Friday, February 4, 2011

balmshell 's Bundle

So other day on twitter i got the good new that i won the balmshell 's Bundle contest which like awsome. Basically giveaway was about the signature lip glosses in bundles! Each collection contains 3 lip glosses that have been specifically paired by colour. Our lip glosses usually retail for $20.00 each, but with the purchase of one of these collections you get all three for only $39.99!

They were categorized as below
This giveaway not only includes these bundles PLUS a Ultimate Mini Lip Gloss Collection AND a matching Lip & Cheek Tint (a $104 dollar value) so BIG yayee to me.

I chose the Pink Bundle

If you are anything like us Balmshell girls, then you too must have EVERYTHING PINK! That is why we created this essential pink lip gloss combination. Starting with the deepest intensity Darling You Look Fabulous (a Sheer Cherry Pinkish-Red), to the medium You Give Me Fever (a "Rosy Cheek" Pink), and to the lightest and softest Shopaholic (a Baby Pink). All of these lip gloss colours lay flat and contain no shimmer or sparkle.
I was interested in the neutral ones but all the glosses were sheer and i like my glosses to be not sheer & usually creamy.
I have never tried balmshell products before so i am quite excited :)

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