Saturday, January 8, 2011

Palladio Rice Paper Powdered Blotting Tissues - Review

 What it is :A unique combination of oil-absorbing rice paper tissues with a light dusting of shine-controlling powders. due to product change: product actually contains 40 papers.
I have a combination skin , dry on cheek and oily T zone.It gets more oily in summers. I was shopping at Potpourri DHA,Lahore ,When i saw them at the time of checkout they werent displayed at the Palladio stand like other products. I believe Potpourri is the only place in Lahore which carries Palladio products. I have been using Palladio since 4 years.I mostly buy their lipglosses.Sadly this time the Palladio stand was bit empty. I saw Palladio Rice Paper Powdered Blotting Tissues on few months ago and i was drawn towards them. So when i saw them i instantly bought them.

BRAND: Palladio
PRODUCT:Rice Paper Blotting Tissues
PRICE: rs 295/-
Quantity: 40-Count
Color: Warm Beige

Available at : Potpourri DHA,Lahore
Would I Recommend? YES

Palladio Rice Paper Powdered Blotting Tissues comes in a compact flat box, which is so cute. The box gives a restro chinese feel. It contains of 40 sheets. The blotting sheets are packaged in a pull out in a tissue box design ,Very cute indeed.

How to use:
Use it as a carry-on and in-between make up corrector, finisher and refresher. Choose color as mentioned above for the proper skin shade.
The tissue comes with the Matte side (without powder) is for blotting to absorb the excess oils and the Powdered side is for finishing.It was available in two shades
Natural for all skin tones &
Warm Beige- for all darker skin tones.
I have observed that i only have to use once and my face looks matte and natural .I have got a big face ( yes ! i said it) so i find one sheet is enought for me but some may find one sheet so big or a waste. I only wish i had discovered them early in summers as i hardly need them these days but it will be hot & humid in Pakistan quite soon. I might pick up another pack on my next trip but i have also ordered Paul & Joe Blotting Paper which have 100 sheets so lets see. I will compare these two in summers.

 Overall : For me Palladio Rice Paper Powdered Blotting Tissues are clear winner! I love how small they are packaged so i can throw them in my bag when i go out or even in clutches.These are great oil blotting tissues.
I will  recommend Palladio Rice Paper Powdered Blotting Tissues  to the oily ladies out there.These could come very handy especially if you live in a warm and humid environment like me.

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  1. great review :) I have to get this ^ ^

  2. from where did u get it? from pakistan????

  3. @sara
    i highly recommend it

    I bought it from Potpourri DHA,Lahore

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  5. @Rakhshanda
    Thanks. I think i did join earlier when i commented , let me check :)

  6. These look amazing! I also want to try the Rice Powder



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