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Hashmi Kajal-Review

Ask me if i am left on an island with one makeup item what it would be??
Ask me if i have to choose one makeup product to take on a vacation what it would it be?
Ask if i am given 10000 million dollar ( as if)and asked to buy one product what would it be?
Mu answer is solid and one and only


Hashmi kajal comes in types
1- small tube type( white one) more like L'oreal  Loose Kohl Sticks for their H.I.P. line
2- Bullet type ( available in blue and red colors)
Hashmi have come out with a "Hashmi Surma"as well which can be called as kajal powder.

I LOVE this Kajal stick! The white one is My staple item! I have been using it since I was a teenager and used it almost every day.This is the blackest kajal available. Best for the waterline,I use it on my waterline and it doesn't smudge and stays all day.It has a sheer coverage on first sweep, so i usually sweep multiple times to get my desired look.Its certainly build able  It only costs about rs 25 in Pakistan which is not even a $1 and lasts very long.The pigment is very strong, with great staying power.

I use this blue one most of time for eyeshadow base, it woks like a charm.
It is so easy to apply.
I have tried many other including Shahnaz Husain-Herbal Kohl  iand many others all of which smudged on me or their staying power wasnt great so I always ended up falling back upon this one.
The cap of the stick comes loose over time. The product itself lasts a longtime.Its twist able.its fairly waterproof,it might become slightly smudged with alot of water but wont run in streaks like some liquid liners or some pen liners.if anything it looks more smoked out.
its excellent for a smokey, smouldery look.

Here is the swatch, the thin line is of the white tube and the smudged one is from blue pencil, Just to give you an idea that blue one is ideal for more smoked look , where as white one is great for precise lines.After applying any of these , i make sure to smudge the line with a q tip for more natural smudged smoked look.
But in the picture below i havent done any smudging , just applied to give you a rough idea that how i wear my hashmi kajal on daily bases.


Method One: Put the stick on your waterline ,preferably inner corner , close your eye and pull it through outwards .
Method Two: Apply as you would with a pencil kohl, but with the stick on the side.

(TIP: You can use the blue one as eyeshadow by sweeping it on your lid with it, then smudging , it gives a awesome smokey eye
and for more longer lasting effect i always use mascara ,because i live in hot environment and skin can sweat which effects in little smudge lines, so for weird reason waterproof mascara keeps everything in place.

Hope you liked this review and any question please raise your hands :) I have read online  its available in USA and UK too at some desi /Asian/Indian/Arabic/Pakistani shops but ofcourse its not expensive but considering what i pay for it in pakistan, it seemed alot to me. So if i ever travel abroad i will pack like 6 of these, they will last me like 2 years

comment and let me know what you think about this kajal

P:S: this review was requested by my dear frnd divija , and she threatened me to do it today otherwise i would be in real danger

*Regarding your concern, please note that i contacted hashmi kajal pr , and they told me the product had been tested and found safe for use. Please visit their website and you may find test results which shows it is safe to use*

Its Mail Day :ting tong

Last week was very busy week , i had to attend like 3 weddings and its not just the wedding, there are many pre wedding celebrations, so sometimes it can be very stressful and tiring but apart from these weddings, i was one happy girl. wanna know why?

I took chance and participated in Mary's Giveaway and i was beyond happy when she emailed me and told me I WON. yes i actually won a blog giveaway,I was happy and excited but i was more excited because she was giving some AHHMMAZING prizes
See for yourself :)

I won

MAC eyeshadow in Beauty Marked
Loreal HIP shocking shadow pigment with professional brush in 102 Exciting
ELF brightening eyeshadow in Drama
Lancome absolue replenishing cream
Boscia Cleansing Gel sample
Benefit Crease less shadow/liner in Recces
She also included a hand written note( very cute and adorable)


Now some serious talk , i appreciate Marie's effort ,because i know usually when people or even companies hear  read that i am from Pakistan they weirdly get this idea that Pakistan is perhaps out of this world and will never get mails/packages/products. I have been getting products to review since more than 2 months now and i never had a problem with missing package at all, in fact if you read my previous posts , i was even surprised that i get packages in usually less than 10 days.Cool..!! no?
I order online most of time,and i always get what i pay for without any missing item ( thanks to customs) or any ripped package etc etc
I understand the concerns and everything but i love Marie for not backing out , as one of blogger did in nov/dec 2009 , when i won her giveaway , and she went into shock that i was in Pakistan and had "concerns" , i asked her to pick another winner , but she said she would "try" and send me my prize which was a single piece of jewelery. Nevertheless i never heard from her again nor i got i won. i really dont care if i didnt get the prize but i was hurt that why such discrimination ? But i met some really great people here,some great creative companies through this blog ,I have friends all over the world now, really? it makes me soo happy. they love me , my blog and i love them equally. <3

