Thursday, February 10, 2011

L'Oréal Pakistan announces their 2011 Brand Spokespeople

L’Oréal Paris Spokespeople in Pakistan for 2011!
Keeping in view their international brand tradition of engaging multi faceted personalities as their brand spokespeople, L’Oréal Pakistan announces their 2011 brand spokespeople:
  • Aamina Sheikh: sensational and much-admired acclaimed actress and model
  • Anoushey Ashraf: ‘the’ VJ turned HOT fashion designer
  • Meesha Shafi: coveted model, actress and rocking musician
  • Sabina Pasha: glamorous fashion model
An unprecedented combination of talent, beauty, glamour and contemporary perfection with the world’s number one beauty brand L’Oréal Paris, in collaboration with L’Oréal’s Creative Consultant Nabila, photographer par excellence Tapu Javeri and contemporary eclectic fashion icon – Ammar Belal .

We present the L’Oréal Paris Spokespeople in Pakistan for 2011!

Each of the models have been given a glamourous yet sophisticated look with specific attention to detail to the Beauty of the each spokesperson: eyes, lips and skin. 

Credits :
  • Models: L’Oréal Pakistan Spokespeople 2011: Aamina Sheikh, Anoushey Ashraf, Meesha Shafi and Sabina Pasha.
  • Designer: Ammar Belal
  • Styling and Creative Consultancy: Nabila
  • Photography: Tapu Javeri

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  1. I really like anoushey she is favourite,Meesha is looking pretty too love her makeup in this pic

  2. pretty ladies. my faves are Aamina and Anoushey

  3. wow...these ladies are so unknown in pakistan...i didnt even know their names till now...they should get some known spokeswomen in Pakistan!!

  4. Tired of the same faces! We need someone new and fresh :/


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