Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chanel Powder Blush No. 56 Tea Rose - Review , Photos & Swatches

 I love Chanel blushes. Superb quality and color selection. And lets be honest just looking at the C logo makes me happy :D

So I finally laid my hands on these beautiful beauty Chanel powder blushes courtesy to my dad's frequent visits abroad :P 
I fell in love with Chanel Powder Blush No. 56 Tea Rose on First sight. It's a pretty pink with a slight tint of peachiness  and with very subtle flecks of shimmer, it smells GORGEOUS.. Simply GORGEOUS.. Can I wear it as perfume.??? Silly me. It comes with a tiny soft brush , which I must say is too small for my big face. So I wod rather use it as an eyeshadow brush but as a blush brush !!??? Meh

While I like this blush a lot, I don't think I'd be buying this blush again as it takes 3-4 swipes for it to show on my NC25-30 skin. Don't get me wrong, I love it but it is way too sheer for medium dark skin tones like me, i use it as a highlighter sometimes.t is great as a highlighter because of the fine glimmery sheen. It is not very pigmented so I had to sweep quite a few times in order to get a decent coverage as you can see my swatch below, i achieved the color after good 5-7 good sweeps

 Website says  "The touch of colour and radiance Offers effects from very natural to very sophisticated. Used as a simple touch of colour, it gives your complexion a healthy glow. As a professional tool, it shapes and models your face (cheekbones, browbones, forehead, chin, along the nose).
 Manufactured by a process exclusive to CHANEL, the compact and silky texture of JOUES CONTRASTE gives easy application and subtle blending. The brush is made of natural hair. Contents : 4 g.  Highlighting your cheekbones enhances the youthful appearance of your face. For the eye zone, choose a satiny tone to soften and rejuvenate this area."

Now the comaprison between Benefir sugar bomb and Chanel Powder Blush No. 56 Tea Rose

Benefit sugar bomb's swatch is on the left and Chanel Powder Blush No. 56 Tea Rose is on the right . The sugarbomb is tad bit pink and has more of gold sheen to it .

My dad brought if from singapore's airport. I have read so much about Naunce Watson. Infact that's where he bought the Chanel lip gloss too. So if you are planning to visit singapore , do visit the store/shop or counter. Sorry i have never been to singapore so i dont know what Naunce Watson is :)

Do you own any chanel products ?  Have you ever been to singapore. I know i would love to go there


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  1. Great review. the blush looks lovely :)

  2. I have Rose Petal & I felt like I had to pack on the colour before, but I switched to a denser blush brush & it picked up the colour just fine. Good idea using it as a highlight

  3. this looks great ,I wish i can lay my hands on it somewhere here too:)

  4. nice review Sarah...... :) and the blush look Yumm!!

  5. It looks so pretty! I don't own any Chanel products...yet.


  6. Awesome Chanel! very pretty color, me like it XD
    i don't own any Chanel products at the moment, but i'm gonna check out their foundation.

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