Friday, September 10, 2010

Eid Mubarik !!!

I am away , for Eid on sep11 with my family and relatives,will be back in a week.

 Eid Mubarak to all of Muslim community in every part of the world

 Eid ul-Fitr (Arabic: عيد الفطر ‘Īdu l-Fiṭr‎), often abbreviated to Eid, is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting (sawm). Eid is an Arabic word meaning "festivity", while Fiṭr means "break-fasting"; and so the holiday symbolizes the celebration of break-fasting after completing the fasting of the entire month of Ramadan (calendar month). The first day of Eid, therfore, is the first day of the month Shawwal that comes after Ramadan.

I am mostly hyper and excited on chaand raat ,Chand Raat occurs the night before Eid day celebrations commence.
Dawn the next day is witness to families scurrying around in the hustle-bustle of decking themselves up for going out to Eid prayer at the local mosque or prayer ground. Water pumps roar into action after the pre-dawn Fajr prayer, as everyone wants to take a shower before wearing their special, new Eid clothes and shoes.

Many special sweet dishes are made this day , one of e special dishes made  isby mixing dates and milk, which is cooked till one-fourth of the original quantity is left in an open pan. Sheer Khurma is served along with sweet wheat noodles. Shops too are full of various sweets. Many sweetshop owners sell their special dishes. Most of these sweets consist of goat meat mixed with Khoya and khurma.

 Eid is an important event for Muslims. In the celebration of Eid, men, women and children need to look their best. People want to wear new dresses.
Girls wear  Mehndi (Henna) And Bangles (Choorian).

One of the main feature of Eid Celebrations in Pakistan is decor of Mendhi (or Mehndi)  by women of all ages. It is the application of Henna as a temporary form of skin decoration in South Asia,

Almost the entire day is spent visiting relatives, neighbors, and family friends. 

Have a safe , happy and beautiful Eid Day

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Korres Lip Butters - Swatches, Review and Photos

Today I present to you Korres Lip butters in Mango , Jasmine & Pomegranate.

Recap :I have already review Wildrose lip butter here 
and Pomegranate lip butter here

What it is

A buttery balm that melts onto the lips and cheeks for a pretty touch of color.

Ultimate lip treatment with intensely hydrating formulas, packed with a juicy pop of color
• Shea Butter’s anti-inflammatory and potent moisturising benefits cushion the skin and help to restructure it
• Rice Wax helps to seal in hydration, leaving the lips smooth all day 

What does it do

Korres Lip Butter gives lips a lovely, shiny finish and offers a natural flush when applied to the apples of the cheeks. Its shea-butter infusion conditions and heals lips and provides a softening touch to the skin.

Flavor/ Shades Available


(sheer neutral pink)

(sheer peach)

(sheer rose)

(sheer lavender berry)

(sheer coral)

Wild Rose
(sheer deep red)     

What i loved about korres lip butter is that it doesn't have the waxy feeling,
It  made my lips so soft and i couldn't stop rubbing my lips together.
If your lips are flakey, be sure to exfoliate your lips thoroughly before applying this lip butter.
This lip butter does have a tint and fruity taste which I don’t mind in fact i loveeeee it..Really addictive  , but, if not to your liking , think its moisturizing effects are still worthwhile. I apply Mango to my cheeks if I want a sheer natural bright glow .
Smell :
Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine smells and tastes almost like caramel
Mango : has a light scent of mango which i find pleasant quite summery & mango-ish smell
Wild Rose :The smell is lovely too but very subtle ,beautiful rose smell which is not very over whelming.It doesn't feel sticky at all
Pomegranate : It faint but It smells sort of like sour candy


You can buy it from  ,

Disclaimer : I was sent Korres Lip butters by the company /PR for the consideration, Although Pomegranate was bought by me

Korres is one if my favorite brand,have you tried any of Korres Lip butters?
which one is your favorite ?

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Louis Vuitton,Swarovski,Dior,Estee lauder - Its not a Haul

My daddy is the best daddy in the world, not that he loves us more than anything but also he has got ahmazinng expensive taste.
Thats what he bought for me from his recent trip abroad. He is always spoiling his children
Isn't it the best day or what?

