Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I could Really useThese- SennaCosmetics

TransFix™ Eyeliner Sealer Kit
3 steps to smudge-free eyeliner
TransFix™ Eyeliner Sealer drops onto your Watercolor Eyeliner that you’ll apply with your Fine Eyeliner Brush for the perfectly precise and wonderfully stay-put line you can create with this kit.
Senna's done it again - an absolutely stay-put eyeliner system that's easy to use, budge-proof, water-proof and ultra long-lasting.  Plus it's a go to tool for makeup artist to the stars Valli O'Reilly.  The TransFix Eyeliner Sealer Kit is a three part system containing a Watercolor Cake Eyeliner, fine-tipped synthetic brush and a dropper bottle of the amazing TransFix Eyeliner Sealer.  

HD Hydra-Cover
Corrects Flaws, Fills in Wrinkles and Hydrates
Three corrective cream concealers cover every flaw yet look natural due to a proprietary complex of advanced technology HD mineral light reflecting pigments that minimize the appearance of blemishes, pigmentation and redness while brightening under eye darkness. Hyaluronic Filling Spheres hydrate skin while filling in deep wrinkles and expression lines. Licorice extract helps reduce water retention to ease under eye puffiness and diminish the appearance of dark circles. To Use:
• Apply the lightest shade to areas of redness and deep furrows and facial lines
• Apply peach shade to dark under eye shadows • Apply the darker shade to facial discolorations and blemishes
• Set with Secret Set Powder or Mineral Eye Lift if more brightening is desired.

Size:  0.21oz / 6g

A $45.00 value for $37.00.

Totally Transforming Eye Shadow Primer for My Mommy
This amazing anti-aging smoother is a must for anyone over 30!
This anti-aging neutral cream eye shadow primer contains a potent vegetable ogliopeptide from natural hibiscus that functions in much the same way that Botox injections do, but without the pain and loss of facial expression! Helps firm and smooth the eyelid while minimizing lines and wrinkles.
Helps cover discolorations such as redness,

Mineral Mix Pressed Foundation
Get flawless skin

Best seller Mineral Mix Cover & Finish is now in a travel friendly pressed formula for flawless glamour anywhere. Covers everything, minimizes wrinkles and gives that age-defying glow. Soft puff included makes for smooth, quick application and is hygienically stored below

Beyond Bronze Mineral Bronzer
3 toned bronzer works four ways
Highlight with the soft vanilla tone, bronze with the golden bronze tone, sculpt your cheeks with the deepest bronze, or swirl together for a beautifully balanced satiny bronze. Sheer textured mineral powder has a very soft satin finish and easily layers on to your desired color depth. A talc-free formula and micronized mineral pigments allow for an undetectable and streak-free application. Bronze color is a neutral bronze for all skin tones and all skin types. Contains nourishing and anti-aging Vitamins A & C

Have you tried any of above products?have you ever tried SennaCosmetics ?
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Eldora False Lashes-Part 2

 Following on from my earlier post about the Eldora false eyelashes , here are  few of other lashes  i got from Eldora
As you can see, these are a little more dramatic than Eldora Natural lashes B110, although they arant  still over-dramatic .I would wear them when  I want to look more glam and dressed up, without looking too over-the-top. You’ll find a couple more pictures under the jump


i am sooo loving my eyemakeup in above picture. isnt it nice/?

(All images are click able,enlarge to have a closer look)

you can read all about Eldora false lashes, shipping here 

Eldora  also does  giveaway  false eyelashes for competition on their facebook page at Eldora False do check that out
What do you think? Dramtic yet subtle? NO???

L’Oréal Paris, Now in Lahore

L’Oréal Paris, Now in Lahore

L’Oréal Paris, Now in Lahore

L’Oréal Paris, the world’s largest beauty brand brings their glamorous products to the city often considered as the heart of beauty in Pakistan; Lahore.
Particularly, L’Oréal Paris Company is introducing latest skin care innovation, from their anti-wrinkle franchise; the Revitalift cream. Revitalift cream is now considered as the best seller internationally, with a title of World’s Number 1 anti-wrinkle cream. Now it has launched New Revitalift Face, Contours and Neck.
In the spirit of this launch, L’Oreal Paris is celebrating the Revitalift range through a Mall Animation exclusively at the ‘Mall of Lahore’. L’Oréal Paris’ philosophy of technical expertise will be showcased for full 10 days at the Mall of Lahore. There will also be Make-Up makeover’s by celebrated stylists’ Toni & Guy in Lahore using the eponymous L’Oréal Paris cosmetics line.
So come and experience the L’Oréal Paris Skin Institute, in Lahore from the 15th – 24th April at the Mall Of Lahore.
Read original article here

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mineral Silk Eyeshadows-review-swatches and Eotd

When i was sent a package from De Nelson - Owner Mineral Silk ,i was beyond excited, (i get excited every time i get a package). I love colors, and let me tell you my lovlies these eyeshadows are colorful( with a capital C)  I love the color and brightness of the eye shadow. It’s easy to apply on your eyes, looks

great and very bright colors.ou can see your eyes bright and sparkly when you apply this eye

shadow. It’s not too much sparkle though. I think it makes me look elegant, pretty and it

makes my eyes look very bright, big and pretty. I am pretty happy with my mineral silk

eyeshadows as they blend easily, do not smudge much and have pretty good staying

power.Mineral silk eyeshadow are highly pigmented.

Oyster - This isnt the color of the outside of the oyster which is grey or tan but the beautiful color of the inside of the Oyster. With Iridescent sparkes that catch the light with every blink, you are going to love this colorto play up your eyes! Apply just below the Brow Bone for an eye opening experience!

Pink Diamonds - The Pink Diamond is the world's most rare and valuable diamond. We think our Eye shadow is going to be its rival. With an endless shimmer this shadow is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to be looked at when you wear this one, we even threw in a little "24 karat" to give it a little extra bling!

Stainless Steel - Intense old world silver that can give you that smokey eye look in minutes.  Great for all over the lid or as an eyeliner when applied wet with a brush!  My new favorite color and you wont see fingerprints or smudges left behind on this stainless steel.
Medallion - No Need to fly to Rome and start digging up lost artifacts like the Medallions with Alexander the Greats portrait on them. Just apply this EyeShadow that has a mixture of Copper, Gold and Bronze and your eyes will be worth looking at more than any silly old Coin

Dragonfly - A beautiful new green that when brushed on dry looks iridescent like a dragonflies wings in the sun.  Apply it with wet  with either water or our eyeliner sealer and you will get a beautiful light jade green with sheen.
Amethyst - Just like its gems namesake this is a Beautiful Deep Wine Color with Rich Sparkes added.

Basic Black - Just like everyone needs that Perfect Little Black Dress, the same goes for this Eyeshadow that works great as a Eyeliner or Eyebrow color!
Dark Chocolate - Yum! Just like a Hersheys Chocolate Candy Bar! But this one wont melt when it touches your skin!

Mineral Makeup Eye Candy Eye Shadows  

Lemonhead: Bright summery yellow 

Blueberry Freeze:is frosty bluish beauty

Limeade:is sparkly greeny lime with a twist  
 Gossipy Grape:is beautiful bright grapy pruple

I am wearing Limeade , oyster and  gossipy grape on my eyes. more pics in next post.....!!!!