Friday, January 8, 2010

Would you wear Her look? Kim Kardashian !!

One of the most popular inspiring beauty icons is definitely Kim Kardashian. What makes her stand out is the fact she never limits herself, when applying make-up. Because of this, she can make a statement
And if Kim Kardashian is your style icon, at least when it comes to makeup, then first let me shake your hand - good taste. This beautiful woman is all about feminine sexiness. Her dark features help her create the alluring part
Kim Kardashian's eyes have to be her signature makeup trait - this girl loves her traditional Smokey eyes. This is the part of the face that the most attention should be paid, you’ve gotta admit that she’s got the smoky eye/nude lip look down to a science

The eyes should not only be coated with smoky eye shadow, but they should be well lined as well. Unlike many celebrities, Kim Kardashian likes to line her lower lids as well as her upper ones - boldly. In order to avoid looking like you have been punched in your eyes, soften the look by using a pencil eyeliner (Kohl) as opposed to liquid eye liner.

Here are some more secrets to Kim-licious beauty that the celeb posted on her blog.

    Kim Kardashian Famous Eye Makeup


Kim first puts on enough MAC Paint Pot in Painterly to cover the lid. “This creamy shadow makes it so that the powder eye shadow does not crease,” Kim notes. Here are Kim’s favorite eyeshadow choices for various color schemes:
  • For black, she uses MAC Carbon;
  • For grey smokey eyes, Kim uses MAC in Knight Divine or Print;
  • For  brown shadow, Kim likes MAC Embark;
  • For a fresh shimmery look, Kim likes MAC Pigment in Tan;
  • For brighter colors, Kim loves eyeshadows by Make Up For Ever. “I don’t think anyone does pigment colors better than them,” she says.
Kim’s Eyeliner 
Kim says she always wears black pencil eyeliner. Her favorite is Stila Eye Pencil in Onyx.
Applying Mascara 

“Putting on mascara completes the look,” Kim instructs. For Kardashian-caliber lashes, start with MAC Zoom, then apply Lancome Hypnose on top. Kim always separates her lashes with a brush. “I am completely clueless on how to put false lashes on, so I only wear them for photo shoots sometimes,” Kim admits
Applying Lipstick/ Lip gloss  
Kim usually lightly applies M.A.C. Lipliner in Stripdown, then tops MAC Angel lipstick with NARS Turkish Delight lip gloss. For a very nude, matte lip, Kim wears Nars Belle De Jour paired with MAC Subculture lipliner.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Zoya's Herbal workshop:Almond & Apricot Scrub and Rose and Glycerin Facial Wash

Its 2010 already , i am getting older and supposed to be wise and taking care of myself including my skin , hair and weight,
i Failed to that last year badly , RESULT: dry,discolored, patchy,dull skin.
But i promised myself , this year is not gonna be like year.
i bought these two babies 2-3 days ago, they are herbal,local and so far im liking them.I am just writing  my initial views,if i have to i will write ful review after few weeks when i will be 100 percent sure if this product deserves it,

Almond & Apricot Scrub and Rose and Glycerin Facial Wash

Almond & Apricot Scrub

"It is a preparation for dull/dry and flaky skins. This combination consists of almond and rose oil, which helps in livening up and giving a new supple Perk to age tired, dull/dry skin and slowing down the aging process of the skin"
what i liked about it that it Leaves your face feeling fresh, soft skin after first use, smells wonderful, and very inexpensive plus point Beads are so little ,so i wont have to think of is trying to wash the product off my face and trying to NOT get it in your hair., and easy to wash off. i can actually feel the clean...its just that good

Facial Wash (Rose and Glycerin)

"It has been especially designed for the needs of extra dry, sensitive and age damaged sagging skins. This formula helps the skin in regaining the lost suppleness, radiance and wrinkle free look with the help of rose essential oil, the soothing ‘Rose Water’ and Glycerin, which has always been acceptable to dry and damaged skins. Scrubbing is not recommended for delicate and sensitive skins. "
This stuff smells really good ,  like dried roses, , and you can feel it cleaning your skin

Introduction to Zoya's herbal workshop 
 (taken from their website)
At The Herbal Workshop, we are ordinary people working harder each day for a better tomorrow. We care about your skin, hair and the environment. All our products are based on herbs, roots, vegetables and fruits. Thess suit all, young, old, male and female.
Herbal Ingredients
All our products are based on herbal extracts and natural oils which are brought to you in a modem presentation. All our preparations are environment friendly and biologically compatible.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

GNC: aloe vera skin Gel

If you read my previous posts then you must have known by now that i have ultra dry/sensitive skin
If you are reading my blog for first time ever well , you just got the idea.
Its very dry around the area of my cheeks and if i dont use anything instantly when i feel little dryness,
it gives me black patch/flaky skin and i cant even tell you guys how much i hate it,
Any hoo , im always in search of good moisturizer, so i have quite a lot now but most if them,
give my skin irritation, most of them end in my dust pin
I paid a visit to my local GNC last week and i got their GNC Aloe Vera Skin Gel

""GNC Aloe Vera Gel is a 99% Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Vera Sin Gel is a highly concentrated skin treatment containing 99% pure Aloe Vera gel. It is a Herbal, skin care Product. Aloe Vera has been shown to provide temporary relief of minor skin irritations such as sunburn and dry, chapped skin. It contains no oils only natural relief and is also an excellent skin moisturizer that leaves your skin soft, fresh and young looking. Aloe Vera has numerous benefits such as Acts as anti-inflammatory agent, Stimulates production of collagen & elastin, which are necessary to prevent aging, Muscle pains in joints due to arthritis can be alleviated by application of aloe vera and it is helpful in wounds also."

GNC Aloe Vera Skin Gel

Its now one of my absolute favorite ,it helps my  irritated red dry skin during the winter This gel comes in a 1.75 fluid ounce bottle and is very easy to travel with and it is filled with only the purest ingredients.
The gel isn't oily but a little sticky at first but  absorbs really quickly into your skin without leaving any kind of oily or sticky feeling behind which is really nice. The GNC Aloe Vera Skin Gel is made with only a few ingredients and they are pure aloe, glycerin, parabens, water, acrylates, cross polymer, triethanolamine, sorbate, fragrance, propylene glycol and diazolidinyl urea. Now these ingredients are what help soothe your skin with a cooling sensation, protect your skin and heal it.

I use this gel daily, great under eyes. In summer i will I put the tube in the refrigerator in warm weather for a cool, refreshing eye area soothing .