Thursday, July 1, 2010

Favorites: Coral Blushes

This summer beauty is all about bright color, bold trends, a sexy summer glow and so much more.Coral is a major color trend for this summer as always.I have just recently become interested in coral cheeks, to be honest it's not a colour I even thought of as something I could wear, but to my surprise it looks good on medium dark or NC30-35 skin tone.
I own many blushes,I cant stop buying more , God help me.I planned to write this post a month ago but I was waiting for a package to arrive so i could add those coral blushes to the list. It was dispatched on June 15 from USA via USPS priority mail. 
Lets hope i get it as it contains many interesting items.

So here are some of my Coral / Orange blushes and their swatches :)

1- Korres ZEA MAYS Powder Blush 44 Orange: Orange shade might seem scary to most of you but It is such a beautiful and  bright yet natural and a unique shade that can be worn everyday.Its deep coral.
2-Korres ZEA MAYS Powder Blush 45 Coral It is an almost pinky -peach that is very flattering on medium dark skin tone.It does have with slight shimmer.
3- Illamasqua Expose :is such a beautiful coral shade(although illamasqua described it as terracotta), It brings gorgeous warmth to the face.
* Read detailed  Glossicious review here*

*second picture is taken in better light*


Now below are some of inexpensive coral blushes i love and their swatches.

E.L.F Candid Coral :This blush is a pinkish coral shade with gold shimmers. It’s gorgeous and inexpensive . Also read its a perfect dupe of NARS orgasm
 4US Wave 3-Color Blush in 03: Beautiful , highly pigmented bright peachy shade*read full review here*
Maybelline's Dream Mousse Blush in Coral: is the perfect addition to the Maybelline's Dream Collection.I loved my maybelline Mousse blush in soft plum but this one isnt really my favorite when it comes to pigmentation.*(Read Dream mousse blush soft plum review)*
Hi Fi Concentrated Gel Blush in Amore :- bright coral with golden flecks
*read full review here*

So girlies , Do you do corals?

On totally opposite side any one knows how long does priority mail takes to reach its international destination?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MAC In The Groove Collection Swatches

I read so many tweets in last few weeks, girls are really impatient and excited about MAC In The Groove Collection.This is by far in my opinion most anticipated collection in 2010.

To be honest if i knew we would have this collection available in Pakistan i would have been as excited as any one else. But unfortunately like all other LE collections we wont be having this one too.
If given option i would buy 
  • MAC Happy Together Mineralize Blush, 
  • MAC Band of Roses Mineralize Blush,
  • MAC Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish
  • MAC Jazzed Lipstick
  • MAC Cremesheen Glass:  Fashion Whim,  and On the Scene,

If you want to see swatches of MAC In The Groove Collection, Please Head over to Karla's blog.

She swatched and wrote in detail about the products.

Are you planning to buy anything from  MAC In The Groove Collection??

MAC Select SPF 15 Moistureblend Foundation - Review

What it is:
 Its a  creamy compact foundation blending a radiant natural-satin medium-to-build able coverage with a silky feel. Skin pampering and conditioning: delivers moisture, provides everyday UVA/UVB and anti-oxidant protection, while micro-fine light-diffusing filters soften the appearance of fine lines. Provides dry skins with a smooth, high-comfort, moisture finish: original M·A·C fans will love it.

How to use: Apply with 190 Foundation Brush or Sponge.

Info source

Price: 3200-3500 rs approx/-


Yonno , i got dry skin ? no? then i am sure you haven't browsed through my previous posts. Its full of rants. :)
I bought this foundation, when i read on MAC , that M·A·C Select Moisture blend SPF 15 Foundation Provides dry skins with a smooth, high-comfort, moisture finish.
I repeat , its more suitable for dry skin because this is a hydrating, thick, moisturizing foundation.The main ingredients in this mu is sunflower seed oil, so it does smell a little like it. Nothing annoying, in fact i like the smell.
I have it in shade NC30.
M·A·C Select Moisture blend SPF 15 Foundation  is very smooth and looks dewy on the face.
The foundation compact can be divided in to three sections
1-comes with a mirror 
3-and separate compartment for the sponge underneath
I prefer using my ELF powder brush when i am using this foundation,sometimes i use my coastal scents foundation brush, I avoid sponge because it just swipes the foundation off the face and i am not very good with the sponge application.I first purchased it in winters , when i asked my brother to get it fro me from London. I love it because it provides medium coverage and won't extenuate patches and dryness on my face. I used it in winters all the time.It was my HG foundation. 
Is M·A·C Select Moisture blend SPF 15 Foundation  being discontinued? I am not sure as i only saw one shade on website and couldn't find it on http://www.maccosmetics.comI was so glad when i found that its now available in Pakistan too. So i  had to repurchase it.
It also has the SPF 15, better than nothing when your in a hurry or lazy bum like me ;)
When i first started using it i felt that it kind of feels like you have a sticky layer on your face. But with time 1- either i got the trick of applying it correctly
or 2- my face got used to it.

