Saturday, May 29, 2010

Save Your Skin with Saturday Skin care- with Luscious Whitening Base with SPF 35- Review

Its Saturday.. meaning ?? its skincare Saturday.

I will review skin care products every Saturday. And Once my internet is back i will place a link on the side column for reader's ease.Please let me know if there anything specific you want to be featured on Glossicious.

Today i will reviewing  Luscious Whitening Base with SPF 35, this review was long overdue.

Luscious Whitening Base SPF 35

What it is: 

Sun damage has become a big part of our lives due to pollution and the environment. No matter what your age is, you are at risk of sun damage (dark patches and uneven skin tone) every time you step out without a good sun block.
Here to the rescue is Luscious Whitening Base SPF 35.
All in One:
• Oil-free Moisturiser,
• High performance Sun Protection
• Makeup Primer

I was quite tempted to try this little beauty as It contains the moisturizers and also acts as a good make up base.In past i was a regular user of Olay  natural white beauty fluid , I liked it until i started to get white heads, and it used to get quite runny in summers. So i started using Luscious Whitening Base this summer , reason was its SPF properties.When i applied it ,my skin absorbed it really well without feeling greasy or still feeling dry. the whitening effect, i believe does a pretty good job. subtle. My face has a sensitive skin, if a cosmetic I use is not suitable with my skin, in a few hours the pimples/ redness will appear in my face.Therefore, I continue using it until now, especially when I am outside the house in the afternoon.
I like how it makes my skin look radiant-lightened my skin tone by a few tones overall. It keeps my face shine-free during the day while the sun protection benefits are also evident.When i use it for the primer purposes , I blend this in carefully and give it a few seconds to settle before applying foundation. Overall, a great product and my experience with luscious range has not disappointed me so far.
Texture: Its thick creamy , smooth and easy to apply and blend. 
Price: rs 745
Packaging: Very cute, small and easy to carry around in my bag
Places to Buy: Luscious website  with free nation wide delivery ,and Available at some stores/ Malls nationwide in some selected cities

I would highly recommend this product to any one who is looking for a product which has endless benefits

Disclaimer: Product honestly reviewed in this post was sent to by Company / Pr for consideration

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Liz Earle!, where have you been my entire life?

Continuing with my skin care post earlier , here is a little introduction to famous skin care brand " Liz Earle". They have won many..Many awards for their out standing products  Liz Earle believes in Simplicity"We don't complicate things. We love simple, fuss-free, gentle and effective products that are honestly priced."The growing line of products is free of animal extracts and is cruelty-free

Allow me to say"Liz Earle, where have you been my entire life???!!"

I had a great experience talking to Liz Earle staff, they are super sweet and friendly , they asked me about my skin type, condition and concerns. I opened my heart and told them that i have a dry skin and cheery on top, its dull , I get occasional redness ,blemishes.So with bearing in mind my skin requirements , i was sent the products which will be suitable( and in my heart i pray it do wonders  for my skin)
i will using and testing in coming weeks and i will do a skin care post every week on Saturday or sunday  ..yes weekend will be Glossicious very own special skincare days.

Please read a brief introduction of the products  after the jump

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Love at first sight:Korres Cherry Full Color Gloss -Beige Pink

Korres Cherry Full Color Gloss -Beige Pink

What it is:

Sheer high shine colour lip gloss. Cherry oil hydrates the lips while vitamins E and C offer antioxidant protection.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Petro-Chemicals
 What else you need to know:

This Korres favorite provides infusions of vitamins C and E that deliver antiaging benefits and antioxidant protectio


You know what love at first sight is? Its , when you see some one or something for the first time, your heart skips a beat ,you hear romantic violins in the background , a cupid flies over head in round , you know instantly ITS LOVE AT FIRST sight. 
Thats what i felt, when i saw Korres Cherry Full Color Gloss -Beige Pink a couple of months ago. It was shinning in my Korres parcel like a gem and i was drawn to it at the very first moment.

Korres Cherry Full Color Gloss Beige Pink 32 (pink champagne shimmer)

Beige Pink is actually quite gorgeous shade!To be honest Initially I felt that it was a little frosty for my taste, but more i used it , more i fell in love. It looks stunning , Its nicely sheer and gives my lips nice pouty effect( well actually it was me who was pouting).This beige pink gloss  goes really well on my NC 30 skintone.Lasting power is good as it  lasts a few hours without reapplication.For me its a miracle because my lipstick.
/lipgloss hardly stays on my lips.Its a well priced lipgloss with good coverage - i know in my heart that its gonna be perfect summer staple for moi!
Over all This gloss  is very nice in texture and consistency, not too sticky, staying power is good enough for me. So yes ! Its love at first side for me. Beige Pink and Me are meant to be together and i wont leave this small , pretty tube until i use it every single drop of gloss.

Texture:This is smooth and shimmery but doesn't leave any gritty feeling on my lips and it feels very moisturizing and smooth.

Shades: 11 light pink, 25 natural purple,
23 light purple, 32 beige pink, 33 n**e, 37 golden brown, 44 orange, 45 coral, 52 red , 54 fuchsia
New naked shades
30 naked beige, 38 naked brown, 22 naked rose

  Repurchase: Certainly in naked beige, and coral , only if it was avialable in Pakistan

You can buy : it from Sephora and Korres websites

Do you like what you see?  when was last time you fell in love with a makeup product at first sight? comment below and let me know :)

Disclaimer:  Product(s) reviewed in this post was sent to me by Company/ PR for the consideration.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Skincare for this hot, hot summer!

