Thursday, February 3, 2011

ArtDeco- Red Carpet Lips

Sensual, seductive lips for the red carpet! With the new Red Carpet Lips products it’s easy to re-create the celebrity look. The new red lipstick colors are individually tailored to blondes, brunettes and dark types, and make every woman the star of the evening!
With the Perfect Color Lipstick No. 04 "red desire" No. 07 "red carpet", the lips immediately catch the eye. No. 04 is particularly suitable for brunettes. more
The High Performance Lipstick No. 420 "femme fatale" is particularly suitable for the blond type, No. 422 "red coquette" for the dark-blond type of woman.

 I love red lips  and these are perfect for Valentines day,I will make sure to check these out when i am near any Artdeco Stand :)

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