Friday, November 26, 2010

Whew… life has been so busy lately

I don't know where to start this Post ! My life has been so busy.
We're all really busy these days with few weddings coming up next few weeks, which are taking place out of city so we will be traveling a lot.
I have my own wedding (ruksati) to plan in spring 2011, that would be in i guess April or may.
I am finding it hard to take out time for commenting ,reviews, photos and blog with every passing day .To be honest i dont think i have left enough energy for that. I am glad that i have a loving family and husband to support me with my blogging :) 
I will tell you how in a month's time :)
I have been gone crazy by ordering so many thing last week, so i need to stop it .
My list is a work in process so if there is something you would like to see  or want me to review please let me know. I will try to blog as much as i can , rest assured i will be reading ally my favorite blog from my mobile Google reader

Its not like that i wont be blogging BUT it wont be as regular as it used to be. I will be posting as much i can. :)

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Eid-E-Ghadir Mubarik -18th Zilhajj

I dont know if i have any shia readers but i always do a post about eids, new years and anything and everything so this is the time when  I wish heartedly congrats to all momineen and mominaat on this blissful occasion.  

The 18th of Dhul-hijjah is a very important day in the calendar of the followers of the Ahlul-Bayt, (A.S.).

If you want to know what is eid Ghadder, read below

On 18th Zilhijjah of the year 10 A.H. (10 March 632 CE) ,after completing the last pilgrimage ,the Holy Prophet(pbuh) along with around 100,000 Muslims reached a place called 'Ghadir-e-khumm' near Mecca. The following verse was revealed :Quran 5:67] O Messenger! deliver what bas been revealed to you from your Lord; and if you do it not, then you have not delivered His message, and Allah will protect you from the people; surely Allah will not guide the unbelieving people.
On receiving the above verse, the Holy Prophet stopped at that very place & delivered a speech an extract of which is :-[....It seems the time has approached when I shall be called away (by Allah) and I shall answer that call. I am leaving for you two precious things and if you adhere to them both, you will never go astray after me. They are the Book of Allah and my Progeny, that is my Ahlul Bayt. The two shall never separate from each other until they come to me by the Pool (of Paradise)." Then the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in an attempt to remind Muslims of his own authority over them said: " Do I not have more right over the believers than what they have over themselves? " Muslims answered unanimously " Yes, O' Messenger of God ". This served as a stepping stone for the announcement of his hier and vicegerent. The Holy Prophet(pbuh) held out the hand of Ali(as) and said: " For whoever I am his Leader (mawla), 'Ali is his Leader (mawla)." The Holy Prophet then continued to say: " O' God, love those who love him, and be hostile to those who are hostile to him."] ..Click here for Complete Ghadir Sermon(Khutba)
This day is also known as 'Ahad e-Mahood' in the heavens & as 'Meethaq-e-Maakoodh' on the earth