Friday, January 21, 2011

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L106 - Review, Photos &, Swatches

 Check out my review on Ellis Faas Milky lips here . Today i will be reviewing Ellis Faas creamy lips. says :Creamy Lips offers the most cover when applied and is a great lipstick which really helps to define your lips. It feels soft and velvety and, thanks to a special blend of lightweight oils, not only hydrates your lips but gives them the appearance of being fuller.
The applicator is a so called showerhead (2nd picture) and is most suitable for this texture, for ease of applying and creating the best effect.
All ELLIS LIPS products are lightweight, long-lasting and extremely easy to apply. They all contain Vitamin E and are paraben-free. All the textures in the ELLIS LIPS collection are liquid, so they immediately blend into the skin on application – making them non-sticky!

The packaging of Ellis Faas is pretty much same. They come is beautiful expensive looking silver packaging.Ellis faas lipsticks packaging looks like silver pens. I love taking them out of my bag and ask my male cousins or brother if they can guess what it is ? and their answer is always same:pen ? LOL . I love doing this. ;)
The applicator is a brush one unlike the milky lips one which had a brush applicator. I will highly suggest that you clean the applicators after using them to keep them clean.
Ellis Faas Creamy Lips are one of the most pigmented lipsticks i have tried. You can sheer it out if you want with a finger or a lip brush but i prefer using it directly from the tube .I have naturally pigmented lips so i dont prefer sheer lip products. Ellis Faas lip products are just perfect for me.The texture is really creamy and non sticky. It applies like a dream and  moisturizing as well.

sorry about the quality of picture , it was taken in a crappy weather and with a crappy samsung camera
BRAND: Ellis Faas
PRODUCT: Ellis Faas Creamy Lips
€ 25 / UK£ 21 / US$ 35 
Color/Shade: Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L106
PROS: Pigmented, Smooth & creamy texture,sleek Packaging
CONS: bit pricy for some , not easily available
Would I Recommend? YES  in some other shade

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