Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 5 Coastal Scents Picks

If you are regular Glossicious reader you would know i love to  treat myself with some coastal scents products every now and then. And i get so many emails requesting me recommend some of my favorite coastal scents products. So this post is ALL about my Top 5 Coastal Scents Picks.

Please remember this is only a recommendation/introduction/favorite post, The products mentioned in this post are some of the products which i already own and i  have reviewed some OR i will be rolling out reviews in coming month .

Coastal Scents Under Cover High Definition Foundation has arrived after 8 months of testing. A soft focus, flawless, natural finish is needed when under the scrutiny of a camera in HD. Our foundation applies with a light weight texture.  
With photography, film and live television using high definition focus, (meaning that the camera and monitor sees everything magnified), HD application has become a part of training for makeup artists in today’s industry. The colors need to stay consistent in all types of lighting, what does not work well in HD is sparkle and shine. Reach for matte bronzers, blush and shadows. 
UnderCover HD is not oil based or water based, it is non comedogenic, it does not clog pores. HD foundations use silicones, this creates a protective shield on the skin, allowing it to breathe and retain its natural moisture. Full Size Net Wt: 30ml – 1.0 fl oz, Sample: 3 grams

Prepare to be amazed by the astonishing results of CS Shadow Worx Eye Primer. Shadow Worx comes in an easy to squeeze gold tube with a slim release point, this allows for precise dispersement of product along with eliminating bacterial growth. This results when using a wand and pumping in air, you will find it easy to squeeze down to your very last drop, no waste.
Shadow Worx appears pearlescent and is champagne in color, it offers multi-functional uses with ease. Your shadows will apply smoothly like silk, blend well and dry quickly.  Your shadow will remain crease-free and vibrant all day, a matte effect is easily obtained when applying matte powders over the Shadow Worx. This also doubles as an eye shadow and high lighter! You can build to an opaque shade or keep it translucent depending on the coverage you would like to achieve.
 Apply a thin coat over the entire eye lid, let dry slightly and then apply your shadow. 


Full size for all over eye use, hand cut natural goat and pony hair, smooth seamless nickel plated ferrel.
I refuse to do my eyeshadows without this brush. This brush hands down is the best eyeshadow brush i have ever owned. I normally use this brush with my loose eyeshadow,pigments or mineral eyeshadow ,It's perfect for pressing eye shadow or pigments, means not for sweeping but pressing. It is  soft yet sturdy enough for perfect application and very dense, Picks perfect amount of eyeshadow.

This exclusive palette designed by Coastal Scents artistic team is only available at Coastal Scents. This 36 shade newly designed portable palette is going to be your next best friend. What makes this palette special is that it comes grouped into six divisible color spectrums, and each spectrum has six complementary shades. This gives you an infinite number of possibilities all in one palette.
The first section comes in golden oranges, rich browns & neutral highlighters
The second section is shades of vibrant greens with a touch of lemon and chocolate shades
The third section is rich with lavenders and a chocolate cherry shade. A surprise in this area comes in the top right color, because it looks pink/nude but is in fact a purple iridescent!
The fourth section is the silvery grey shades with a beautiful taupe shimmer.
The fifth section is vibrant blues with shimmery silver undertones.
The sixth section is delicate shades of pink with a bold black matte shadow with red sparkles. It also has another surprise shade which looks baby pink in the palette but comes in a lavender/white iridescent shimmer.

The same brush sold by the nations leading retailer at an affordable price!

This brush will give you an ultimate application, use with foundation, blush,shimmer powders, especially works wonders with veil & bronzer.

Made with natural  pony hair, hand cut for precision application. Set in a seamless nickel ferrule with wood handle. Made to last a lifetime with proper care and cleansing.

So these my top five picks, i really really wanted to add the black stippler brush which i got last year but it isn't available on the website so i dont want to mention something which you cannot purchase.Please let me know if you want me to continue with this Top 5  series

If you have any coastal scents favorites , comment below and let me know :)

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  1. Woww great picks!! The palette looks really pretty <3 :))

  2. Great Post,

    Even tho i love palettes etc i have never tried costal scents!!just never got round to getting any...the brush looks good tho!

  3. The colors look so pretty :d
    loved this palette


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