Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Face of the Day [09/03/11]

 Hope everyone is having awesomely day. I was super bored few days back and when i am bored i go and play with my makeup. I cant tell you every time i look at my makeup stash it fills my heart with joy. So i was playing with greens and swatching and i came up with this look. I was really pleased the way it looked on me.

If you follow me on twitter , then i am sure you have seen the below picture already :) If you dont follow me , i am on twitter as @glossicious , do drop by and say hi. I love chit chatting.
This one is my favorite and probably gonna be my next face book profile picture  .

 Products Used:


DMGM Photo finish concealer (on undereyes for brightening effect )
Elf mineral Concealer(to set the concealer on undereyes & whereever i needed little coverage esp the cheeks as i have few spots there)
Sleek Makeup Contour kit in Medium 
Sleek Makeup Blush in Flamingo

Eyes :

I used Sleek Makeup Molten metal's metallic gold shade as base
I usedSleek makeup eye dust in Eden and out rage
Maybelline expert wear mono eyeshadow in emerald city
I used the sweet touch sparking eye pencil in blue
I am wearing Sleek makeup Kajal in nocturnal 
I am wearing Ellis Faas mascara  
i am wearing my etude BE810 lipstick.

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  1. Masahallah(hope i spelled it right)... u look sooo cute and beautiful... LOVE your Blush !!

  2. I thought Id seen the picture before, very nice, x

  3. Sarah, you look gorgeous :) very beautiful look MA.

  4. Gorgeous look on you everything suits you perfectly xx

  5. you look so pretty!!!! i just saw this one! :)


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