Thursday, December 23, 2010

NOTD , Review ,photos of Beigey, brownish hue, taupe nail polish

If you remember and read my previous post on Beigey, brownish hue, taupe nail polishes and how i was sooo happy because i think, i think i have found a similar shade to satisfy my urge of Beige-y, brownish hue, taupe nail polish.

I present you Clarity Nail Polish in shade 313

Okay seriously I adore this color!  The neutral purply-gray shade is so trendy and really flattering on just about all skin tones. 

Left photo taken in natural day light and right photo taken with flash
Please Click to enlarge for better viewing

The formula is better and great. I can say that formula is really different to my other clarity nail polishes. I wanna say that it has a creme finish, it doesn't have any shimmer,glitter.
One thing worth mentioning is that this applies well and dries quickly, i had to apply 3-4 coats to get this kind of opaque finish, but it dried quickly otherwise i wouldn't have bought a backup.

 I was happy with the formula and color payoff that i went next day and bought a back up of same shade and i am glad i did because it was the last piece there.

This polish is a great price too, I bought it for Rs 90/- from Color Collection, DHA  I still cant compared to a similar shades I’ve seen online.

Final say

BRAND: Clarity tm
Shade: 313
PRODUCT: Beigey, brownish hue, taupe nail polish
PRICE: Rs90/- (cant remeber exactly)
PROS: Creamy, Smooth & Silky Texture, Dries quicky, New lovely formula
CONS: Not easily available
Would I Recommend? YES ,Yes and Yess

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