anyways back to my awsuuuuuuummm gifts, i got them in less than 10 days, safely packed ..:) THANKS MARIE.. you are awsum.yes girls she is,I always wanted to try Loreal HIP pigments and now i have one and Can you see how gorgeous this MAC eyeshadow is? its stunning color, and its my first ever MAC eyeshaodow :)
check out her blog she is an amazing blogger with always updating exciting new posts like FOTD,NOTD,reviews , swatches.In fact she is planning to host her 100 followers giveaway so GO! GO! GO!
 I placed my first ever order with makeupmixshop .They have many affordable products and brands like 

I wanted to try ELF HD powder from quite a time, but as ELF doesnt ship to pakistan i waited until i discovered  makeupmixshop.  Now i cant wait to try other products. Toma ,the owner is extremely  
 friendly, cooperative ,you can convo her if you have any queries or questions, they get back to you in 24 hours,in my case i always got response in less than 24 hours , i asked her if she accepts any other method of payment as we don't have pay pal services in Pakistan and i have account with Google checkout and she said she can invoice me on my Google check out if i want,I was her first ever Pakistani customer, We were  pretty thrilled about it.I didn't face any kind of delay or problem. I trust makeupmixshop  , as i had read great blogger reviews already.everything went smoothly. makeupmixshop shipped my order on Jan 23, and i had package in my hands on FEB 5. :)
I took advantage of their free shipping if you order $15 or more at that time,so don't forget to check out their shop often as they keep updating their products on almost frequent bases

so i got these babies

ELF HD powder
ELF studo blush in Candid Coral
ELF gel liner in Black 
ELF studio angled foundation brush

They were nicely ,safely packed and wrapped in pretty gift paper.
I would ofcourse order again as now i trust makeupmixshop 100% and completely

visit them at makeupmixshop

I am a huge Bourjois Fan, i love their products and their commercials. If you read my prvious post on Bourjois healthy mix foundation , you would know how much i wanted it and knowing that bourjois isnt available in Pakistan wasn't helping
My cousin who lives in UK , sent few makeup products through my uncle last week


She is so sweet a, adorable and teenager .She sent me

Bourjois Healthy mix foundation in beige
Revlon Matt lipstick in Pink Pout
Collection 200 Dazzling Gel liner in FUNK
Collection 200 Dazzling Gel liner in VA VA VOOM
Collection 200 Dazzling Gel liner in LE Freak

i always wanted to try these Collection 200 Dazzling Gel liners since i read sirvinya's review on these and she loves them now i love them.I wore LE Freak last week on a wedding and got many complement that how cool it looks.

So girls, these are the products i got last week.
any request for swatches or reviews?

Drop me a line ;)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sneak Peak:Luscious Cosmetics Spring 2010 collection


 I am a HUGE international brands fan, i hardly buy any local brands,i am awful i know.
But while browsing i came across Luscious Spring 2010 Nail polish collection . I am impressed.
These Nail lacquers look fab,and i am glad that this time they have more variety in shades.It looks they included pastels, metallic and Maybe glitter( i am not sure as i can hardly see the shades name ) in Spring 2010 collection .I already have some favorites like Silver lining , Sand Dune,New moon , cotton candy. I was impressed with Luscious Nail lacquer when i bought two of their then newly launched colors in  Cybil and caramel back in DEC/Jan 2010 . I would be picking up quite few bottles from theit spring collection.In Pakistan we don't get OPI, but i am happy with luscious as for me they are affordable alternate for OPI.

The new Luscious Cosmetics website is now online with new products and promotions! Visit them at .They do deliver internationally too.

I am curious to try their Luscious Studio Secret Concealer 
I literally don't need anymore foundation i already have so many from international brand but er um attracted towards Luscious Foundation which claims to be truly flawless,oil-free silicone formula will keep your skin looking deliciously fresh and matte without appearing heavy. I see my lemming list growing.
Please  convince me , scold me , tie me up and take my wallet away ,tel me, that I must not visit Luscious counter during my trip to Lahore mid march
whome i kidding

Which Luscious Cosmetics Spring 2010 collection nail lacquer is your fav?

and if you are a local will be you buying some?
i am unlikely to get any reply on 2nd question as i suspect i have any local readers

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jenulence Mineral Eye shadows and Blush -Review

I got two Jenulence Mineral Eye shadows and Blush in the post few days back.
I’ve been really into mineral makeup lately, so i was thrilled when i got the package.
Package came with a company brochure and a visiting card .It was nicely and safely packed.
I love mineral makeup for the fact that it has no expiration date as long as it is kept dry. That means that you can add mineral makeup to your collection and keep it until you run out; regardless of how long that takes.


