Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Its MAC , its Pink & its Fake

I usually , well mostly dont use fake cosmetics anymore. Yes there was time when i wasn't aware of the circumstances of using fake cosmetics .
Why are counterfeit cosmetics and beauty products so dangerous?
  • Fake cosmetics are made cheaply with no regard for safety standards put forth by the health and beauty industries.
  • Fake cosmetics & perfumes contain illegal substances [e.g. urine and antifreeze] that can cause serious allergic reactions.
  •  Counterfeit hair straightening devices and other electronics have been known to malfunction and even explode.
But to be honest i live in a country where we get fake brands more than the original ones. We are literally surrounded by them.Even our well known stores are stocked with Fake MAC,NARS ,CHANEL and etc .
I once bought a Chanel eyeshadow palette. I still love it. It is crazily pigmented and it has all the colors i would use. I never bought a fake makeup brand face product. I wont buy it, no compromise here . Its a promise to myself. Reason being that my skin is sensitive and i know i wont be able to tolerate the chemicals . But tell me how anyone can resist buying this ?

I saw it in my small town's departmental store. I told you we are surrounded by  fake cosmetics. Apparently its supposed to be a Beauty Powders from MAC Cosmetics Heatherette Collection which was launched in 2008 .
Here is the original product's photo

and here is fake version

 I fell in love the bright pink packaging and surprisingly mirror is quite good.  I bought only to keep it in my collection and use the mirror. I mean how cute it will look. its extremely girlish and cute. I am sure everyone will ask me where i got it from. If you dont mind using fake cosmetics , which i will advise you shouldn't , then this is fairly pigmented as well and comes with a low quality sponge which i threw in the dust bin right away.

Over all something pink , fun and cute to throw in my purse and use the mirror. :) It was only rs300 at my local store. If i get hold of a tutorial from where i can learn how i can replace the powder inside this compact with my MAC studio fix powder, i might do that . I seroiusly love the look of this pink compact. so adorable. no?

P:S its my own decision not to use fake cosmetics , I have no intentions on discriminating anyone by any means

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  1. i think rupees 300 was a hint that the product was fake. Mac is pricey!

  2. @msconversecrazy
    yup , and i already knew its fake, many reason like we dont have mac where we live + Heatherette collection :)

  3. The packaging is lovely...I'd be carrying it around just for that. Plus, the mirror is handy :)


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