Thursday, November 4, 2010

Make a Statement with a Red Pout - Ellis Faas Milky Lips L201

Fair skinned girls and those that are 'cold tones', try a bright red with just a touch of blue, while those with olive or yellow undertones and 'warm tones' should try red lip color with just a hint of orange or gold. Darker blood reds and brick tones work for those with a deeper complexion and reds with a touch of berry is flattering for all. 
A red, red lipstick also makes teeth appear whiter and smiles brighter. Smoothing over the red with a shiny gloss, or lining your lips with a perfect match lip liner makes your red pout perfect and kissable.
Ready to give this bold beauty trend a try? Check out Ellis Faas Milky lips  in L 201

For ELLIS RED - L201, Ellis was able to reproduce the colour that Snow White's mother wished for the lips of her child: blood-red.

Ellis Faas Milky lips & creamy lips

For a more fluid and translucent appearance, try Milky Lips. For a subtle look with just a trace of colour, either apply a feather-light layer all over the lips or apply Milky Lips to the middle of the lips and fade it with the fingertips. ELLIS RED can be used to achieve a classic image, a sexy look or any number of styles.

 The applicator is a brush and is most suitable for this texture, for ease of applying and creating the best effect.

price: € 25 / UK£ 21 / US$ 35 

You can purchase this must have red from

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will you be making a Statement this fall with red lips?


  1. I loved the shade..It's such a wearable red.. Poutyy!! :))

  2. It looks so gorgeous!!!Love reds this winter!!!

  3. Wow! It's such an amazing shade...glossy too. Love it!


  4. WOW! You rocked the ilamasqua one but this just kicks ass! :D

  5. Thanks everyone .. thats what i call juicy lips ..tacky i know :P

  6. Hi! I reviewed it too, I love it, it' long lasting and good for every complezion... well done Sarah :)

  7. @Oliva
    isnt the texture marvelous ? love it

  8. yep, but all of these lippies is marvellous: they're like stains, they're moisturizing, they're superpigmeted and they lasts for ages. you can use them on the cheeks too... it official, I'm in love, do you think tha ellis faas would marry me? ahah :)

  9. Love that shade , and your lip is gorgeous !


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