 Wild Orchid mineral blush is a perfect winter/autumn cheek color. Gives any face fresh, 'winters rosy cheeks' look. It is bright, semi-matte, dewy mauve/pink mineral blush.
Ingredients: Mica, titanium dioxide, sericite, cosmetic grade pigments: ultramarine violet, ultramarine pink and manganese violet.

Very pretty PINK.Okay i love blushes, its one of Jenya's favorite too. i love pink ones more than any other . So when i opened the jar i was so excited ,its a perfect pink blush .I love this blush. I love pink blushers( didnt i say this before). This one is quite pigmented, i mean really very pigmented A little bit goes a long way, a light dusting is all you need to liven up your checks and like the eyeshadow it stays fresh all day.I also like how build able the color is. You can make it as bold or light as you want.Its defiantly build able

Word of Advise : This is a HIGHLY pigmented blush, so i would suggest you to use it light handed or would end up looking like a joker ,that is how i looked when i applied it with excitement for first time.

 Eye Shadow: Sparkling Aquamarine

Bright ocean-green color sparkling eye shadow. Ingredients: Mica powder, may contain sericite, titanium dioxide and cosmetic pigments, such as ultramarine blue and chromium oxide green

Eye Shadow: Sparkling Blue

Bright light pearlescent silver blue color sparkling eye shadow.
Ingredients: Mica powder, may contain sericite, titanium dioxide and cosmetic pigment, such as ultramarine blue.

( eyeshadow swatched wet)

My Thoughts:

The shades are pigmented and quite fine textured with a slight shimmer to each eyeshadow. Both went on very smoothly and the color was build able so you can take your look from subtle to dramatic.I am loving these sparkly eye shadows, they last the whole day. The color payoff is fantastic They are beautiful and subtle.I had a little fall out issue with blue.But i loved playing with both.I would be purchasing some of Jenulence  eyeshadow in future for sure.

Website says
JenulenceTM mineral makeup is handcrafted using synthetic-free high quality natural minerals and cosmetic pigments. We do not use synthetic preservatives, talc, nano-particles or micronized minerals in our mineral makeup. Our mineral cosmetics is available for different skin tones. It works for both women and men of all ethnic origins. It is water and sweat-resistant, hypoallergenic, doesn't clog the pores, and delivers complete sun protection.
Our mineral makeup and all-natural skincare products are ideal for those with chemical sensitivities, sensitive or sun-damaged skin and for anyone who is health-conscious and would like to use non-toxic natural skincare and cosmetics.

Our products a 100% cruelty free; they are not tested on animals.
Jenulence motto is: If you can’t eat it, don’t use it on your skin!”

 Jenulence has a wide variety of eco-friendly products ranging from ,Mineral Makeup,Natural Skin Care,Bath and Body and there is something for men too Men's Products

You can Find Jenulence on  Website, and  Etsy. 
Jenya always keep updating her Twitter and Facebook with latest offers,discounts and giveaways so dont forget to fan/follow her.She is a very friendly and sweet lady, dont hesitate to convo her if you have any questions or requests.
Go check her products out , they are great.

For some reason blue eyeshadow reminds me of Mimi (The Drew Carey Show),And makes me giggle hysterically.
Whats your favorite Blue eyeshadow?

Would you like to win Jenulence Eyeshadow?*hint * hint*

Monday, March 1, 2010

Coastal Scents Diva Defense Primer-Review

Website:Start your beauty regimen with a flawless canvas! Our Diva Defense Primer helps to minimize the appearance of fine facial lines and pores. It provides staying power for your foundation and eye shadows; along with acting as a  defense against the daily stress of the environment.
Instantly smooth and perfect your skin's texture with our oil free mineral based primer prior to applying concealer and foundation.
This sheer lightweight powder is safe for use by all skin types, especially those with oily or mature skin. It Naturally provides a healing layer of minerals that also helps to reduce the appearance of rosacea and calms acne breakout.
Ingredients: Mica, Boron Nitride, Methicone, Silica Spheres, Titanium Dioxide
(website Image)
I have recently found my love for mineral makeup, I am building my collection and finding new products and brands every day.I am loving the fact that mineral makeup are not harmful for my sensitive skin 
When i was checking out coastal scents and saw diva defense primer, I lingered over getting this product for a awhile. It took me some time well actually 2 days to decide whether to get it or not.

