Friday, March 18, 2011

ArtDeco - Aqua Glow Bronzing" Collection 2011 - complexion

The end of winter is finally within reach! In a week is astronomical beginning of spring and that means for us: Start of the delivery of our Bronzing Collection 2011th By "Aqua Glow Bronzing" we present to you the exciting combination of cool blue, bright turquoise and warm earth tones - inspired by the beauty of the water element and the luminosity of the sun. 

 Are you glad already so in the summer?


"Aqua Glow Bronzing" Collection 2011 - complexion

"Kissed a complexion like the sun and still perfectly protected! The two-color, water-repellent Bronzing Powder Compact with SPF 15 in the playful aqua design gives you a natural looking, soft tanned complexion and protects the skin from harmful solar radiation. From mountain nut obtained Inca oil is nourishing and preserving the skin moisture.

The dense Travel Kabuki powder brush made of high quality natural hair in a practical jar is ideal for travel. Use the brush with the Bronzing Powder Compact SPF 15 and vary the opacity.

For a fast, even tan, we recommend the long-lasting spray on
Leg Foundation. The tanning spray absorbs quickly into the skin and gives
the legs below a naturally tanned look.

Delicate shimmer reflections on beautiful, tanned skin of the face, neck and body conjures the Golden Shimmer - Illuminating fluid. The light texture glides effortlessly over the skin and leaves subtle light reflections. In addition, vitamin A and E care for and protect against negative environmental influences. "

- Bronzing Powder Compact ART DESIGN 11, No. 2, 5 (No. 4324.x, limited)
- Travel Kabuki (No. 60500, limited)
- Spray on Foundation Leg No. 3, 5 (No. 438.x, limited)
- Golden Shimmer - Illuminating Fluid (No. 43650, limited)


10x ARTDECO Eye Couture sun glasses + sarong in "Aqua Glow Bronzing" design + "Aqua Glow Bronzing" products: Bronzing Powder Compact ART DESIGN 11 No. 5, Travel Kabuki, Ceramic Nail Lacquer No. 229, Beauty Box Trio "Aqua Glow Bronzing" design incl. Eyeshadows No. 25, 59, 257 and applicator

Aqua Glow Bronzing Bronzing Powder Compact ART DESIGN 11

  • Water-repellant bronzing powder with SPF 15

  • Travel Kabuki- Kabuki brush for Bronzing Powder Compact SPF 15 as a travel

  • Beauty Box Trio "Aqua Glow Bronzing" -Magnetic box for eyeshadows/blusher in limited design

  • Beauty Box Duo "Aqua Glow Bronzing" -Magnetic box for eyeshadows in limited design

  • Eyeshadows – duocrome

Powder eye shadows in iridescent duocrome colors 2 new colors

  • Eyeshadows – Pearl

Eyeshadows – pearl Powder eyeshadows in shimmery pearl shades

  • Eye Designer Applicator "Aqua Glow Bronzing" - Double-sided applicator pencil for the Eye Designer Refills in limited design

  • Eye Designer Refill - Refillable powder eyeshadow cartridges 6 new colors

  • Ceramic Nail Lacquer -Nail lacquer with patented ceramic nano particles 6 new colors

  • Lip Brilliance -Long-lasting lip gloss 2 new colors

  • Golden Shimmer - Illuminating Fluid -Fluid with gently simmering gold particles

  • High Protection Lip Stylo- Lip protection with SPF 30

  • Spray on Leg Foundation -Tanning spray for the legs

Available from March 2011

More information on website: / aqua-glow-bronzing /

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  1. oooh LOVE the look of this collection, im such a big Artdeco fan thanks for giving me a preview xx

  2. Awwwwww such pretty colors, I love everything in the collection! :D x

  3. Nice colors.I am a big fan of earthy tones myself:)


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