Summer is the season when you have to take special care of your skin.The changes in the weather and weather conditions makes it essential to modify and adjust skin care techniques so as to fittingly combat the varying climates. Make sure pamper your skin.All you have to do to love your skin is keep it healthy. Look after it and love it
(Wow, Lindsay barely looks 40 in this pic I wonder what kind of skin care routine she follows? Ohhh, tell us Lindsay! Share your secrets!)
Here are some ways to arm your skin against the harsh summer sun. Hydration is the key to healthy skin. So do not forget to stock up on water and aqua rich foodstuff such as fresh foods and vegetables. External hydration is also essential. Remember to moisturise your skin after taking a shower at least once a day if your skin is oily and thrice a day if you suffer from dry skin. Exfoliate your skin using a mild, deep facial cleanser to keep your skin smooth and clean.
Try avoiding skin exposure to the sun when it is the most powerful from 11am to 4 pm.
Do not use hot water on your skin when bathing or washing. It is advisable to go for gentle skin services like microdermabrasion or glycolic facials under medical supervision. Try to use minimal makeup because some fragrance and products can induce sunburn especially when the skin is exposed to the sun.[Source]Keep skin nourished with an herbal moisturizer your. Ayurvedic formulations that sandalwood, turmeric, Brahmi, Amla and Aloe Vera are the skin-friendly herbs look for. At least once a week, do yourself a fruit or vegetable mask appropriate to treat your skin type. Cucumbers, avocados, apricots and papayas lend themselves well to homemade masks. Puree fruit or vegetable and some yogurt, honey, oatmeal and lemon juice for oily skin (with a mixture) or rosewater (for dry skin) and apply evenly to face. Let stay for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with warm water [source]

 In coming days/weeks we will be covering skin care products on Glossicious. There would be plenty of skin care review / previews, from brands like Liz Earle , Loreal Paris ,Cellinique , Himalaya , Korres ,Luscious ... and maybe few more

I will be reviewing these brands and more  in the coming weeks and will update accordingly. May be we will celebrate a whole skin care week or perhaps dedicate a day to skin care posts, i am still working on the concept. what you girls suggest? i will love to hear from you.
If any of Glossicious Reader wants to volunteer and would like to be a guest blogger on Glossicious  drop me an email at
so sit tight.

How do you take care of your skin in summers?

Review & Lip Swatch-Luscious Lip Couture in Paparazzi

 What a treat we have for you today,The life of a beauty Bloggers, for  is definately appealing!
I am so happy to start the Guest blogging with a wonderful Pakistani girl who loves makeup equally as all of us.I am so excited to share today's guest Blogger with you Aneela .
Today Aneela is bringing you some Lip swatches Yes ! Same Luscious Lip Couture which you girls loved in my Sneak peak post.

Please extend a warm welcome to Aneela ,by all means, go check out her lip swatch and mini review for Luscious Lip Couture , after the jump
Over to you Aneela :)

What is  Luscious Lip Couture ?

website says:
vibrantly rich colour and shine in a luxurious, creamy formula. A Luscious innovation that provides the full colour coverage of a lipstick and gorgeous shine of a lip gloss. Conditions your lips in a hydrating cushion of pure indulgence in 7 stunning shades. Inspired by the world of high fashion, it's couture for your lips.  
Available  in 7 shades

i have bought the shade Paparazzi online from Luscious website.
Its sooo good even much much better than Lipstick and gloss, Yes I love it ! because it has both qualities in one product with such great pigmentation.I love  the staying power , color doesn't fade.Iinfact i love its staying power. it
lasts for at least 6 hours. I applied it during morning, i ate my lunch , Thanks to this heatwave i drank many glasses of water and still i didnt completely fade away, thats the best quality.
It has shine like a gloss and rich color payoff like a lipstick.What more can a girl ask for? :)
I am so pleased with Luscious Lip coutures that i have placed another order with Fashionista and Muse . I am keenly waiting for my order. I am excited to try those as well

Shade descriptionIts has very cute pink color( with violet/ purple undertone??), shocking pink but in a nice way. not
very bold that one wouldn't want to wear. It looks lovely on lips.

Texture :Its a creamy product, very vibrant rich color.Its wearable at any time
of the day and it has lip plumper qualities  in it as well as u feel plmping sensation after few seconds of application

Price: rs 575
Places to Buy: Luscious website  with free nation wide delivery ,and Available at some stores/ Malls nationwide in some selected cities
Would I repurchase: ofcourse i have already placed my second lip couture order.I would share the swatches if you girls would be interested

Wow Aneela i am so tempted to try lip coutures after reading your views , I am loving Muse so much . I cant wait to see your next batch of swatches :) Thank you being the first Guest blogger over here on Glossicious

What do you say girls? love it or leave it? 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lust List- NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

A glowing, satin-finish foundation with sheer and buildable coverage. Replete with skincare benefits and the NARS Complexion Brightening Formula, skin is hydrated, more luminous, softer and smoother. Used daily, Sheer Glow Foundation improves skin brightness, radiance and texture. For normal to dry skin types.
  • Minimizes visible discoloration
  • Brightens and clarifies overall skin tone
  • Improves skin luminosity and radiance
  • Hydrates for softer and smoother skin
  • Dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic. Fragrance free.
  • $42.00
Yes, $42 is expensive, but NARS Sheer Glow Foundation  would be worth every penny.And who would not love a foundation who has shades name like Barcelone , Punjab( my Favourite, reminds of pakistani province i am living in, Yes! i live in Punjab) ,Fiji , MontBlanc and few more . I am sure My shade would be punjab ( Medium 1 with golden peachy undertones)
Have you tried  NARS Sheer Glow Foundation ? Whats your take on this beauty?