Monday, November 15, 2010

Eid -Ul –Adha Mubarik

Eid -Ul -Adha is one of the special festivals celebrated by Muslims irrespective of the fact, that wherever a Muslim person is, the festival of Eid -Ul -Adha is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm. This year it is falling on 17th November, 2010.

Muslims celebrate the festival of Eid -Ul –Adha in remembrance of prophet Abraham’s readiness to sacrifice his son Ishmael to God. On Eid -Ul –Adha Muslims sacrifice their domestic animals, like goat, sheep, cow, camel etc. This sacrifice of animals is made by Muslims to pay a tribute to prophet Abraham, as he was ready to sacrifice his son but God gave him a Sheep to sacrifice.

Eid -Ul –Adha celebrations occur after the Hajj and the festival of Eid -Ul –Adha is celebrated on the tenth day of the last month of Islamic year, Duhl- Hijja. Eid -Ul –Adha is known through several names across the world and this festival of sacrifice is celebrated for several days in some areas of the country. It is seen that Muslims celebrate this festival with great excitement no matter where they are. 

I will be as always celebrating it with my family and cousins at my farm house, we will be leaving soon and after few days we  will be leaving for Lahore to visit my sister and nephew.Ek i am so excited to see my 5 yr old nephew and sister. i will be going to liberty and other shopping hot spots Alot but my sis will be mostly shopping not me. 

I wont be blogging in mean time as life is getting busier every minute but i am trying my best to keep all of you updated. Donot hesitate to email me if you have to contact me for anything.

P:S if you emailed me regarding a shout out and havent receieved a reply from me , then please dont think i forgot , i will continue doing them once i am back.

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  1. Thanks for all the info on that festival :) Enjoy it XOXO

  2. Happy Eid to you Sarah!:) Here,unlike Eid-ul-fitri,we only celebrate it one day.Only 1 day public holiday.Here we celebrate Eid-ul-Fitri with more excitement than Eid-Ul_adha. Isn't it funny to see though we're the same moslems but we have different excitement?:)
    Happy Eid again for you and your family..

  3. Eid Mubarak to sweet sara and every muslim in the world

  4. Very very Happy Eid to you Sarah:)Enjoy it!

  5. Sounds fun! Family time is always the best!

  6. Eid Mubarak to you too sarah :)


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