Friday, October 1, 2010

OMG i have been Tagged - Twice

I have been tagged twice ,I know i rarely do tags, but this time i made an exception :)
  First by lovely Poornima & then my beautiful Greek friend StavroulaPlag  

Jump !!!

First Poornima's Tag, she awarded me with this beautiful award, Thank you so much Poornima, i love our tweets and i love your blog :)

Okay so I would love to pass this on to some of my lovely & favorite Bloggers.

StavroulaPlag  , Cynthia Mehak , Tanveer , Divja if she is reading this ,

Kajraare Naina , Sara Hassan's Blog ,Yummy Mummy Dolls Up ,ilovefashion .

and  of course anyone who wants to do this.

and now my second tag , i was tagged by Stavroula. The rules of this tag is to mention 10 things I love and then tag 10 fellow bloggers! :) 

Let get started ,

phew i have to mention only 10

1-My Allah for all the blessings He has sent upon me, and I know He will be there for me always.
2- My 5 year old nephew, he is apple of my eye
3-My Family of course.
4- being married to such an amazing man, cant wait to join him & be with him 
5-Browsing online shops and doing online window shopping( when i say window shopping i literally mean shopping, i put products in my basket, convert the shipping & currency and set a budget
6-Watching travel channels and planing future trips
7-So far blogging , and enjoy reading blogs early in the morning like a newspaper with my morning tea on my blackberry.
8-These days i am obsessed with watching you tube haul videos, the longer the better
8-Spicy food
9-Chilly winter nights 
10- I love my LIFE :) MashAllah

I tag everyone who has a blog , and who is gonna read this. I would love to read 10 things you love, so if you do this tag please leave me link so i can read yours with my cup of tea :)

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  1. That's really sweet of Poornima & Stavroula :)
    I must say you are lucky

  2. Thanks Sarah for my first blog award!
    I'll get back to the 10 things I Love!

  3. Thanks for tagging me girl :)


  4. aww thanks hun. thats so sweet of you :)

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♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