I am leaving for my farm house where i will be celebrating eid day with my grandmother ( Nani ama ) , and uncle so these pictures were taken from mobile , when i come back i will post pictures of stuff inside these in details.
Rouge Dior - Trio Collection Voyage
Lipstick are shade No. 568 Pink Scene , VIP Pink No. 365  and 434 Rose interview

Estee lauder The Makeup Traveller set 
The Makeup Traveller set contents are: one Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara in Black; one Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick in Cocoa Rose; two Signature Silky Eyeshadow Duos in Pink Dusk and Plum Sugar; and one Tender Blush in Nude Rose.

Celine Dion Sensational Perfume

a miniature Christian Dior perfume set (Miss Dior Cherie, Dolce Vita, J'adore, Midnight Poison, Dior Addict Shine).

and a beautiful swarovski pendant which is exclusive to signapore airlines

and Last but not the least , as i saved the best for last 

Louis Vuitton Alma


 A true Louis Vuitton icon, the Alma looks chic and feminine in understated Damier canvas. Its elegant curved shape, shiny golden brass details and smooth leather trimmings embody classic city style.

Size (LxHxD): 12.8" x 9.4" x 6"

-Leather key tag
-Double zip with padlock closure
-Optional shoulder strap
-Wide opening for easy access
-Interior patch and phone pockets
-Textile lining
-Protective bottom studs

 and i am sure i wont be hauling for a long - long time.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Illamasqua Commissions Short Film Starring Actress Vicky McLure

Recently, Illamasqua commissioned some films featuring the beautiful actress Vicky McLure from THIS IS ENGLAND, a film by Shane Meadows that won numerous awards for its raw, honest portrayal of the skinhead subculture.

One of the UK's hottest talents and star of Shane Meadow's iconic, multi-award winning British film 'This is England', Vicky McClure, is officially Illamasqua's new leading lady.

Illamasqua Founder Julian Kynaston shares with us, “we are a British professional brand, and I see it as only respectful that we support British professional acting talent. I was instantly attracted to Vicky when she appeared as Lol in Shane Meadows’ multi award winning film ‘This is England’, a film that focuses on the lives of a group of skinheads in 1980s Britain.

”Vicky's portrayal took the viewer way beyond the pre-conceived and overt racist stigma that the skinhead movement has been sadly tagged with. Whilst right wing elements did attach themselves to this particular culture the film educated us that the skinhead fashion had its roots firmly embedded in black music and culture. In the film Lol quite simply' doesn't see colour' and for us as a brand this is so important. All Youth cultures get pre-judged and pigeon holed wrongly....wearing make-up makes others pre-judge you, often wrongly - especially if you are a man. We loved the way Vicky acted a role that smashed these pre-conceptions. For that she is our muse.”

Having previously worked with legendary film director, Shane Meadows, and queen of music herself, Madonna, Vicky is the muse and star of three beautiful short films specially commissioned by Illamasqua. The first in the series, 'Poem', launched today, is a poignant portrayal of Vicky's transformation into her alter-ego through the art of making-up.

What Vicky has to say:
‘When Julian Kynaston approached me to work with the brand, it was something new; I had never done this kind of work before. What I love about Illamasqua is that there is a bigger story and a bigger attraction. Their affiliation with the S.O.P.H.I.E charity means there is an emotional connection. This is a story that needs to be heard. On set I was impressed at how easy Spob [Illamasqua’s Head of Professional Development and leading Film and TV make-up artist] was able to transform me into the various alter egos. Each look helped me get into character. I was amazed by the products staying power, how easy they were to apply, how the colours are so vibrant and I love the packaging. I hope Illamasqua gets the attention it deserves.’

