Saturday, February 12, 2011

Review- Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss

If you are anything like me and having a bad non makeup day , or a gloomy day , or a valentines day with out your hubby around then there is nothing better than a beautiful pigmented glitzy gloss to perk up the mood.

Check out the glorious shades
What is it :

Milani Cosmetics claims :New soft and brilliant Glitzy formula filled with super shiny polymers and the next
generation of pearls to create the illusion of 3D depth for fuller, sexier, looking lips.

Available in spectacular 7 shades.
  • Movie Star- dreamy sky blue
  • Fashion Diva - vibrant pop of fuchsia
  • Starshine - baby princess pink
  • Stylish - golden, sun kissed orange
  • Designer Label - peachy nude
  • In Vogue- bright cherry red
  • Leading Lady brownish, neutral red

I own five out seven and the colors that i own of Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss are so bold and there is nothing like them in my collection like them. I was so WOWed by them when i first saw them in my hands.
I own

  • Movie Star- : Movie Star is a pale blue with pink and lavender glitter.
  • Fashion Diva :Fashion Diva is a fuchsia (but like BAM ! super bright  one) pink/purple with purple and pink glitter.
  • Stylish-: Stylish is an orange color with gold and copper glitter
  • Leading Lady-: Leading Lady which is a berry color with pink and gold glitter
  • Designer Label-: Designer Label is a nude peach with gold and pink glitter.

Okay to be honest i cant stand fake chemically scents ( I am looking at you Luscious ultra shine lipglosses ) Milani lipglosses smell sweet almost cake kinds sweet, and i am happy ti report that i love the smell here ,I love the shine, I love the sparkles, and i even love the staying power.I cant even describe you that how gorgeous these looks on lips like you have million little stars sitting on your lips.
The texture is smooth and non sticky. They apply smoothly and pigmented but they payoff is on the sheer side, which in my opinion is good as who would want blue , orange , bright puple glittery lips, so the result is subtle , glitzy and gorgeous lips.The glitter is not griddy so they keep lips looking smooth.
 One more things i loved is the applicator,its a small brush, which I personally prefer than the wands.
Do you know how pain in the neck is to remove a glitter lipgloss , i mean when you wipe off the gloss , you end up with glitter all over the mouth area ?  But its not the case here, removal is easy.
Over all i a excited to have Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss in my collection . Infact super excited. And if you looking for something out of biz these are your best choice

P:S -Milani cosmetices have some close dupes  for the MAC Dazzleglasses , Like Milani's Summer Baby lip gloss is a dupe MAC's Nymphette lipglass

Availability :  CVS, Cherry Culture, or Milani 
Prices  : will vary, but range from $6.50 to $6.99.

Note: I am not doing any swatches here because they dont do a justice, i love my lip swatches so i will be doing that soon.

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  1. WOW, the colors are out of the world, pretty and so shiny :) can't wait to see the swatches.

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