Over all It tends to get greasy a bit so if you have oily skin or hate greasy feeling ,or needs  more coverage , it might not be your piece of cake.

For me,M·A·C Select Moisture blend SPF 15 Foundation  is light and comfortable, even while it gives good  light to medium  coverage.

Do you have any favorite M.A.C Foundation?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Artdeco Camouflage Cream-Review

A big shout out to eurprean blogs for introducing me to Artdeco Camouflage Cream,that is where i first saw the reviews on it. I was looking for a heavy duty concealer .Lets find out if Okay this review is all gonna be rave ! rave ! and rave. Why? because what an awesome creamy concealer this is? AHAMMAZING.

Artdeco Camouflage Cream

Waterproof cover cream for every skin type to cover red veins, pigmented moles, port-wine stains, tattoos, etc.

Camouflage Cream covers flaws in the skin perfectly and reliably and is ideal for special occasions, like photographic- or bridal make-up. All colors can be mixed with each other which means the skin color can be matched exactly. The Camouflage Cream is also an ideal long-term make-up and lasts well even if the surrounding temperature is high. The cover can be light or heavy – depending on the amount applied and gets waterproof after fixing powder has been applied. It is very practical because Camouflage Creams are available separately, can be combined individually in the refillable magnetic box and those that have been used up can be replaced

How to use - After moisturizing, remove a little Camouflage with a spatula, mix or soften on the back of the hand. Then apply thinly and evenly, using a slightly moistened latex sponge, and blend in at edges. You neutralize redness with green Camouflage and lighten dark areas and bluish shadows with yellow shades. If necessary, mix two color shades together.

ArtDeco is a German brand,They have wide variety of colors, eyeshadow and blushers which can be bought alone or combined in refillable beauty boxes. When i bought this concealer my main concern was how good it would be to cover little dark spots /red ness i have on my face. The reviews on internet almost did convince me. 
The texture of Artdeco Camouflage Cream  is quite thick, yet creamy.As suggested usage recommends,ALWAYS moisturize your face before applying artdeco camouflage cream because this way it is easy to blend.Once applied,It gives fantastic coverage,It looks natural. Its stays put even in the hot/humid summers.The creamy formula allows you to use the tiny amount to get the desired coverage.As a little goes a long way, this will last you a long time.
Since it comes in so many shades you can buy two or more shades to get your ideal shade or even if you are a makeup artist .The creamy thick formula has one downside, it is bit drying so it has tendency to turn cakey if you keep applying .I personally don't recommend it for under eyes , as the dry thick formula can crease and accentuate fine lines .

The packaging is travel friendly ,It’s small,Really tiny, almost size of my thumb.But i will advise to buy magnetic box to store it .You can buy an empty box palette, then add the eyeshadows, blushers, concealers, foundation of your own choice. I will get few  eyeshadows  and blush. I have my eyes on golden rusty brown,pearly smokey golden olive, aubergine ,matt smokey red mauve ,glam beige rose , and a raspberry blush.Art deco Blush costs around rs 890 and eyeshadow single costs like rs 495/-Artdeco magnet boxes come in variety of beautiful designs.

  • If you are looking for a heavy duty concealer.
  • If you want an affordable quality product.
  • If you have skin issue and need full coverage.
  • It is waterproof .
  • It comes in variety of shades.
  • If you are a mua,you can buy two or more shades to get your ideal shade or even if you are a makeup artist .

  • It has a hard texture  but it can be useful if you want full opacity .
  • If you think coverage is too heavy.
  • If you prefer less thick creamy concealer.
  • If you  have dry skin , it can get cakey end of the day.
  • If you are looking for an undereye concealer.

I bought Artdeco Camouflage Cream from alfatah . But it is available at for rs 690/-

Have you ever tried Art deco products? What would be your favorite?

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Body Shop: Deo Dry Deodorants Now in Pakistan

The Body Shop have launched a new range of deodorants, Deo Dry.  
The new range is free of aluminium salts; aluminium being linked with an increase in the risk of breast cancer, Alzheimer's, brain disorders and respiratory problems. 

The Body Shop Deo Dry Deodorants  were Tried and Tested by experts
94.7% confirmed no white marks
•81.8% said the product is kind to skin
•80.2% confirmed DeoDryis quick to dry and keep them dry through the day

Key ingrediets are:
  • Glycerin :Is an effective moisturizer which helps improve softness and maximize hydration.
  • Aloe vera gel: Is clinically proven to soothe and nurture the skin, and is naturally grown in Guatemala by our Community Trade Partner, The Guastatoya Farmers,Our Aloe products contain no preservatives, dyes, fragrances, alcohol or soap,
  • Lemon essential oil: Refreshes and invigorates the skin and the senses. Produces a zesty aroma for an uplifting shower or bath. Has a refreshing aroma. 
How many of us understand the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants? If you’ve ever stopped to think about it, you may have guessed that antiperspirants prevent sweating (there’s a clue in the title), while deodorants simply cover unwanted odours to keep us feeling fresh throughout the day. And you’d be spot on.

