Sunday, March 6, 2011

February Favorites - Makeup

Its time to do February favorites , time is flying , its almost 3rd month of 2011. I have been loving pink neutral lips, long lashes ,  and winged eyeliner. 

Mac Lipglass Girls at Play (LE) 

Girls at Play is a semi-sheer darkened red with a heavy hit of gold shimmer. I love the smell of MAC lipglass, and it looks so stunning over a same tones lipsticks esp during evening ,when light hit the lips, the shimmer sparkles so beautifully. I love this lipglass

 I fell in love with sugar bomb the moment i saw it on someone's blog and my heart knew that very instance i have to have it.There are 4 colors in this blush. Rose, pale pink, pale plum, and pale peach. This is half blush, half highlighter, because it’s not very pigmented and in my NC3O-35 skin tone ,its shows up very smooth and its just gives the right amount of GLOW.

 Benefit Soft Shoulder eyeshadow

I have been using this eyeshadow to blend out other eyeshadows. I sometimes use it as crease color as well. Its Super soft, super pigmented, and its really silky especially for a matte eyeshadow.Its a a warm neutral brown matt eyeshadow.

Etude Lipstick BE810 (Review & Swatches here)

It  is pigmented pinky beige nude shade.Its a pale pinkish nude lipstick .If you dont want a nude lipstick like myth , which is , fleshy beige shade then this is a perfect shade.

Swatches of above mentioned favourites 

Rimmel Professional Liquid Eyeliner 

Rimmel professional eyeliner has small packaging and has a small handle that is slim and easy enough to hold, handle and control. It doesn’t irritate my eyes.I can draw thinner line or even thickens it up for more night out look, and it's so easier to apply, I always get a straight line. I was so into gel liners last year but i see myself using it more often in coming months

Ellis Faas Black Mascara E40
The ellis faas black mascara comes with a long thin brush which is ideal for separating lashes and lengthening. But It's not much for thickening. Over all its a fairly decent mascara.I wasnt a fan when i first tried it almost a month back , but now i am totally hooked, I get lovely long curled lashes and i am loving the final look.
In the below picture, i am wearing Ellis Faas mascara and rimmel professional liquid eyeliner

ELF mineral Concealer in warm 

I bought this concealer a while ago when i was going through serious  ONLY mineral makeup phase. The phase was over but this concealer never lost its place in my heart. I would use it alone most of times but recently i started applying my o cream concealer first on any spor undereyes and then i take a blending brush and seal it in place with the E.L.F. mineral concealer. It does an amazing job. It was in my January favorites and it made it to my February favorites.

Sigma beauty Tapered Blending brush E40  your typical, long, fluffy brush with a dome-shaped tip .This E40  is designed to smooth out eyeshadows and really blend the colors together. I dont use it as a blending brush but i use it for my conceaer, as it makes application of concealer to the eye area a breeze.

 What was on you February Favorites list ? comment or leave a link to your favourites below , i would love to know :)

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  1. Niceee :D How's the Rimmel eye liner?

  2. great products! i love sugarbomb as well :) even though it doens't show up very bright

  3. I pretty much love all those products! New follower x x


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