Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DMGM Photo finish concealer - Photos & Swatch

I believe applying concealer is a mandatory tep in my makeup ritual. I have a perfect right side of my facr but leftie is bit problematic with few dark spots and open pores.I must say i dont have dark circle problem but lack of sleep , sitting in front of tv or in my case my rusty old laptop can do some hard . I have few concealers in my collection brands like art deco, elf, korres, luscious. I love my artdeco camouflage concealer but it got hard in winters that i sometimes have to warm it up by putting it in my underarms( no kidding) . 
I went shopping with mom yesterday , my city is a small southern town with no higher end brand , infact let me correct no drugstore brands around. Imagine my excitement when i saw a DMGM stand and i spotted DMGM Photo finish concealer.

 What it is :

Taken from DMGM website : Photo finish concealer gently conceals dark circles, imperfections, and is ideally suited to all skin types. It gives an even and longlasting result, without drying the skin. Easy application and uniform coverage ensures greater adherence on both, eye shadow and eye pencil and helps your make up last longer as well.

There were all 4 shades available. I was really interested in buying shade 4 which is dark beige. But it was tad darker and i wanted something for under eyes, something which can give some brightening effect, I have heard that under eye concealer should be two shades lighter than your skin tone. So i got shade 2 , which is linen .
Shades available are 
  • 01- Porcelain
  • 02-Linen 
  • 03-Peach
  • 04- dark beige

BRAND: DMGM cosmetics ( http://www.dmgmcosmetics.com)
PRODUCT: DMGM Photo finish concealer
PRICE: rs 620/-
Color/Shade: 02-Linen

So this was the introductory post , will be reviewing it soon. :) as i just got it yesterday so i would test it for few days.
Do you use concealers? which is your favorite brand?

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  1. Sounds like a good one. My favorite concealer is from Inglot.

  2. i have this concealer and it sits idly in my driver never to be used again except for priming my eyelids! application seems okay but i dont like its illuminating qualities. Also when applied and even when set with powder on top, it looks unblended and kinda off.

    worse, i bought this for my farewell and in all my pictures my under eyes appear clearer than ever and in white patches! mayb its the concealer itself or it has titanum oxide which gives it this quality (i dont know because i threw my case and it doesnt state ingredients on the website)

    but im waiting for your review, especially how the concealer looks in pictures


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