It comes in three fragrance families 
  • Citrus
  • Floral
  • and Aqua
3 fragrances are :
Cool and Zesty has a citrus scent with refreshing and uplifting lemon and lime essential oils. Also unisex(fragrance : CITRUS)
Fresh and Floral s unmistakably feminine, with rose and camomile essential oils.(fragrance : FLORAL)
Chilled and Breezy has cool, invigorating aqua notes.(fragrance : AQUA)

DeoDry is available in both a roll-on or stick formula. Refills wont be offered in Pakistan.

Who Should buy them: Suitable for those who want a deodorant that keeps them dry and is long-lasting. Do not apply to broken skin. 

Price:Roll-on and stick formula both cost only RS 790/-

The Body Shop Deo Dry Deodorants are Now Available in Pakistan.

I use Deodorants religiously, throughout year, there is nothing bad as bad odor coming from someone. I bought one from Alafath on my last trip.
I will be checking them out when i visit Lahore or Karachi on my next trip.

Have you tried these?  Do you want to try these?  How important is deodorant in your daily routine?

NOTD: First Ever Nail Art with Viva La Nails

I am no einstein when it comes to nail art


Nutty professor or one cool dude?

 But i never give up
Here is today's mani with some of rimmel and some of Viva la nails

(Untidy indeed)

I kept it simple and sweet. But nail polish was quite think and oh , i do need a top coat and base coat immediately
I likes it :P

product used:
Rimmel Speed dating
Rimmel Flower Power
Viva La Nails Multi colored Stars*
Viva La Nails  Red Flakes*

Viva La Nails  sellS a huge variety of nail art products,  also carry all of the essential traditional nail care tools such as nail files, nail tips, nail art stickers and nail art magazines.They also now an official distributor of the very fine line of Konad nail art products as well as the developers of own new exclusive water decal technique. Over all, we have more than 2000 products in stock!

*Products were sent free for the consideration by company/ PR

I must say i am enjoying Viva la nails samples i got, expect more but better NOTD in future.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Look ! What i got .. Nicky Clarke , Schwarzkopf and ELF

If you came here looking for makeup , well i am sorry to disappoint you.
but feast your eyes ...

My cousin came from london and he brought me these cuties :)
1-Nicky Clarke's Love women Hair Straightener*
The Nicky Clarke Love Women Ceramic straightener provides expert styling, whilst raising awareness of Ovarian Cancer. Each pair is branded with the Ovarian Cancer Action Charity logo and 10% of each pair of these Nicky Clarke Straighteners sold will go directly to the charity.
Designed using the latest ceramic heating technology, the Love Women ceramic straighter is an advanced styling tool.
With rounded edges to straighten and curl, variable temperature for different hair types and floating ceramic plates which glide perfectly through the hair without snagging the straighteners give salon-like results every time.
2-Schwarzkopf Silhouette Ultimate Shine Spray*
3- ELF professional eyeshadow brush 
i already had one but it was faulty .

i already had Remington Straightener but it was one with wide plates, so i am quite happy to get this one .

* won both , in Row's giveaway separately in January and February :p

Yaye i got my prizes :)

won anything recently? or waiting for any packages/parcel?

Deal Alert: Cherry Culture 20% OFF everything in store.

No matter how much i hate Cherry Culture for not deleievring to Pakistan , i had to share this with you, incase if you dont it already
GET READY FOR SUMMER: 20% OFF everything in store. Use code GRS20. Offer ends June 30th.

I would have picked NYX most probably ( lolz like it wasn't obvious enough already)

Any you taking advantage of this offer?

EOTD:Tropical Eye Makeup

I am really bad at blending :/ but i am trying to master this art.
here is two versions of same makeup .
1- is with my barbie nudy green lenses without black liner( My favorite)
2- was without contact lenses+ black liner.(didn't like the effect)

Product used:

Shiro cosmetics eyeshadow in Acid-Vivid, opaque, shimmery yellow-green with golden undertones and just a touch of darker green eye-safe glitter.
Shiro cosmetics eyeshadow in Squirtle - Bright, clear, shimmery blue. Apply it wet to get a gorgeous metallic effect!
Carlodiromausa Eyeshadow Glacon in  oo5 as base
Artdeco camouflage cream
Lakme kajal pencil
Collection 2000 Glam crystal gel liner in Le Freak
Some random fake eyelashes

I know colorful eye makeup is not my forte but atleast i am trying .
or should i stick to the dark smoky eyes?