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Shout Out - New Beauty Blogger Fathima

Fathima is an Indian beauty blogger , she is 15 year young makeup geek, thats what she would call her self . When she isn't studying , she sometimes write of Indian makeup and Beauty Blog
and she still gets time to manage her lovely Beauty Blog

Makeup & more makeup

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Adventures in Foundation land- Revlon Colorstay with SoftFlex

The search for perfect, even toned skin is a life long quest. I should know, after numerous experiments with foundations, powder and liquid and even tinted moisturizers. THE foundation eludes me still. And honestly, the sales girls don’t ever help. That’s been my experience at least.
I have a fairly clean skin, at 30+ it shows some age damage too. It gets tanned easily and has tendency towards dry patches. Age spots are making an appearance too. To camouflage all this and appear to have a nice, clean, smooth skin is the mission then. And of course it should apply like a dream. A barely there make up look is the ideal.
I don’t want to appear any fairer than I am, though occasionally I have bought foundations just a shade darker for an even tanned look. (Don’t advise it though, it was early youth folly).
I bought L’Oreal true match minerals in shade honey glow. At the Airport duty free they did not have it a shade lighter so the SA sold me this one, insisting it was just perfect. Well it was not. At home, in right light, even a sheer layer was darkish and cakey. Too made up. I tried mixing it with moisturizer to make my own TM. No luck. So it was a dud buy and sits neglected in my drawer. The brush it comes with is scratchy and not easy to handle either. I experimented with the MAC 187, the results could’ve been  good if the shade was right. So. In any case, this is a true matte finish and  one has  to have a light hand, else…caked up!
Nivea: I should not have bought it. The lifting  effect Beauty Lift foundation was new in the market  and the SA had to sell it. In came I. In store light she applied a shade on my cheek and insisted it was the one, and to be fair to her, it did  seem  right. So I bought it. It is a shade dark for me in natural light. And applied, it  looks made up. With fingers it’s a mess, but I got glowing results with the  187. stipple, swirl and voila…a  dewy finish. But…it creases and cakes like crazy, even on moisturized and cleansed skin. And has screaming pink undertones that stand out. I should know, it transfers all pink  on my head scarves!
Another SA rec was Clinique Almost Powder Makeup in Light. The right shade but the application was a nightmare. I can never get sponge application right. Luckily my son threw it on the floor, it shattered. I have  since transferred it to another compact as loose powder. With a large face brush, it offers  barely there coverage. Perfect day look.
In other experiments were Nivea, Mikyajy, Stendahl and Max Factor’s Colour Adapt Foundation. The last is the only bottle I  actually  finished. Again, the shade wasn’t right, but it applied  and looked well so it  worked. But be warned, its heavy duty stuff, a major reason I did not get it again.

My most recent purchase has been the Revlon Colorstay with SoftFlex, for dry/normal skin. I wanted to buy MAC Studio Fix  but after a friend spent a considerable amount on the SA’s rec and returned home a shade darker, I thought otherwise. In any case almost every beauty blogger says RCS is  a perfect dupe for MSF. So.  

The shop I chose to but this is close by and best part…has a huge
wall letting in natural light, is well lit from within. I went when there  was plenty of light and put a couple of shades on my hand. The ones seeming closest to my skin tone I applied on my  jaw line. Asked the sales girl which seemed okay and she again pressed for the darker shade…the lighter one, she said, could not be seen on my  face after  application!  Which one do you think I bought  then?
Ivory of course, it has pink undertones but slight, and it neutralizes my sallow complexion in an instant lift me  up. And blended well, it evens out skin tone, gives me a lightly made up look, so all I’d say is: Perfect.

Mascara  Mom

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Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. III & Naked Palette

 Guess who is a proud owner of Urban decay naked palette ??
Moi !!
My hubby , was so sweet and he ordered Urban decay naked palette for me as soon as it was back in stock on sephora.  I guess he was tried of listening to my explanation that what eyeshadows are and how Urban decay Alice in wonderland was being sold at $200 on ebay.
I will get my hands on it as soon as he comes to Pakistan , i don't want to risk Naked palette , as I had lost packages issue in past. I can surely wait :)
and for now , i am done with any palette shopping , no more makeup for me. Thank you .
But Urban decay fans out there , Here is a little info on Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. III

