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Easy Makeup Tips for Eye Shaping

Simple eye make up tips to shape up your eyes in the way you want them to look.
Eyes are the most prominent and delicate feature of our face. Applying glamorous eye makeup will enhance the body and definition of your eyes, but correct makeup application is bit tricky to do. Eye shadow is considered as the most beloved and attractive part of makeup which can do magic with your looks. The choice of eye shadows should be made according to the shape and color of eyes.
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The appropriate strokes of eye makeup can do wonders with your eyes by visually changing their shape in seconds. Eye shaping is the fiddliest thing to do in eye makeup, but once you will follow our easy eye makeup tips for eye shaping, this will no more be problematic for you.
Eye Shaping for Close-Set Eyes
For the close-set eyes, eye makeup is used to make eyes look further apart. To enhance the width between the eyes, the outer corners of the eyes should be more highlighted with the intense color eye shadow, with thicker eyeliner stroke and with the mascara thickening coat. You can widen the space between your eyebrows by plucking and extending the brows with brow pencil at the ends.

Eye Shaping for Wide-Set eyes

For wide-set eyes, eye makeup is used to reduce the space between both eyes. The inner corner of eyes should be emphasized to make eyes closer together by using darker colors. The eyebrows should be made little closer to nose with the help of eye pencil and thin line of eyeliner should be applied.

Eye Shaping for Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are considered as an ideal shape for experimenting different eye makeup looks. The easiest eye makeup tips for almond eyes are to apply light/neutral eye shadow on the lid, followed by dark color on outer corner. Blend the shades properly and if you want your almond eyes to give a round look, stop eyeliner before the outer corner of the eye. Define more volume by using mascara on upper lashes on outer corners.
Eye Shaping for Small eyes

Women with small eyes always look out for eye makeup that enriches the look of their eyes and make them more prominent. To attain a look of larger eyes, the eye makeup tip is to apply pastel/light shadow on the eyelids, followed by medium-toned color in the creases. To make the eyes prominent, apply highlighting shade under the brow.
To enhance the visual appearance of eyes, line upper and lower lids with soft-colored eyeliner. Enhance eyebrows and apply black mascara on upper and lower lashes.
With our easy eye makeup tips you can effortlessly add glamour to your eyes by using simple eye makeup products and techniques for eye shaping.
Eye Shaping for Droopy Eyelids 

Use a light shadow along the inner half of your upper lid.
Use a dark matte shadow where your lid begins to droop extending to the outer half of lid.Dot highlighter under the inner edge of brows. Line from the inner top edge to pupil of your eye. Be careful that you do not take eyeliner to the end of the eye, as this will emphasize the droopiness.Apply mascara to upper lashes

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