Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Illamasqua lipstick Salacious - Review, Photos, Swatches

I am sure by now you all know that  Illamasqua  is one of my favorite brand. I love  Illamasqua lipsticks , they are bold , bright and pigmented .  My love affair with their lipsticks started when i got their lipstick in maneater , before that i was a nude/neutral lip color kinda gal. But  Illamasqua Maneater changed everything .

Now i prefer bold lips and i was damn excited when i saw Illamasqua salacious. The packaging of Illamasqua lipsticks are sleek ,sexy , shiny. It comes in a square tube with is glossy and black .

Illamasqua salacious is a beautiful raspberry red. Its the only lipstick on illamasqua website without any description at the moment and its out of stock as well.


Illamasqua lipsticks glides on smoothly and they are really pigmented. Illamasqua salacious is a matt lipstick so dont forget to exfoliate and moisturize lipstick prior to applying or it can settle into fine lines.This is one layer of Illamasqua salacious.

with maxfactor silkgloss in pink satin

BRAND: .Illamasqua
PRODUCT: .illamasqua Lipstick
PRICE: $22 , Illamasqua website £15.50 , £15.00
Color/Shade: Salacious
PROS: Pigmented, Smooth, Packaging
CONS: Not for those who don't appreciate matt lipsticks
Would I Recommend? YES 

 I am loving bright lips with neutral smoky eyes . Do you prefer neutral lips or bold? whats your  favorite Illamasqua lipstick ?

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  1. Woww such a pretty shade...Looking great on you Sarah:))I do love matte lippies and this looks perfect as it is not very dark too.

  2. you should put your full picture sarah. i love it.

  3. I's a very flattering red. I love how it looks on you. :))

  4. Hey sara thats a gorgeous color! I have a question for you. Do you know about any website that carries full range of drugstore brands like and ships to Pakistan??

  5. @Rakhshanda
    thanks , soon i will post my full pic soon
    thank sweetheart
    full range ? hmph not any i am aware of.

  6. LOVE the color and you look absolutely pretty in this color :) thanks for sharing Sarah

  7. Salacious was my first Illamasqua lipstick, and I LOVE it!
    It is the perfect neutral raspberry red - so flattering on me, as I'm NW15; brunette; green eyes.
    Since buying Salacious, I've also acquired Atomic (bright magenta), Box (deep red), Magnetism ( the more subdued cousin of Salacious, and my least favorite), and Eurydice (blindingly bright hot pink).
    I think Salacious and Atomic are my favorites.
    I only wish Illamasqua products were less expensive and easier to obtain here in the U.S. That overseas shipping can bite!
    It's worth it, though.

  8. I love bold lips, with taupes, browns, or greys on eyes.
    I'm blessed with large eyes, good skin, and well-shaped lips, so I can pull off "done" eyes *and* lips.
    I'm really enjoying the current bold lips trend - it means there are so many great choices out there!


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