Friday, March 18, 2011

Affordable Find - Entrice Exclusive "Jumbo"Eye Pencils

Remember my Beautiful  attempt to create a look using silver eyeliner, Well i was so happy that most of you girls approved of it, and few wanted to know what silver liner i used . I had used
Entrice Enchanted Pencils

A girl can never have too many eyeliners. Right ? And eye pencils work good for as eyeshadow base/primer .

If you're on a budget and looking for a "jumbo eye pencils " and cant find the affordable ones then you must give them a try. I got it from my local market ,  I initially picked up the silver one but i went back and got the other shades.These pencils are so smooth, so smooth and creamy that if you press little harder the tip will smudge / bent / break  / smooshed a little.It glides on smoothly and without any trouble.

  • Silver is a bright and shiny silver with a metallic finish.
  • Olive is true olive with bit of gold undertone
  • Lilac is on the cool side , pale pink/lilac category 
  • Bronze brown as names suggest , is a bronze shade with gold/brown undertone (My favorite)

I use all of them mainly for the eyeshadow base. They are very creamy so they are prone to creasing , I will highly suggest using a good eye primer underneath them. You can also skip the eyeshadow , use an eye primer and you got your self an eye shadow and eye  liner all-in-one :)

What else i use them for ?!

I use the lilac and silver for highlight in the corner of the eyes,for the bones under the eye brows .

I sometimes use  bronze brown color to line my upper and lower lashes for more natural look when i dont feel like using black liner.

Now below are some swatches of few eyeshadow with and with out these pencils as an eyeshadow base.  I have used the Bronze brown pencil with sleek makeup eyeshadow in brown from the Storm i divine palette , I used the Silver for the silver eyeshadow from ELF brightening eyeshadow quad ,and lastly i used the loose green olive glitter with the olive eyeshadow pencil.

They didnt have any particular names but number on the side .

    Would i recommend them ? Yes and No , yes if you are new to makeup and cant afford to order online , or even you love experimenting like i do. No , if you have used better products and you have really oily lids.

    Price :  I dont remember exactly but less than 100 rs . maybe . Don't quote me on this. 

    Have you seen  Entrice Exclusive in your city ? 

    I will be reviewing the Sweet touch Sparking eye pencils in Purple and Teal which are an amaziing quality pencils and i am in love with them .  So stay tuned for the review 

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    1. I liked the sheen :) and hows the consistency of teh pencils? and staying power? I might try some :)

    2. The consistency is really creamy and soft. Staying power isnt so great due to creamy texture but i suggest using a primer underneath .


    ♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