To read more on why Illamasqua chose Vicky McClure, read the full news article at

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Ramadan & Makeup

 Ramadan is alsmot over , its like 26th Fast , Eid preparation is on the peak , maybe not like past years due to unfortunatue incident of worst Flood in Pakistan;s History. I was browsing , and came up with this wonderful article here , so i wanted to share it with you girls

Ramadan is the month of countless blessings, joy and to rejuvenate your inner beauty. Ramadan is not just a month of spirituality and holiness, but also a month of extra work especially for women. With constant juggling between the household chores, preparing feasts and doing religious rituals, a woman neglected her own self especially from her health and makeover side.
Makeup and make over are purely the women business. Every woman has an inner desire to look good, beautiful, different and young ever. For this, the women do every possible thing from skin care to makeup techniques. Gone were the days when women only used to wear/apply a fairness cream, a kohl and a herb to clean , color and shine their teethes. Now are the days when women try to do all that things which make them more beautiful, charming, smart, stylish and gorgeous.
They spend a huge budget on makeup accessories and also go off and on to the beauty salons to enhance their beauty. As the Holy month of Ramadan has started the duties & responsibilities of every woman become doubled. They not only have to take care of their home, spouse and children, but also need extra care for themselves as well. Almost every woman during Ramadan gives extra attention & time to their kitchen activities & thus neglects their own health & over all make over.
Being a centre and focal point of your home you need t put an extra effort on yourself too because your health counts a lot. If you are healthy and fit your home automatically will become healthy happy and fit.
This Ramadan special article, we put special focus on some easy growing and modish makeup tips for you women. By using them you can enhance your beauty & over all looks.
Basic tips during Ramadan:
  • Keep your skin clean and healthy: the first step before applying any makeup is clean and healthy skin. The better your skin’s texture and color, the less makeup you will need. Skin that is clear, healthy and even in tone allows you to wear less makeup because you don’t need it! Cleanse tone, moisturize, and apply eye cream.
  • Keep all makeup matte and muted: This means no shimmers, sparkles, or false lashes.
  • Apply light things: Apply a light coverage -concealer, foundation and powder.
  • Use matte blush on: Apply a blush that makes you look youthful and healthy. A matte peach, pink, or skin-color blush is great.
  • Apply nude lip colors: Apply a creamy nude color of lipstick in this Ramadan and get a new look. Blushing Nude is actually a very light, nude lip color, but on paper it looks super dark.
  • Use matte eye shadow: Use a matte beige eye shadow all over the eyelid, then apply a medium-toned matte eye shadow color on the crease, like brown, taupe, or navy blue. (This is optional. If you feel you don’t need it, you can go with eyeliner only.)
  • Wear dark eye liner: Line your eyes in dark burgundy, dark brown, black or navy blue eyeliner to enhance your eyes.
  • Try mascara colors other than black: Curl your lashes and apply a coat of black mascara. This is a fun time to experiment with colors that are less dramatic than black, however. So try to use mascara colors like burgundy, navy blue, or brown and see how subtle changes can affect your overall appearance.
And remember, your inner beauty is more important and promising than your outer beauty. So be generous, speak well, do well, and be well.

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Review: Cosmeceutique Anti-Aging & Skin Fairness Lotions

Call it patriotism, call it blind faith in indigenous ideas, I just can’t resist any local brand. Even sitting here in Do-Buy, the mecca of consumerism and home to two annual festivals that celebrate shopping, I yearn for made and available in Pakistan. My family of course does not get it. But for now let me introduce you to Cosmeceutique, a cosmecueticals company that carries a line of herbal based, bio-optimized skin care. Their sun block, with a whopping SPF 50 is also paraben free.
I was more keen on trying out its anti-aging and skin fairness line though. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t subscribe to the ‘only fair are lovely, successful lasses’ fad. However motherhood and ensuing duties have seen me ignore my skin care routine resulting in adull, tired complexion so much that I avoid staring at myself in the mirror any longer than 25 seconds. It gets scary soon after. 

So Cosmeceutique is a brand launched by BioVista, a Pakistani company and their website claims:
• A complete range of premium quality natural cosmeceuticals addressing the most common skincare needs
• Best quality formulations with patented technology ensuring rapid and complete absorption
• Pure natural ingredients bio-optimized for consistent effectiveness
• Safe and tested for being hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types
• Visible functional benefits with recommended use
• Researched and formulated in USA
• Excellent results in Pakistani population with thousands of satisfied user