This is the first loose powder primer I've tried.The primer itself is fine and silky( if you have used ELF H.D powder you'll know what i am talking about). You can feel a real difference in your skin texture after applying.The primer itself is fine and silky.
When i got it I thought I would mostly use it under my mineral foundation, but then I decided to try it with liquid foundation.
Tip :please don't use a lot  Because it will leave your skin ghostly white if not used correctly!! 
 When I first used the diva defense powder as a primer (over moisturizer and under foundation)
Even in pictures, my skin just looks so smooth .It minimized my pores.
How to Use:
Method 1:(recommended)
Apply this powder evenly with a very good quality kabuki brush, and wait like few mins to let  this powder "set in"( about 1-2  minutes )before applying your foundation.I usually blend gently in circular motions. You only need a little bit of powder, a little goes a long way, the 30 gr sifter jar will last forever.
 My Preferred Method 2:
I apply my liquid  moisturizer and foundation as my usual routine and then I put it on top of liquid foundation as it acts as kind of a veil for me.I love taking my pictures and it made my pictures looks extra smooth and my face was had airbrushed look.

It blends with any skin color when used under makeup.I'm medium brown so I was little skeptical while applying it as its white but it blends in well with any skintone

You can buy it online from coastal scents  for $14.95/ 8 gm in 30 gr sifter jar and samples for $2 for 1/2 tsp

Have you tried it ? whats your preferred method of using diva defense primer?

UPDATE:i am spending whole Monday with my grandma so when i come bac i will sort out all entries and announce the winner.Good luck darlings

Disclaimer: Coastal Scents send me a voucher and i chose my own products with that, I picked all the products out myself and my reviews aren't not being paid for or influenced by any of that

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Glamarazzi Code 2.25.10

Glamarazzi finished
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While the east coast continues to battle record snowfalls the Glamarazzi ladies still manage to look fabulous (snow boots and all). In this week's links you'll find runway looks from clothes, to hair and makeup, and even down to your fragrance, guaranteeing to make you look like you just stepped off the catwalk.

I want to Follow You !! (your Blog actually )


I gained so many lovely LOVELY readers in last couple of days , that i am beyond happy.
i try to follow and read your amazing blogs and comment  but i feel i missed quite few of you.( or in some cases few of you had more than one blog and it confused my little brain that where to go)

i really want to read your blogs, and i want to see what products you are loving ,reviewing ,swatching. Its always fun to make new friends 

so what are you waiting for common, let me follow and read your blog please  leave me your blog address in the comments  :)

Important:I published this and  Glossicious February favorites post earlier but due to intense debate comment system removal i lost all my previous comments ( but i replied and followed all of my lovely ladies who commented earlier ) so if you still want me to follow you if i already dont,then  please your blog url below.
Please read this before you install intense debate comment system

Glossicious February Favorites

I usually dont do favourites but theres always a first time right?

Here are the Lucky winners



Clinique Long Last Soft Shine Glow Bronze Lipstick
I had completely forgotten that how much i love this lipstick .I love the color and the texture. It is so creamy and keeps my lips soft all day.Glow Bronze is a very pretty shimmery n*** bronze color.My friend bought it for me from states.I am not sure if its available 
its almost finished if some one knows where it is available please ..I beg please let me know.

Coastal Scents Gel Liner in True Black

i see myself going for this gel liner most of the times I adore it, super black, very smooth application as a liner, or as a base,Color stays on all day without any smudging.I will do a detailed review soon

Rivaj Nose Pore Cleansing Strips

   Rivaj Nose Pore Cleansing Strips are practically designed to remove dirt, oil, from the pores clogging debris of the nose area with the adhesive properties of the moistened activated strips.I reviewed them last week , read my detailed review here 

Rimmel London Gentle Eye Makeup RemoverRimmel 

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is, without a doubt, a must-have item for my February Favorite. I wear/ swtach eye makeup everyday and It is very important for me to have a gentle eye makeup remover that won't irritate my eye.Even If gets into my eyes it wont irritate, because it honestly feels like water; it is so gentle.I  put a little on a cotton ball and just wipe the cosmetics right off of my eyes

Benefit Sugar bomb
i fell in love with sugar bomb the moment i saw it on someone's blog and my heart knew that very instance i have to have it.There are 4 colors in this blush. Rose, pale pink, pale plum, and pale peach. This is half blush, half highlighter, because it’s not very pigmented and in my NC3O skin tone ,its shows up very smooth and its just gives the right amount of GLOW.
its just the preview , detailed review coming next week

Which products are you girls loving this month ...and why? 

Important:I published this and I want to follow you post earlier but due to intense debate comment system removal i lost all my previous comments earlier so i am riposting this again.
Please read this before you install intense debate comment system

Disclaimer: Coastal Scents send me a voucher and i chose my own products with that, I picked all the products out myself and my reviews aren't not being paid for or influenced by any of that