Saturday, January 29, 2011

NARS Lip Gloss Duos - Haul

We told you about this amazing sephora offer that Sephora had 4 different NARS Lip Gloss/ Lip Stain Duo , and one NARS Duo Lip Gloss for $1o only each,way back in December .I chose 3 out of 4  , the ones i ordered are Sayonara and Turkish Delight , Moon Fleet/ Indian Red and Kisses/ Pampa . and of course i had to ordered Nars lip gloss duo in Orgasm/ Hustler.

Picture can be enlarged for better viewing

Top to bottom - Orgasm/ Hustler lip gloss duo , Sayonara and Turkish Delight Lip Stain Duo ,Kisses/ Pampa Lip Stain Duo  & Moon Fleet/ Indian Red Lip Stain Duo

"Mother of all Hauls "

"In coming days , i will start posting  pictures / Sneak peek about my collective haul one by one which i have been ordering /shopping / collecting from last 4-5 months. There will be more pictures and less writing .They will include different brands , stores, online sites . So if you like reading what other people bought / Hauled lately like i do , i would highly recommend you to check back every day because trust me there is alot to share with you :) "

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  1. Its totally a bargain yaar.
    NARS DUO in just 10 $ :) amazing :)

  2. yeah aneela . cant express how happy i am . eek my first ever nars lipglosses

  3. WOW, these glosses are pretty :D WOW!! I can't take my eyes off. you Lucky gal! :D

  4. yeah sara , same here . They are gorgeous .


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