to the basement , to the bodywahses shower gel section behind the soaps and deo aisle ,hand sanitizerrs will be there . They are placed at the top shelf. I asked them about more BBW stuff and they told me that they are expecting more in coming weeks. so if you go there ask them :)

  12. Thanks Sarah!
    plus the maybelline gel liners hype is well earned! its great the only drawback is that ... it only comes off with Lancome Bi-facil Eye makeup remover!
    plus could you do swatches of the maybelline and golden rose lipsticks?

  13. where did you get the Maybelline Colour Sensational lipstick from please?

  14. where did you get the Maybelline Colour Sensational lipstick from please?

  15. plz tell me from where u bought 4u2 eye shadow pallete

  16. plz tell me from where u bought 4u2 eye shadow pallete


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