"Mark your calendars. Saturday August 28th, 1PM - 9PM Sephora Time Square (1500 Broadway, NY 10036) - Urban Decay will be previewing our highly-anticipated Book of Shadows Vol. III - Urban Decay hearts NYC. For one day, only 1000 pieces of the limited-edition item will be available for purchase exclusively at this location

As a tribute to NYC, Urban Decay will be hosting a one-day, sneak peek event at Sephora Times Square (1500 Broadway, #304) on Saturday, August 28th from 1 to 9PM where 1,000 pieces of the limited edition Book of Shadows Vol. III will be available for purchase on a first come, first served basis (limit 3 per person) The... first 200 die-hard fans will also receive a limited edition Urban Decay t-shirt with their consultation. Urban Decay’s Eric Jimenez, Worldwide Retail Sales Director and International Makeup Artist, and his team of A-list artists will also be in attendance!

The coveted palette doesn’t even launch on until after Labor Day, and will not be available in-store at Macy’s, Sephora, and Ulta, until October 1st!"


  • Perversion is a matte charcoal black. It’ll darken anything you want to, and it’s a good black, but it’s not an ultra deep black. Not at all chalky! This is a permanent shade, and it has been featured in BoS I and II.
  • Uzi is a whitish-silver with flecks of silver glitter. I’ve found this shade has some fall out, but it’s not too bad. This is a permanent shade, and it has been featured in the Sustainable palette.
  • Loaded is a deep forest green with a metallic shimmer sheen. It is hands down my favorite shade in the palette — it’s like a greener version of NARS’ Rajasthan! This is new and exclusive to this palette.
  • Kush is a medium grassy green with a subtle cool undertone. This is a nice shade with excellent color payoff, and it is new and exclusive to this palette–but it does have some cousins. It’s a darker version of Graffiti (permanent) and Absinthe (BoS I), and it’s a greener, darker version of Homegrown (BoS II).
  • Midnight Cowboy Rides Again is a pink-tinged champagne with champagne flecks of glitter. It may be one of my least favorite eyeshadows of all time, because it has so much fall out, even though it feels very smooth. I recommend using it with a stickier base and make sure you have Q-tips and makeup remover to control the fall out. This shade is permanent, and it has been in BoS II and BoS Alice in Wonderland, as well as the Sustainable palette.
  • Last Call is a medium plum with strong red undertones and shimmer finish. This is a permanent shade that’s also a popular palette shade–it’s been featured in BoS I, BoS AiW, and Ammo.
  • Rockstar is a deep shade of eggplant purple with burgundy-red undertones and a shimmer-sheen. This is a new and exclusive shade to the palette–but the color is like Rockstar 24/7 Eye Pencil (duh!).
  • Money is a silvered blue with a metallic blue-green sheen. Very pretty and will be a great shade to layer over colored bases to bring out different undertones. This shade is new and exclusive to the palette.
  • Haight is a brightened medium blue with a frost finish that pulls just an itsy bit teal. This is shade is permanent, but it’s a Sephora exclusive. It hasn’t been in any other palettes.
  • Maui Wowie is an antique gold with a nearly metallic gold sheen. It also has flecks of dark gold glitter, so it can have some fall out issues. This is a permanent shade, and it’s also been in BoS AiW and Ammo.
  • Smog is a medium-dark bronze with a shimmer-frost finish. This is a shade that’s been in a ton of palettes! It’s permanent, but it has also been released in BoS I, Ammo, Naked, and Vegan.
  • Bordello is a mauve-tinged pink with soft flecks of dark pink shimmer-glitter. It’s smooth, pigmented, and has an almost metallic sheen. The glitter is similar to Uzi’s, but it feels a little finer. This is a new and exclusive shade.
  • Radium is a true medium blue with a cooler undertone and a softer frost finish. Great pigmentation! It is new and exclusive to this palette, and I imagine its color gets inspiration from Radium Cream Eyeshadow.
  • Snatch is a peachy-pink with a frosty finish. It’s very smooth and has nice pigmentation. This was originally in the Show Pony palette.
  • Suspect is a medium bronze that pulls a smidgen taupe and has a rather cooler undertone. I thought it was similar to some of the browns in previous BoS palettes (like Sidecar, Nylon, Gridlock, etc.), but those all have obvious red undertones in comparison. This is a new and exclusive shade.
  • Psychedelic Sister is a brightened medium purple with red undertones. It’s a nice shade of purple that’s pigmented and has a soft frost sheen. It’s a permanent, but it is a Sephora exclusive. This is the first time it’s been in a palette.


