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Makeup Support Skin Perfecting System Try Me Tote - Review

I received a rather lovely package from Aesthetic Artistry. It was a Starting over tote . 
Create a perfect canvas for beautiful makeup every time - an ultra-smooth, poreless surface for makeup that stays fresh throughout the day. This simple system preps and perfects your skin in just seconds, delivering an ultra-smooth, seemingly poreless com

The kit contains ,
Cleanse :
  • Instant Eye makeup dissolving Fluid
Prep :
  • Equalizing Serum
  • AHA/vitamin C eye cremeGel
  • Perfect skin line diffusing emulsion
Set and Revive :
  • Herbal vitamin mist
I have been using some of the products and i think i am ready to share my thoughts.

Purlieu2 Instant Eye Makeup Dissolving Fluid

What it is
Gently wipe away every trace of eye makeup in seconds with this fast-acting, oil-free formula strengthened with natural cleansers from the succulent desert Yucca tree. Hydrating Algae and calming Plant extracts soothe the sensitive eye area, leaving it comfortably hydrated without an oily afterfeel. 

This formula does not contain oils, sulfates, synthetic colorants, synthetic fragrance or formaldehyde-releasing preservatives

 This is such a good makeup remover. I usually shake the bottle, open the lid and soak the cotton ball in it, and it removes eye makeup so easily. It doesn't give me panda eyes and No rubbing hard.
It won't leave a greasy feeling behind, and what i loved most is that it doesn't irritate or sting my very sensitive skin and eyes. I like my eye makeup removers to be gentle and with no weird chemical smell , i am a faithful user of  Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover. But i have started to like this baby too.

  • Dissolves even the most stubborn eye makeup in seconds
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • Won’t leave eye area feeling oily
  • Can apply makeup immediately after cleansing eye area
  • Fragrance-Free. Oil-Free. Ophthalmologist-Approved. Safe with contact lenses.
    Purlieu2 AHA Vitamin C Eye CremeGel
The hyberation of a gel, the luxurious richness of a cream, this advanced cremeGel formula delivers both. Plus Vitamin C & E and AHAs in cell-targeted liposomes.Diminishes the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and discourages formation if lines in future .Green tea and licorice soothe.
It is suitable For Dry, Mature, Sun Damaged, AHA-Treated Skin Types.
What it does: Neutralizes the aging effects of sun and the environment. Diminishes appearance of fine lines around eyes and discourages the formation of lines in the future. 

Its an Oil free, fragrance free and sensitivity tested.Its Ophthalmologist approved for use around eyes

I am in my late 20s and i think its the right time to start with Anti aging products  ,Anti aging are everywhere nowadays.I believe one should absolutely think about taking measures to prevent wrinkles when you're in your 20s.One of the first areas to show signs of aging, the skin around the eyes needs extra hydration even if the rest of your face doesn't.
I have sensitive and dry skin when i started using this, so i has to be careful , i started slow. It didnt stink or irritate my skin infact ut has this pleasant cooling effect.. Refreshing. It has a light texture which absorbs quickly. I dont use it daily , but i use this 2-3 times a week
however, effects of each anti-wrinkle cream vary,for some people it even takes more than 1 year or few weeks to see effects. I am still using it so i will let you know if i see any results.

AHA Vitamin C Eye CremeGel has quite alot of benefits including few below

  • Visibly smoothes fine lines and other signs of sun damage
  • Helps re-firm aging skin above and below eyes
  • Instantly hydrates to reduce crepiness due to dryness
  • Helps prevent new lines from forming, slows loss of firmness
  • Begins working immediately - effects improve dail
Purlieu2 Perfect skin line diffusing emulsion

What it is ? Instantly perfect skin's texture, visibly often the edges of harsh lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores, and mute reddened skin tones (even the redness of rosacea), with this fast acting, age-hiding formula.

What does it do ?Revolutionary soft-light diffusion technology makes it possible: Three Dimensional Holographic Molecules reflect light away from skin, giving a radiant smoothness to even the roughest surface; optic micro-lenses soften harsh skin tones, visibly muting uneven color, redness and other discolorations. Skin looks as if it is being viewed through a camera's soft-focus lens.

So if i have summon it in one word, i would go for "Primer(?)". I got the Travel Size Squeeze Bottle, which is perfect for someone like me who is traveling like every month , and you only need a little.You only need a medium size pearl over moisturizer and sunscreen. I usually moisturize my face and apply it all over and wait for few mins to let it sink in , before applying foundation.If you want ultra-smoothness, apply over Equalizing Serum (allow serum to absorb before applying Perfect Skin Line-Diffusing Dmulsion).

