Sunday, October 17, 2010

L’Oréal True Match foundation - Review

 In true-to-skin shades across warm, cool and neutral tones, True Match liquid foundation perfectly matches the colour and texture of your skin, hiding imperfections with its micro-fine, creamy texture.

The result: natural looking, skin-true colour, outstanding coverage with no caking.

I first  bought L’Oréal True Match foundation almost 3 year ago, i was using Revlon color stay back then but i hated it and threw it away , when all i knew about makeup was foundation and lipstick. I had no idea that foundation can have different types of formulas or coverages.I always thought foundation only comes in few shades,until i was roaming around in HKB ,dha one day and i was looking for a foundation because i had to go to an afternoon wedding straight from work. I swatched it ,( i wasn't even aware of word"swatching":) and i was like "wow" the shade is perfect. I was sold. I bought shade Nude Beige.
I loved the shade, it was shade made in heaven for me.But one of cousin was getting married and she loved it so much ,she asked me get one bottle for her but when i visited HKB after 6-8 months to purchase same foundation for me as i gave away mine to my cousin as she loved it so much, there was NO L’Oréal products available. This foundation wasn't even available at Alfatah. I was shocked.
But i got shade Rose Amber from color collection DHA few months ago, it was tad bit darker but i got it for myself .

I was reading Skin Deco's Post on same foundation and i came across this info that L'Oreal has shade-matching system for various skin tones where G (Gold) is for warm, R (Rose) is for cool, and N (Neutral) is for neither warm or cool. 

Swatch -Rose Amber
 Loreal True Match Foundation doesn’t feel heavy unlike other liquid foundations. The coverage is light - medium but its build able and to be honest it loved the coverage back then. My skin wasn't suffering so much and all i needed was 1 or 2 pumps and i used my hands for applying it. My foundation routine was done in 2 mins. I  would highly recommend you  to apply Loreal True Match Foundation with your clean fingers.I need only the smallest amount and applying this on the face.

I read somewhere that people had problems with it , as it dries quickly but to be honest it had no such problem. I seriously love the way this LOreal True Match foundation glides on smoothly without taking too much of time.It gives a little dewy finish but not too much. One thing i noticed that when layered too much , this foundation can look grayish, so i keep it light.
It comes with a pump so its a plus point , i broke the cap , i still have it but i didnt want to photograph it :P
The foundation comes ins glass container with a plastic, silver pump to release the liquid and a clear plastic lid to cover.

Over all , I think it is good value for money , i bought it for like 800-1000 rs or something , sorry cant remember ,and this foundation will last a long, long time. The range of shades is good, if a little confusing but i hope you got the idea If you are looking for a natural looking skin that looks great then you should check it out.

Do you remember your first ever foundation purchasing experience?
Which was your first foundation?

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  1. Thanks for the review Sarah, i am thinking of getting one for myself :)

  2. My first ever bought foundation was one from Maybelline - Dream Mousse. Like you, I had no idea I had to think of a good formula for my skin. I used that product twice in my whole life and had to throuw it away. I hated it. It was too thick and heavy for me and it looked extremely cakey on my face. Bleurgh. I remembered my dad gave me some money for my birthday and I wanted to live large, so I bought the dreamm mousse foundation and the dream mousse blush. I have loved the blush ever since, but not the foundation. The only things that made me buy these were the continous commercials and I also loved the pots, they seemed so cute :))

  3. First Foundation was Covergirl. I still use it from time to time (obviously not the first one I bought) But I think its time for me to go purchase some more!

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  4. Nice review! I always hear good things about true match, but I've never tried it.

  5. Great post.
    u have explained everything so well :)

  6. Hey sounds great...really wanna try it out!!!

  7. Well i believe that the true match infallible is way better @ Sarah.H

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  10. Wow! Sounds good. I really want to use this. I seriously love the way this L’Oreal True Match foundation glides on smoothly without taking too much of time.
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