  • Zero is a deep black. Very pigmented, definitely a handy shade to have. Even if I do have five of them at this point. But really, black eyeliner in a palette makes sense.
  • Ransom is an iridescent violet purple with more of a violet flash/sheen and some red undertones. This is available in full-size, but it’s one of my favorite liners. (Try patting Fishnet over it for some real va-voom!)

 so girls do i hear Yay or nay?
for me its a big fat nay

source : Urban decay Fb page / Palette break down by Temptalia

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sonam's New L'Oreal Aisha Collection Commercial

All the Sonam Kapoor fans, good news for you! L’Oreal has recently revealed the new Aisha collection, which is going to add to your beauty and style quotient making you feel like the star of the movie Sonam Kapoor.

This exquisite collection includes UV Perfect, Pearl Perfect day cream, Glam Shine 6 H lip gloss, Blush Minerals and Khol Minerals.


I am still waiting to hear if this collection will be released in pakistan or not ?

But you can still get Blush Minerals and Khol Minerals from any L'oreal counters country wide :)

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New - Coastal Scents New Kabuki brushes

There are four new Kabukis' available, Black & Hot Pink Angled Kabuki, Pro Mini Kabuki & Bag, Synthetic Large Domed Kabuki, Synthetic Domed Mini Kabuki. All of these brushes can be easily used with our newest Undercover HD Foundation ST-5B. We have come out with another ultimate combo set, Combo Set #7. This gives some of our best palettes an opportunity to be all together just for you!

Made from top quality goat hair that offers complete control and a non scratchy feel to the skin. Absolutely beautiful brush!
Measures 2 1/2 " from top angle to bottom, 2" Angle span on hair, 1 1/2 " span across top. Shiny Black coated metal ferrule.

Now Only $11.95

UnderCover HD is not oil based or water based, it is non comedogenic, it does not clog pores. HD foundations use silicones, this creates a protective shield on the skin, allowing it to breathe and retain its natural moisture. This has a pink tone in it compared to the ST-05 which has yellow tones.

Now Only $16.95

Made with soft high grade goat hair, 2" length, 1" span across
1/2 " from top angle to bottom, 2" Angle span on hair, 1 1/2 " span across top. Shiny Black coated metal ferrule.

Now Only $6.95

Firm yet as soft as our other winning synthetic Kabuki's, you will find it is dense with just the right amount of firmness for control. This has a pointed dome shape for gently applying your loose minerals, bronzer and blush with precision.
Measures just below 2 1/2" total length, 1" in diameter, shiny black ferrule.

Now Only $14.95

Firm yet as soft as our other winning synthetic Kabuki's. This has a pointed dome shape for gently reaching around the eyes, nose and lips.
Measures just below 2" total length, 3/4" in diameter, shiny black ferrule.

Now Only $5.95

Combo Set #7

Our 56 Palette contains deeply pigmented colors, there are 50 shadows, more matte than shimmer, and 6 rich blush shades.
Our 28 Neutral Palette has been on the hit list since arriving to our collection, mostly matte, some satin and a few shimmer shades. If you love to wear the Smokey Eye effect you will love this palette!
Our 32 lip color palette wears more like a lipstick than a gloss, it is richly pigmented and the shades can be mixed and matched in layers for your own personal feeling each day.
Retail $57.85

Now Only $49.90

Guest Post - Why Revlon ?!!?

Early this year I was traveling to Pakistan with my two year old naughty son. As it always happens, his antics caught people’s eyes and I was left to smile and shrug my shoulders in a ‘what can I do with him’ manner. A couple of men took pity on me and vacated their seats for me and I settled down. Some time later a familiar looking lady came and sat next to me. We got talking and she told me that she was in Dubai for some advanced course and that she had a parlor. I asked her which one and she said ‘Depilex!’
*clink* That’s when I realized why she seemed familiar, she was not Mussarat Misbah, but one of her sisters who managed the Karachi salon. She had come in eight hours early (some ticket time reading mistake!) and had all the time to browse through DDF. So she went around and bought cosmetics, loads of them, duty free too!
I asked her about mineral make up and she said that most make up lines are not suited tour desi skin tones. I had some time ago bought the L’Oreal mineral make up  (another dud buy) and I asked her it was any good. No, came her answer. The best mineral make up brand, most suited to our tones, she said, was Revlon. 
As prep for my Pakistan trip I had gone and bought a Nivea Beauty Lift (anti-aging) foundation in sand Beige. It was not right. Same for L’Oreal, in shade Honey Glow, it was a terrible match. Earlier I had experimented with Clinique and Max Factor as well. I recently bought Revlon, after much research and I am happy with it so far.