Tip: Mix one pearl of Perfect Skin Line-Diffusing Emulsion into sunscreen to reduce shine

Purlieu2 Herbal vitamin mist

I've wanted a facial mist from quite some time, we dont have  MAC's Fix+ available in pakistan but wanted a cheaper alternative, so when I was sent this Purlieu2 Herbal vitamin mist , i was quite delighted.

Benefits of Purlieu2 Herbal vitamin mist:
  • Refreshes and cools instantly
  • Comforts dry skin on contact
  • Reactivates moisturizers within seconds
  • Hydrates dry hair; revitalizes natural curl
  • Sets and revives makeup throughout the day
  • Take anywhere dryness is a problem: sports, travel, in the car, in the office
Pakistani weather is mostly hot and humid for 8-9 month out of 12. Sometimes its good to have a Vitamin mist in handy for quick touch ups. Its doesnt only works for makeup but also works well with hair .Sometimes when i was in hurry and i wanted a extra boost after applying foundation , l, I just spray it on and it makes it look so much more natural and fresh.
 Suggested Use:                                                        
Close eyes. Press mist pump firmly 1-3 times over face or hair.
Facial Procedure: Spray Herbal Vitamin Mist over skin after cleansing, extraction and masque removal.
Makeup Procedure: Spray evenly over skin, whenever dry, flaky patches and signs of uneven makeup application are visible. Sets make up – mist over makeup to revive color throughout the day.
For Dry Hair: Spray to refresh and moisturize dry hair and revive natural curl.

I also experimented it with my eyeshadow , I sprayed it on  my makeup brushes and it gives eyeshadow a beautiful foiled look.I kept it in my fridge as it still quite warm in Pakistan.
It smells herb-ally , which is quite refreshing  and the mist is super fine.

Over all i am very pleased with the products i have tried so far. They were unique and effective. Excellent for all skin types, however, particularly recommended for people with the following skin care challenges: puffy eyes, large pores, dry/mature skin, red uneven tone, dehydrated skin.
Try me tote includes:
(1) - 1 fl oz - Instant Eye Makeup Dissolving Fluid;
(1) - 0.25 fl oz - Equalizing Serum;
(1) - 0.25 fl oz - Perfect Skin Line Diffusing Emulsion;
(1) - 1 fl oz - Herbal Vitamin Mist;
(1) - 5 ml - AHA/Vitamin C Eye Creme Gel

You can purchase all of the above products from here

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Coastal Scents Brilliant Deal + New Palette & My order

Coastal Scents Brilliant Deal 

I would suggest to go with $10 off $ 50 , because only you will be getting $10 off, but you will be getting FDX Ground delivery  - FREE!with in USA. Cool
Thats what i am going for. As i already had a $25 gift voucher
So  $10 off $ 50 = $40 -$ 25 =Total : $15.35

What i am getting??

Destiny Kabuki On A Stick
Item#: BR-240
1 $5.95 $5.95
Shadow Worx Eye Shadow Primer
Item#: MM-EP03
1 $14.95 $14.95
Angle Blush Brush
Item#: BR-224
1 $4.50 $4.50
88 Metal Mania Palette
Item#: PL-015
1 $24.95 $24.95

 and new Think Pink Palette , initially i wanted to get this but I thought about it and i realized i will hardly use these eyeshadows. I am a dark smoky eye look kinda girl. so i passed it but it a beautiful palette.

 Will you be taking advantage e of this offer?

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Deborah Lippmann - Shades Available (Pakistan)

 Deborah Lippmann is available in many shades and more at The Square- Complete collection!

Bitches Brew (spell of mulberry fantasy)
Lady is a Tramp (classic sanguine red)
Makin' Whoopee (clean modern opalescent rose)
...My Old Flame (classic true red)
Nefertiti (micro fine golden frost)
Night and Day (sheer milky beige)
Prelude to a Kiss (sheer misty pink)
Satin Doll (sheer silvered beige)
Secret Love (silvered dusty rose)
Stardust (millennium platinum frost)
A Whiter Shade of Pale (translucent snowflake)
Pop Life (punch drunk pink)
I Dreamed You (Starry opalescent pink)
My Romance (Hanky panky pink)
Daytripper (pink melon melange)
Just Walk Away Renee (Berry black cherry)
No More Drama (Sultry golden caramel)
Sarah Smile (Sheerest, sexiest pink)
Hit Me with Your Best Shot

 Sarah Smile was made for Sara Jessica Parker

and Making Whopee for Whoopee G

SATIN DOLL was created for Mariah Carey.