They have roped in Mahnoor Baloch, one of Pakistan’s most beautiful actresses to be their brand ambassador. Don’t be fooled by their promotional pics though, they tend to overuse Photoshop to make a striking face into airbrushed into eeeeeksdom.
They offer free shipping anywhere in Pakistan so I ordered the Anti-Aging and Skin Fairness lotions for myself, an Anti-Aging for my sister and their Wrinkle Control lotion for my mother’s mature skin. 
I only got my stash last month when my folks were visiting  me. Before that sis and Ma had started using their lotions and were pleased with the results.
My sister has a laugh line  that had deepened into a wrinkle (or so she thought). With regular use  of Anti-Aging, she says she has seen improvement in her laugh lines, as in, they are not deepening any more and on  their way out. So Yay!
Mother’s experience  has been positive too, her regular beautician also told her that her skin texture seemed better, and tighter since last time. Another rec.
Now for my review:
Cosmeceutique Anti-Aging:
Smells divine, packaged in easy to use 50 gms tube and says:

An innovative product, which erases the signs of aging and gives a youthful glow and vibrant appeal by:
• Delaying appearance of visible signs of aging
• Reducing wrinkles and fine lines
• Protecting skin’s elasticity and tone
• Protecting skin against free radicals, UV radiations and pollutants 
                      Ingredients & How they Work?                         
Co-enzyme Q10: Boosts skin repair and regeneration while aiding in the prevention of free radical damage caused by exposure to environmental elements.
Ursolic acid: Prevents and improves the appearance of wrinkles and age spots by restoring the skin’s collagen bundle structures and its elasticity and makes skin stronger, smoother, and much younger-looking.
Oleanolic acid: Has anti oxidant, anti fungal properties, which helps to improve texture and integrity of skin.
Rosemarinic Acid: Has powerful antioxidant, also purifies the skin and keeps skin smooth, fresh and clean.
Xymenynic acid: Has excellent anti-inflammatory effects and skin condition and anti ageing benefits and possesses tremendous rejuvenating properties.

Did I like it: Why yes! The best part is that it is a non-oily formulation and with a gel-like consistency, is absorbed easily. Priced at just 540 PKR, when most anti-aging creams are upwards of a thousand, this is one great product. It can double as a light daytime moisturizer too. Which brings me to the only con: it should have day and night variations with the night-time lotion packing in more restorative punch. And they should ship globally!

Cosmeceutique Skin Fairness Lotions
A specially formulated product, which gives visibly illuminated, fairer and brighter skin complexion by:
•Controlling melanin production
• Nourishing skin to make it radiant and bright
• Protecting against harmful UV radiations
• Creating an even color tone, leaving the skin soft and smooth
• Helping in maintaining fair and blemish free skin with regular use          
Ingredients & how they Work?

Umbelliferin (Coriander Seed): Provides intense hydration and protection from skin ageing and helps in prevention of oily skin, blackheads and skin impurities.
Licorice CG: Skin whitening, anti-inflammatory properties and acts as an antimicrobial and antioxidant agent to keep skin healthy and fairer.
Tetrahydrocurcuminoids: Minimizes the UV-induced signs of photo-aging and pigmentation, leaving skin blemish-free and youthful.
Tetrahydropiperine: Provides fast and evenly absorption of the product’s active compounds to the skin, which works deep within the skin ensuring promised results.
Final Say :I can’t say much about the fairness claim but I have noticed a more polished and evened out skin tone. And like other lotion, this too is non-oily, fast absorbing with a pleasant smell. And it does not leave a pasty white face as result either. I would buy it again, and again.
Now if only they shipped to Dubai. My stash of both is  ending and I need to get more supplies and also try their Under Eye Gel.

Much love,

Mascara mom.

and now in the end i am leaving you with Mahnoor , brand ambassador's Totally photo shopped picture . What were they thinking? 
and fuuny part is , people on their facebook page actually address to mahanoor as she is managing their facebook fan page.
But do check out their page for special offers and Giveaways.

This post is written by Glossicious  wonderful , talented Guest Blogger: AKA Mascara MOM

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Video- My face makeup Collection Video

Its weekend and i am feeling super duper Extraa lazy so i am gonna leave you girls with a video i uploaded few days ag

Please Do check it out and dont be shy , leave me a comment or two to make my lazy day better :)

Have a lovely Sunday evening Dolls

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