Adventures in foundation land coming soon.....


Mascara Mom

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review - Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen

Eyeko says: For fool proof eyeliner dot across the upper lid as close to the lashes as possible then simply join the dots! Wing it, flick it, have fun with it! Team with lashings of Eyeko Magic Mascara for a flirtatious flutter!

Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen is smudge-proof, fade-proof and long lasting!

Available in jet BLACK, eye brightening NAVY BLUE, natural BROWN, fierce PURPLE.

I love myself some eyeliners. And i love them more if they are fade proof and long lasting. I remember using eyeliner markers , Gah!! i hated them even i was in my teenage . 
But these Eyeliner pens are exceptional.
Application is smooth and easy . It dries quickly without making a mess.  and once its dried, this baby wont move, like seriously. I wear it under my lower lashline instead of my kajal in summers, and it will stay there until i remove it. Its my one must have product when i am going on vacations.
The nib is really perfectly shaped and thin ,its really easy to get some fantastic flicks and wings out of it.

Here is the swatch , you can see . how pigmented it is. Gorgeous

I will certainly re-purchase this black and all other shades. I love this stuff.

Where you can buy :
Price: £5.00 / $8.00

International Shipping charges  : International orders outside of UK and EU will be shipped by Royal Mail Airsure at a nominal charge of $7.50.

All orders over $55.00 will be shipped for FREE using Royal Mail Airsure.

Have you tried Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen?

NEW - Benefit Cosmetics product you’ve been waiting for…‏


Why we love it:Sexy, stunning & sinfully's the perfectly precise eyeliner for drama that lasts.

How to use :Say the phrase jimmy jimmy DOT out loud as you move along upper lash line & every time you say DOT, make a dot of black liner in between lashes. Then glide brush along upper lash line, working from the inner corner of the eye out in a smooth, fluid motion. For added intensity, carefully line lower lash line.

 Tips :pace out the dots for natural-looking volume or dot closely together & connect for a slim, sleek liquid line. For the ultimate in drama, line your eyes with magic ink and then coat lashes with BADgal lash mascara.

why we love it:Our naturally lush lashes will give you the lash look you long for! They're easy to apply & can be used again & again!What else you need to know:Comes with eyelash adhesive.
To apply: Trim lashes to fit. Apply glue to lash band (tip: try using a toothpick!) & wait 10 seconds. Gently lay lashes on top of your natural lash line, then hold in place to set. Finish with your fave Benefit mascara... easy does it, BADgal!To remove: WHY, if you're gettin' what you want? If not... pull gently.

tips" After applying naturally lush lashes, apply BADgal lash mascara for the BIGGEST, BADDEST lashes around!

For Pakistani Reader : Benefit cosmetics ships to Pakistan. I had good experinece ordering from them twice. My packages came in 2-3 weeks safely .

Monday, August 9, 2010

Thank you Cynthia :)

Hi dolls, 
My lovely reader and friend Aneela has sent me an email , which she wanted me to share with all of you , so here is what she has to say :)

I'm sending u my Thank you note For Cynthia . Plzz post this on ur blog .

I won Cynthia's awesome Birthday  giveaway.. I stood second
The second winner of the giveaway will get

    * 1 Lotus Kajal
    * 1 Lakme Enrich Lip Color
    * 1 Colorbar Nail Lacquer
    * 1 Lakme Eye Pot
of her choice...

she gave me option to select shades on my own, which i think is cool..I received the package few days back safe and sound .

I wanna say thanks to lovely Cynthia for giving me  a chance to join her giveaway.
 Go  check her amazing blog here

I had recieved her  parcel and had so much fun going through it! I really loved the way she packed the items, all simple and soooo neat..I Just love everything  the lip color, nail paint, kajal and eye pot :). all are so nice and pretty colors.
Looking forward to try out the fabulous items!
 aww Thats so sweet of you Aneela , and of course Thanks, Cynthia for hosting that guveaway and giving chance to other to try out Indian makeup.

