Friday, February 4, 2011

Are you fudging Kidding me ?

Seriously i have NO problem if you take photographs from my blog and link it back BUT why the hell you would copy all the blog post and post in your blog ? are you crzy?
i hate when this happenes. I appreciate all the new pakistani bloggers but for GOD sake DONOT kill the fun. BE original and be creative dont take whole post from some one else's blog and clain it to be yours.
I posted on my fb page yesterday that blogger should get inspirations from each other but at least do not exactly copy their ideas but apparently some ppl took and twisted my status in whole different direction .
This girl or who ever she is, she asked/or someone volunteered for a guest post, she posted about luscious mascara but the problem is she used my photos and my content.Check the post here , 
Okay i understand that she might nor be aware of this fact that the content was mine BUT WHAT about the water marked pictures? she could've googled it and contacted me.BUT Nopes.
and my original post here

Any suggestion what shd i do now?We spend hours and hours in planning , thinking and taking picture and these kind of girls (so called bloggers) will take it from your blog.

Thank you sara for letting me know about this.

Edit: I contacted the blogger and she was kind enough to take down the post.Thank you for cooperating

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  1. people are idiots like that, this girl looks really young and probably doesn't understand. I don't see the post you linked to on her site, did she take it down? Hope so.

  2. @Justine
    This concerns me most , mostly new born pakistani bloggers are those who are after the "free stuff",there are some great ones too but this is totally unfair. I contacted her, she is atleast nice enough to take down the post

  3. you're right. we do spend HOURS in preparing our next post and people just copy/paste our stuff and publish right away without giving a second thought :( that is not fair.

    I think we should have a community or something like that for bloggers. Whenever this kinda stuff happens again, all bloggers should just beat the crap out of those cheaters/haters out there. :)

  4. and don't Thank me Sarah. It was my duty. :)

  5. @justine , apparently the post was for a giveaway and she won :P the original blogger told me she had no idea that it was photos or content . she is sorry :(

    @sara Yeah i am thinking we should do something as there are so many so calle bloggers around

  6. This is so wrong and unethical .You and Sara hassan are doing great work there is so much variety in your posts and they are about both local and international brands and above all they are original this has inspired so many girls, now everyone wants to have a blog but they are not creative so they just go for easiest way and steal other people's ideas and posts.Copy cats

  7. we totally support you Sarah ;)
    ..i hope this never happens again :(

  8. I agree! That is so sad. Girls / bloggers should be original atleast with their own posts or signs. We try to create our own style and think what to write according to our views. Everyone should be original. I'm happy you came to know :)

  9. oh my u shud hv just given her a nice kick in d butt!

  10. This has happened to me and it was one of my very own followers and I was like oh my gosh seriously?? You are so right so much planning and thought and time goes into editing writing and uploading these posts and for people to just steal them even with linking back it ruffles my feathers i'm like they do not respect blogging. I wish it didn't happen but unfortunatel there is no real way of stopping it if you find out a way let me know I think as a blogger oyu just take a chance with every post!!!


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