Price:one color for Rs. 1375 You can get free shipping if you buy 2 nail polishes.

Okay so ( Deborah Lippmann website price is $16-$20.00).So after conversion , i guess prices are pretty reasonable.

You can buy these : from THE SQUARE located in Lahore at 10 Q, Gulberg.
I know which shades i want , and will be buying as soon as i go to Lahore ,which arent available as we read this.

party in a bottle (glitter) 
 putty-liscious gray (creme)

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Most Important Beauty Tips for Pakistani Bride

Experience the freshness of glowing skin on your wedding day.

The wedding season is in full swing with all its excitement, beauty tips and pleasure. Girls got so much indulged in the midst of all the marriage related activities that they hardly give time to adopt important beauty tips and beneficial bridal beauty tips that can do wonders in their bridal look. If you really want to look good and fresh on your wedding day, these bridal beauty tips are essential for you.
When it comes to bride and bridal beauty tips, most of us only focus on the Wedding and Walima day, when we thought makeup and beauty tips will cover all our spots, dark circles and dull skin. However, girls forget the importance of early marriage days, when these beauty tips will actually work for them to make their skin look fresh and healthy.
Wedding day is not the only day when you have to look beautiful by using these beauty tips. In fact, by these easy beauty tips you will feel difference in your skin texture and freshness. The most important amongst all bridal beauty tips is to drink a lot of water minimum before two months before your wedding. By following this beauty tips, you will maintain the hydration of your skin, keeping it supple and soft.
Drinking minimum 10 glasses of water every day is among best beauty tips to control your stress level that you will be experiencing as the wedding date will be coming near. No beauty tips and treatment will work for you if your skin is not hydrated properly.
To attain a healthy glowing skin on your wedding, the best amongst the bridal beauty tips is the three steps procedure, which all of the girls can easy follow. These three steps are:
  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Moisturizing

Cleansing is the most important and vital among the beauty tips, as without cleansing any expensive cream or mask will do no good to your skin. Before 2 months of your wedding, try these easy beauty tips to make it a routine to cleanse your face with a non-alcoholic cleanser every morning and before going to bed. By adopting our beauty tips you will definitely feel the difference in your face and skin, as cleansing will remove all the dirt and excessive oils that are harmful for your skin.
Toning is the next step to attain the benefits of our bridal beauty tips. After cleaning your face, dip a cotton ball in a non-alcoholic toner and apply it all over your face and neck. If you cannot buy toner to follow these beauty tips, you can achieve same effects by using rose water.
After toning, the third part of our beauty tips is to moisturize your skin with some good brand crème that suits your skin type.
Along with these bridal beauty tips, always wear sunblock SPF 15 or SPF 30, 20 mins before going out for shopping. You will find these little and easy beauty tips
more than beneficial from expensive beauty salons treatments.

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Ishq Gumshuda - Hum TV Sarwat Geelani inspired Eye makeup

I am such a big fat coach potato
  *n. Slang
A person who spends much time sitting or lying down, usually watching television.*
 If i am not using my laptop then i am watching or browsing through my dishtv channels. Its very rare that i would watch a full episode of Pakistani/Indian dramas, but i love observing their fashion and makeup.
My mom was watching a Hum tv drama "Ishq Gumshuda" and i was really impressed with serwat geelani's makeup, it was right up my alley, with dark , classic black smoky eyes and almost natural glossy lips but not concealer kinda nude, defined contoured strong cheek bones, defined dark eyebrows and natural rosy cheeks.

its the best pic,google wil search for me

I so wanted to try her look , i know i dont have stunning bone structure.
so here is what i came up with

I used 
Korres Wild Rose Foundation , 
Elf under eye concealer and highlighter 
Cheeks :Mineral Wear™ Talc-Free Mineral Blush in Blushing Glow
Contour with Benefit Dallas
Eyes: Coastal Scents Gel liner in true black as base  
ELF drama eye pot in Black 
Elf drama eyeshadow pot in white 
MAC eyeshadow in beauty marked
Benefit Bad gal mascara
Hashmi Kajal stick
Lips: Carlo di roma BLACK LABEL LIPSTICKno 13 * Beautiful lipstick*

What do you think? yay or nay?

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