Thursday, January 13, 2011

Coastal Scents Flat Mineral Bronzer Buffer Large brush- Review

When i want to buy any makeup brush , esp face brushes there is only one place i always go COASTAL SCENTS  .There are many reasons for that including affordable prices and international shipping. If you read my blog you would know that i had couple of lost packages issues last year and there was time when i stopped shopping online but I never ever had any issues with coastal scents orders.
Most of my brushes are from coastal scents and i absolutely love their Coastal Scents Undercover HD Foundation . Today i will be reviewing Coastal Scents Flat Mineral Bronzer Buffer Large brush. says : This brush will give you an ultimate application, use with foundation, blush,shimmer powders, especially works wonders with veil & bronzer.Made with natural  pony hair, hand cut for precision application. Set in a seamless nickel ferrule with wood handle. Made to last a lifetime with proper care and cleansing.
I really like the Coastal Scents Flat Mineral Bronzer Buffer Large brush. It really feels so soft on my face. The size is just perfect for buffing. When i bought it, i was going through a flat top brushes phase , i had intentions of using it for mineral and liquid foundation like i sometimes use my ELF powder brush , but instead i feel its perfect for bronzer.
Recently i have started using it for contouring. I got the idea from Kandee jhonson's video on how to contour your face / cheekbones.

The Bristles of this brush are densely packed and very soft.The bristles are so evenly cut at the top where as if compared to ELF powder brush's bristels which are more spread out.I have tried using mineral foundations , liquid foundations , bronzer and pressed powders with it and it blends everything so easily and i dont have to put extra effort into anything. I have washed it many times since i got it last year and i haven't noticed any shedding.

Above is the comparison of Coastal Scents Flat Mineral Bronzer Buffer Large and ELF powder brush.

BRAND: Coastal Scents
PRODUCT: Coastal Scents Flat Mineral Bronzer Buffer Large
Where to buy
Repurchase: I think this brush is gonna last me quite a long time.

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  1. This looks great, i need some more bigger brushes and so will be getting this one soon. Thanks for the review it was very helpful xx

  2. Nice review Sarah...these look nice:)

  3. Thanks for the review Sarah, I already own this brush, but never used it!



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