 P:S Thank you cynthia for sending me Lotus kajal too, you knew how much i wanted it and i cant explain how excited i am :) *hugs* you are the best babe

Sunday, August 8, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Collection for Disney for Fall 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Collection for Disney for Fall 2010

U.S. Launch Date: September 30th, 2010
International Launch Date: October 2010

“Come on — aren’t the nastier ones more fun?” laughed James Gager, senior vice president and creative director for MAC Cosmetics, who worked with Jennifer Balbier, vice president of product development for MAC, in collaboration with Disney to create the collection. “It’s great to be sweet and kind, of course, but everybody wants to take a bite of forbidden fruit from time to time.” And given MAC’s “all races, all ages, all sexes” positioning, Gager and Balbier were eager to include a guy — Dr. Facilier — in the mix. — WWD


Lipstick ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Innocence, Beware! Light yellow pink (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • Heartless Cherry red (Amplified) (Limited Edition)

Lipglass ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Wicked Ways Light nude with gold pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Devilishly Stylish Deep fuchsia with pink pearl (Limited Edition)

Eyeshadow ($15.50 U.S. / $18.50 CDN)

  • De-vil Rich copper (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)
  • Sweet Joy Creamy pale gold (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Passions of Red)
  • Carbon Intense black (Matte) (Permanent)

Penultimate Eyeliner ($16.50 U.S. / $20.00 CDN)

  • Rapidblack True black (Permanent)

Beauty Powder ($25.00 U.S. / $30.00 CDN)

  • Her Own Devices Cool nude (Limited Edition)

Blush ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Darkly My Dear Mid-tone brown plum (Matte) (Limited Edition)

Check out the Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Dr. Facilier!


Lipstick ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Toxic Tale Bright coral (Satin) (Limited Edition)
  • Sinister Soft brown plum (Lustre) (Limited Edition)

Lipglass ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Strange Potion Soft coral pink (Limited Edition)
  • Hot House Deep raspberry with pink pearl (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Strange Hybrid)

Eyeshadow ($15.50 U.S. / $18.50 CDN)

  • Her Alter Image Light violet (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)
  • Vainglorious Bronze burgundy (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Vile Violet Deep blue purple (Matte) (Limited Edition)

Penultimate Brow Universal

Beauty Powder ($25.00 U.S. / $30.00 CDN)

  • Oh So Fair Mid-tone pink with gold pearl (Limited Edition)

Blush ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Bite of an Apple Soft coral pink (Matte) (Limited Edition)


Lipstick ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Violetta Violet purple (Amplified) (Permanent at PRO)
  • Dark Deed Burgundy plum (Amplified) (Limited Edition)

Lipglass ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Revenge is Sweet Light yellow purple (Limited Edition)
  • Wrong Spell Deep plum with pink purple (Limited Edition)

Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo ($21.00 U.S. / $25.00 CDN)

  • My Dark Magic Deep pink with pink pearl / Deep plum with purple pearl (Limited Edition)
  • She Who Dares Deep navy with blue pearl / Deep forest green with lime pearl (Limited Edition)

Beauty Powder ($25.00 U.S. / $30.00 CDN)

  • Briar Rose Soft violet pink with pearl (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer ($12.00 U.S. / $14.50 CDN)

  • Bad Fairy Red with multi-changing pigments (Limited Edition)
  • Formidable! Teal green with pink pigment (Limited Edition)
  • Mean & Green Purple with teal pigment (Limited Edition)


Lipgelee ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Resort Life Off-white with pink pearl (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Lillyland)

Greasepaint Stick ($17.50 U.S. / $21.00 CDN)

  • Slick Black True carbon black (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • French Quarter Black green with multi-colour pearl (Limited Edition)

Pigment ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Melon Bright golden peach (Permanent)
  • Brash & Bold Bright magenta (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Makeup Art Cosmetics)
  • Push the Edge Deep bright purple with pearl (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Makeup Art Cosmetics)

Magically Cool Liquid Powder ($29.50 U.S. / $35.50 CDN)

  • Truth and Light Sheer shimmer reflects silver and pink (Limited Edition)
  • Cajun Sheer bronze reflects gold (Limited Edition)

Mirror ($12.00 U.S. / $14.50 CDN)

  • I’m So Vain Round special decoration compact mirror (Limited Edition)

source:Thanks Temptalia for all the info.