Monday, September 13, 2010

Threads and Motifs Frocks Collection 2010

 Threads and Motifs frocks collection 2010 is a dazzling melange of couture designs and hottest styles that whispers of ethereal feminine beauty.
Doused in the ambiance of majestic beauty, the Threads and Motifs frocks collection features arresting colors that encapsulates the very soul of feminine allure.

Totally digging the first one ,pink and the one in blue.
i wish i was thin enough to carry these.

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  1. I need to get my ass down to Pakistan to get their stuff! My sister always goes on about them! Gorgeoussss stuff! You can't beat Pak for asian fashion =)

  2. They are beautiful...really beautiful.

  3. They're so pretty, especially the blue one! :) But it's so hot here right now that I can't stand looking at them lol

  4. These are gorgeous!
    I want the orange one, but they're soooo expensive :(

    Check out my new blog. I mentioned you in my first post!

  5. Sorry, I meant:
    I spelled blogspot wrong, lol.


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